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To perform this interesting effect, obtain five gold colored Prestolock combination locks. These small locks are generally found in better leather and luggage stores and have a changeable combination feature. Using an easy-to-remember series of 3-digit combinations, similar in make-up to the "Si Stebbins" card stack, i.e.; 1-4-7, 2-5-8, 3-6-9, 4-7-0, and 5-8-1, set the combination for each lock. In other words, lock number "1" begins with the numeral "1." To remember the next two digits, simply count upward by threes to obtain the next digit. For example, to arrive at 470; 4+3=7, 7+3=10 (drop the "1") and you have 470, the combination for lock number "4."

To prevent any subsequent mix-up, as you set each combination, using a fine point "Sharpie" permanent ink black marking pen, place a small black dot over the "P" in "Prestolock" which is engraved on one side of the gold lock. For lock number "2" (2-5-8) place the dot over the "R," and so on, until all five locks have been marked.

Place one lock in each of five different pockets, remembering in which pocket you have placed each lock. (Since the locks are so small, you'll never know they're there). Now, simply write the combination, 1-4-7 on the card whose postal Zip code ends in "1." Follow suit on each of the remaining four cards. Have the spectator mix the cards, combination side down. Place the packet on the palm of your hand and ask the spectator to cut the packet. As he removes the portion he has cut off, glance at the Zip code on the top card of the remaining cards in your hand. Remember this number. Turn your head away and extend the remaining cards towards the spectator as you tell him to place these cards on top of the ones he cut off.

Ask the spectator to place the top card of the shuffled packet in his right hand pocket. At this point, it's all over as far as you're concerned. If the last digit was a "5," then the combination on that lock is 5-8-1 and all you have to do is remove lock number "5" from the appropriate pocket. The lock will be in evidence long before the card with the correct combination is withdrawn from the right hand pocket. Naturally, this lock will not open using any of the combinations on the cards in the spectator's left hand jacket pocket. Finish as previously described.

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