Alternate Climax:

Quite often, I use the following as an alternate climax to this effect. After the spectator has selected his symbol and is holding the wrapped packet of cards between the palms of his hands, I ask him if he happens to have a crystal ball in his possession. Naturally he doesn't (at least to date no one has had one) so I offer to use the crystal in my wristwatch as a substitute. I invite a second spectator to join in the fun. He is instructed to close his eyes. I state that as soon as he hears me snap my fingers, he is to open his eyes and gaze into the crystal on my watch. I tell him that if he senses the impression of a simple geometric design through the crystal in the watch, he is to call it aloud. I snap my fingers. He gazes at the crystal and calls out, for example, a square. I then ask the spectator holding the packet of E.S.P. cards between the palms of his hands to call out the name of the design he is concentrating upon, the one reversed symbol in the packet. When he does so, it proves to be the square. Truly an amazing revelation.

To perform "Crystal-Eyes" you must obtain a programmable memo wristwatch. Mine is a Seiko Quartz Digital Memoryt Chronograph, Type CAL. D409, which has seven channels. The retail price in between $125 and $150, but worth every penny to a working mentalist. Each channel can be programmed to accept sixteen letters and spaces. I simply program in the names of the five E.S.P. symbols, i.e., A Circle, A Cross, 3 Lines, A Square, and A Star. I can cause any one of the five symbol names to appear on the face of the watch by pressing the proper button from one to five times depending upon which symbol the spectator has selected. I do this as soon as I have removed the watch from my wrist and the second spectator is coming on stage. I've got all the time in the world to do the dirty work. Naturally, when the second spectator gazes at the face of the watch, all he can see is the name of an E.S.P. design, so he calls it aloud. Voila, a miracle.

Both endings are quite effective. Take your pick. If you're still not satisfied, here's the original routine that I devised for the programmable wrist watch.

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Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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