Have the spectator freely select a book for you. Then, have him select one for himself. Hold your book in your left hand as described for the "Riffle word selection" and show the spectator how you want him to select a page. State that you want him to do likewise to you. In other words, the spectator selects a page in the book you're holding and memorizes the first word on that page. Then, the spectator riffles the pages of his book until you call stop, at which time you remember the first word on the page you've freely selected. Both books are then discarded. The spectator is handed a sheet of posterboard and a bold marking pen. You have a pen and a sheet also.

Stand back-to-back with the spectator. Your side and the spectator's side should be facing the audience. Tell the spectator that he is to print the word he's thinking of on his piece of board and you'll do the same. If the spectator is a lady, the back-to-back position can be good for a chuckle or two. A Jack Benny sideways glance, a Tom Selleck simultaneous raising and lowering of both eyebrows and a smile will do the trick.

Obviously all that's necessary here is to sneak a "peek" at the spectator's word choice and ignore the word that you supposedly noted in his book. You simply print the spectator's word on your board, voila, an amazing coincidence.

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