Stop and think about it. The three selections are totally free in appearance making for a strong presentation. If you wish to further simplify the method, use three sheets of 8 x l0 cardboard instead of the small pad. In this procedure you don't number the predictions on one side and write on the other. You simply write the numerals at the top of each sheet. Arrange them in a face down order of 3-1-2 with the 3 uppermost. Place the three sheets of cardboard face down on the table until needed.

For your first prediction, pick up the top sheet and turn it number side towards yourself. Write your first prediction and then place it to the left of the remaining two pieces of cardboard. Pick up a second sheet and make your second prediction. Drop it face down on top of the first prediction, but jogged about half its width to the right of the bottom card. Finally, pick up the remaining sheet of cardboard and record your third prediction. Turn this sheet face down and drop it on top of the second prediction, keeping it as aligned.

After the blackjack hand is selected, casually pick up the three predictions in the following fashion. Pick up the top two pieces of cardboard simultaneously with the right hand and casually transfer them to the left hand. Glance down and pretend to notice that you've left one piece of cardboard on the table. Casually pick it up with the right hand and place it on top of the two pieces in the left hand. Don't make a big deal out of this action. You've now innocently rearranged the three pieces of cardboard into a 3-2-1 order. Turn the three cards face up as you hand them to the spectator for the revelation of your three predictions.

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Black Jack Tactics Conquering The Game In Casinos

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