The performer places three of his business cards on the table, blank sides down and mentions that most of us at one time or another have successfully perceived the unspoken thoughts of others. The ones that are the easiest to transmit are those that deal with raw emotion, such as love, hate, fear and jealousy. The performer turns his back and asks the spectator to write one of the emotions just mentioned, love, hate, fear or jealousy, on the back of one of the cards and then return the card, writing side down, to its original position. He's asked to transpose the positions of the remaining two cards.

When the spectator has done so, the performer turns and slowly moves his hand back and forth over the three cards. Experiencing some difficulty in concentration, the performer states that as soon as he turns away, the spectator is to mix up the three cards so that even he has no idea as to the location of the emotion card, and to deal them on the table in a row, printed side up. The performer turns and once again attempts to "sense" the the spectator's emotion. Suddenly, he points to one of the three cards and asks the spectator to turn it face up. On the reverse side of the card is written the word, LOVE.

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