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This is an adaptation of an idea by Charlie Reynolds. The three cards you deal out are in a 1-2-3 order from your left to right using the last digit in the Zip code. As soon as the spectator has finished transposing the positions of the two cards he did not write on, you turn and as you move your hand back and forth over the cards, you note which of the three cards is still in the same position. In other words, let's say the spectator wrote on card #2 and transposed cards #1 and #3. The order of the Zip codes from left to right would now be 3-2-1. Therefore, the spectator's word is written on card #2. Feign difficulty and turn away again, asking the spectator to pick-up the three cards, mix them thoroughly and then deal them printed side up, into a row on the table. This is done ostensively to make sure that even he has no idea as to the location of the card bearing his word. Since you now know the Zip code number of the "emotion" card, you simply finish as previously described.

I'm sure you'll develop many other uses for this outstanding principle. In the meantime, I've given you several excellent presentations to get you started. My good friend Lee Earle, who's responsible for the graphic design of this book, has an outstanding graphic service for mentalists and magicians. Be sure to write for his complete catalog of services, all very reasonably priced. In particular, he'll send you a ready-for-the-printer mechanical consisting of ten personalized business cards, each with a sequential Zip+4 code. You can write to Lee at 2901 N. 55th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85031 or phone at (623) 247-7323.

This is an excellent opening effect. Once you've digested the working, I'm sure you'll develop your own routines. I've found quite a few items to use

Lin conjunction with this principle, including commemorative coins featuring well known major league baseball players. I discovered these in the local "Toys 'R Us" store.

Naturally, as soon as you're familiar with the modus operandi, you'll see how they can be used.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

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