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Lee Earle also has a delightful adaptation of the "Bill Divination." Lee suggests placing five quarters in the secret compartment and your force bill in the genuine center section of the purse. Begin by offering to purchase a dollar bill from someone in the audience. "Who'll sell me a dollar bill in good condition for $1.25?" the performer asks. Obviously, you won't have much trouble getting takers for your slightly generous offer. You'll also notice the subtle use of the phrase, "in good condition," which should help eliminate being offered a worn, tattered candidate for the U.S. Treasury shredder.

Ask those who are willing to sell their bill to hold them up. This enables you to glance around and select one that comes closest to the condition of your force bill in the purse. When you spot a close match, ask that spectator to fold the bill in half with George Washington on the inside. Have him fold the bill in half again and then once more to match the size of the force bill. Ask the spectator to extend his other hand palm up. Open the purse, accessing the secret compartment. Invert the purse over the spectator's hand and allow the five quarters to drop out. Immediately take the folded bill, holding it and the purse in full view of the audience as you insert it in the secret compartment. Immediately walk over to another spectator and ask if he or she will act as "Guardian of the Treasury?"

Have the spectator stand. Open the center portion of the purse and allow the spectator to peer inside. "Can you see the dollar bill I just purchased?" you inquire. Naturally the spectator states that he can. "Then guard it with your life," the performer continues, as he places the purse, secret compartment side down between the spectator's hands as previously described, and leads the spectator to center stage.

You're all set to complete the divination effect as I originally outlined. It's a clever, clean and direct way to "borrow" a dollar bill with little or no trouble, while ensuring the bill comes close to matching your force bill. Give it a try. It's dynamite.

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