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Over a year ago, I received a call from good friend, Roy Roth, in England. Roy said that he was going to resurrect the "Ghost Tray" that he and I had marketed several years ago, but constructed large enough to accommodate a prediction chest. Further, he would build the secret compartment in the tray of a size to hold an audio cassette. Roy's idea sounded great.

A month or so later, I received a prototype of the chest and tray. Unfortunately, the cabinetmaker concealed the mechanism necessary to duplicate the sound of a loose cassette in the chest in a large spire on top! It looked more like the Taj Mahal. A further disadvantage was that no one but the performer could handle it because the chest had a trap in the bottom to permit the audio cassette to be loaded. Neither Roy nor his cabinetmaker had the foggiest idea of how to eject the audio cassette from the tray into the chest. Other than that, it was a great trick.

It took time and several models, but eventually, I engineered the necessary modifications to make the effect workable. The trap was relocated toward one end of an enlarged tray. A second, ungimmicked chest was added to contain and protect the smaller trap-door chest. The one thing that eluded me for months was a method to propel the cassette from the tray into the small chest. I tried everything. Nothing was natural enough. The chest had to be tipped at almost a 45 degree angle to permit the cassette to slide out of the tray. One day lightning struck: I added a small brass plate to the top of each chest. I won't spoil the surprise of how that addition solved our dilemma. So read on. The answer was elegantly simple.

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