Appendix Ii

The Charlier Shuffle

This false shuffle is designed to keep the entire deck ina prearrangedorder.

1. The deck is held in the left hand between thethumbontop,andthe tipsof the fingers, which are curled in against the face ofthebottom card.

2. Several cards are pushed off to the left by the left thumb and taken in the right hand. Then, the left fingers push off a small packetfromthebottomontothe top of the cards in the right hand.

3. The left thumb pushes off several cards from thetopofthe deckandtheseare taken by the right fingers under the right handportion of the deck. Again the left fingers push off some cards from the bottom onto those in the right hand and the moves are repeated until the entire deck is intheright hand.

This false shuffle leaves the deck in the same condition as if ithadreceived a single, complete cut. It's important to perform the shuffle in a "sloppy" fashion instead of being too precise. To return the deck topitsoriginalorder,it's advisable to pencil the original top card of the deck in the upper left and lower right hand corners before performing. In this fashion, aftercompleting the "Charlier" shuffle, the performer need only spread the deck andafterlocatingthepencildottedcard, cut the deck at that point returning the decktoits original order.

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