Caution Your life depends on the spectator not pulling the trigger more than once

That's it. Make sure you've memorized the spectator's name. Later when you introduce him, mention that he was selected by the committee to assist in the demonstration primarily because of his familiarity with firearms.

One last bit of advice. Prior to your performance, do not leave the pistols and stand unattended once they've been set up. I never take my eyes off the stand or the pistols until they're on stage and I'm ready to perform. When the stand is sitting backstage, either April or I am always nearby to prevent anyone from touching anything. My life will depend on it.

I sincerely hope that I have fully explained every last detail. This is an unbelievably strong effect. However, it is extremely dangerous. As previously stated, it requires a great deal of attention to detail. The slightest mental lapse could be disastrous. You must also work strongly. You've got to have a commanding personality on stage and complete control over both your volunteer and the mastery of the routine.

Well, that's it. One of the finest no-gimmick versions of Russian Roulette is now yours to enjoy and perform. If you do it, do it justice. And above all else-be careful!!!

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Practical Mental Influence

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