Diffusion Principle

This is one of my most closely guarded secrets. It was originally developed to be used in conjunction with "Serial Killer." Coincidentally, it can be used to create several totally different effects. Imagine being able to create two totally identical one dollar bills, right down to the serial numbers. The "Diffusion Principle" makes it possible.

In actual practice, I performed the following effects using one my commercially sold coin purses. I described the purse and revealed its workings in the chapter, "The Becker Coin Purse Mysteries", however, it's not easily fabricated. If you're interested in obtaining a set, simply drop me a line and I'll send you the current price, provided they're still available at the time this book is published. I'm sure they will be, but never say never.

To begin, the Becker Coin Purse is a leather, spring top purse which has been cleverly gimmicked by placing an extra pocket on one side. The top edge of this secret pocket is even with the stitching along the bottom edge of the encased springs which keep the purse closed. Holding the purse between the left thumb and index finger, the purse can be made to open in two ways. One accesses the true interior of the purse, the other permits you to access the interior of the secret pocket. From the audience's vantage point, the appearance of the purse in either of the two open conditions is identical. In short, the purse enables you to secretly and effectively exchange objects such as paper currency, billets, coins, etc. right under a spectator's nose.

For the purpose of illustration we'll use the "Divination" effect described under the Becker Coin Purse Mysteries as the prelude to the use of the "Diffusion Principle." In other words, the spectator is given a choice of 35 to 40 examined one dollar bills. The selected bill is folded by the spectator and clearly placed in a small leather coin purse by the performer. Using the power of clairvoyance, the performer then discerns the serial number on the selected bill. Let's pick up the effect at that point when the spectator has removed his bill from the purse and called off the serial number as the performer copies it below his "impression." When the audience has finished applauding, and they will, the performer asks the spectator to refold his bill.

Retrieving the bill, the performer holds it aloft so the audience can clearly see it as he slowly and deliberately places the bill back in the leather coin purse and returns the purse to the safekeeping of the spectator's palms. The performer shows a small zippered briefcase which he opens. Inside is a block of transparent Lucite, banded at each corner by a strong rubber band. The audience can clearly see through the block. A second spectator is invited to participate. The performer closes the briefcase and hands it to the second spectator to hold. Standing between both volunteers, the performer closes his eyes, appearing to concentrate intensely. "This, ladies and gentlemen is the miracle of teleportation," the performer exclaims.

Rapidly striding towards the spectator holding the leather coin purse, the performer retrieves the purse and opens it for the spectator's inspection. "Is there anything inside the purse," the performer asks. "No," responds the spectator. Pocketing the empty purse, the performer approaches the second spectator and retrieves the leather briefcase. Unzipping the case, the performer displays the Lucite block inside.

Believe it or not, a genuine $100 bill has appeared, sealed inside the Lucite. The performer returns to the easeled drawing pad containing two identical serial numbers belonging to the bill selected by the first spectator. The volunteer holding the case containing the Lucite block is asked to confirm that the bill sealed inside the Lucite is, indeed, genuine and unaltered in any way. The performer asks the spectator to read aloud the serial number on the bill sandwiched within the Lucite block. As the number is read aloud, the performer records it beneath the two numbers previously placed on the pad. All three serial numbers are identical. "That's a miracle!" exclaims the performer.

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Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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