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You're going to have to trust me on this. I've performed this effect before countless audiences. It has fooled the living daylights out of even those who own the "Becker Coin Purses." It'll appear as if it requires extreme guts, but all it takes is a direct, forceful presentation.

To begin, fill a pocket secretary with 35-40 almost new $1 bills. For the basic divination effect, record the serial number of any one of the bills and then quarter-fold it. Either memorize this number or, if your memory is failing as quickly as mine, print it on the white barrel of a marking pen, using a fine point "Sharpie" pen. (I use the very versatile "Brother P-touch III" labeling machine. The numerals blend right in with the printing on the pen.) Place this folded bill in the genuine center compartment of a Becker Coin Purse. Have the coin purse in your left hand jacket pocket. Place the pocket secretary in your inside right hand jacket pocket. You'll also need a large, easel mounted drawing pad.

To perform, remove the bills from the pocket secretary and have a spectator look them over, confirming that they all have different serial numbers. Have the spectator turn the bills, serial number sides down and mix them thoroughly. When the spectator is satisfied that the bills have been well mixed, ask him remove any one bill and hand you the remainder. As you return the bills to the pocket secretary, caution the spectator not to allow anyone to see the serial number on the bill he has freely selected. Have the spectator fold the bill in half, with the lighter side out, three times, until it's in a small packet (it should match the "force" bill in appearance).

Remove the "Becker Coin Purse" from your pocket and open the "secret compartment." That's right, I said, open the secret compartment. Now, holding the purse up so the secret pocket follows the natural curve of the left thumb and first finger, have the spectator peer inside the open compartment as you ask, "Is the purse empty?" The spectator will have to say that it is. I know this is bold, but, it works! Remember, the back of the left hand makes the showing of the pocket practically angle proof. Moving along at a fairly fast clip, neither the spectator nor the audience will notice anything's amiss. I've even fooled mentalists who own the purses with this diabolical subtlety. Ask the spectator to hand you the folded bill.

Hold the bill at your extreme fingertips and slowly place it into the secret compartment. Do this very openly. You don't want anything to look suspicious, especially when you aren't doing anything sneaky. Allow the secret compartment to snap shut and, as if an afterthought, hold the purse right under the spectator's nose and squeeze open the legitimate center compartment. Allow the spectator to look inside as you ask, "Can you see your bill?" Naturally, he'll say yes. This action accomplishes two things. It confirms that the bill is in the purse. It also shows the spectator how to open the purse by squeezing the spring-top between the thumb and first and second fingers. This is very important as you will now see.

Ask the spectator to extend his hand, palms up. Place the purse, secret pocket side down on the palm of his left hand. Have the spectator sandwich the purse with his right hand, completely hiding it from view.

Walk to the easel and take out your trusty marking pen, the one with the serial number printed on the barrel. Appear to concentrate intently as you gaze at the spectator's cupped hands. Proceed to write the serial number on the pad, copying the number from the barrel of the pen (no need for memory here).

Step aside. Here comes the real work. Just gird your loins and do exactly as I say. I have never failed to get away with this devilish deceit. So just do it! Ask the spectator to "squeeze open" the purse and remove his bill. You read what I said. Instruct the spectator to "squeeze" open the purse and remove the folded bill inside. If you use the words, "squeeze open" you'll refresh his memory, subconsciously directing the manner in which he opens the purse.

Remember, you showed him how to open the purse just moments before. He'll squeeze the springs and naturally the only thing that can open is the legitimate center compartment of the purse. The bill he removes is your force bill. I have decimated magicians and non-magicians alike with this unmitigated, bold-faced swindle and so can you.

As soon as he's removed the bill, retrieve the purse and pocket it. Have the spectator open the bill and read aloud the serial number as you record the number directly beneath the one you previously wrote. You'll receive a big round of applause. There just doesn't seem to be any explanation for this clairvoyant miracle! It's clean and worth a bundle to any performer.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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