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"I'm sure that quite a few people in this audience can remember an important event in their life that literally altered the course of their life. What could be described as an 'Hour of Destiny.' I have such an event in mind. One that not only affected my life, but was very mysterious as well. Perhaps you'd like to hear of it.

"Several years ago, I was summoned by one of the world's foremost mentalists. An elderly gentleman who was instrumental in my becoming a psychic entertainer. Unfortunately, he was gravely ill and wanted to see me as soon as possible.

"I hurried to his home and as I sat by his bedside , I heard a clock somewhere in the house strike the hour. Peacefully, my friend slipped away, but not before he gave me his pocket watch as a final remembrance. It was then that I decided to follow in his footsteps.

"Over the years this watch has served as a constant reminder of his amazing powers. It's also resulted in some strange and mystifying occurrences. Allow me to demonstrate.

"Sir, I'm going to set my watch to the very hour my idol and mentor passed away." (Performer sets watch and closes case) "Would you be kind enough to think of any hour from one through twelve. In other words, imagine that you see the face of a watch that has but one hand, an hour hand wildly spinning round and round. Now, it's slowly coming to a halt. In your mind, can you see the hour the hand is pointing to? Good! Don't reveal it to me or to anyone else. Simply commit it to memory." (Performer places watch in his breast pocket with the chain hanging over the edge of the pocket, in full view)

"Please examine this deck of cards to make sure the cards are all different from one another and mix it any way you know how." (Spectator shuffles cards. Performer retrieves deck)

"Now listen carefully, when I turn my back, I want you to remove as many cards from the deck as the hour you're thinking of. For example, if you're thinking of 10 o'clock, quietly remove ten cards," (performer removes ten cards), "and drop them in your jacket pocket, like this." (Performer drops ten cards in his own jacket pocket to demonstrate what the spectator is to do.)

"Do you understand? Good!" (Performer removes the cards from his pocket and replaces them on top of the shuffled deck. The performer turns his back) "Don't forget, using the hour you're thinking of—remove a comparable number of cards from the deck. Place them in your jacket pocket, and tell me when you're finished." (As soon as the spectator has finished placing the cards in his pocket, the performer turns and retrieves the deck)

"Two things have just occurred. First, the hour you're thinking of is more deeply embedded in your mind. Second, the deck is now unbalanced. In other words, since no one knows how many cards are left in the deck, the use of mathematics in accomplishing what you're about to see is impossible! Remember, you've shuffled the deck and no one knows the position of any card.

"I'm now going to remove twelve cards to represent the number of hours showing on my watch." (Performer removes twelve cards from the top of the shuffled deck— reversing their order as he does so)

"As I show you these cards, one-at-a-time, remember the name of the card that corresponds with the hour you have in mind." (Performer holds up cards one at a time) "For example, if you're thinking of one o'clock, remember the first card. If you're thinking of two o'clock, then remember the second card, and so on." (performer shows each card in turn, calling them "one o'clock"— "two o'clock," etc.)

"You now have two things in mind. An hour and a playing card. And you're the only person in this room who knows what they are!" (Performer discards the cards and removes the pocket watch from his breast pocket. Opening the cover of the watch, the performer glances at the face of the watch). "The hour my idol and mentor passed away, his hour of destiny, was" — (fill-in the hour the spectator is thinking of—for example, eight o'clock — and close the cover of the watch case). "What is the hour you've been concentrating upon?" The spectator responds, "Eight o'clock!" The performer continues, excitedly, That's incredible!

"Sir, you're also thinking of a playing card. Please call it out loud." The spectator responds, "The Six of Hearts!"

"And here, ladies and gentlemen is the strange and mysterious part I truly do not understand." (The performer hands the watch to the spectator). "Will you please read aloud the message the elderly psychic had engraved on the back of his watch!" (The spectator reads aloud the engraved message). "The Six of Hearts!"

After sending the above presentations to Ted Lesley, he suggested that the performer can obtain another round of applause as he retrieves the cards the spectator has previously placed in his pocket. As the effect climaxes and the audience has finished applauding, the performer turns to the spectator and states, "Sir, I almost forgot. If you'll return the (fill-in the number of cards) cards in your pocket, the audience will reward you with a nice round of applause." You not only smooth out an awkward retrieval after the effect is over, but you generate additional applause. That's something Ted really knows how to do.

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Friendly Persuasion

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