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Imagine a single card that can control two other cards, provides automatic double lifts, causes cards to vanish and reappear, makes double faced or double backed cards, all out of your own favorite brand of cards.

What would you do with a single card that could manage all of that, and MORE?

The possibilities are truly endless when a single card can replace many other card gaffs and gimmicks. You need only add or remove one card to use multiple trick cards in an otherwise regular deck.

You will discover many uses for this utility device. I could have sold these, but now, for those willing to read and experiment for themselves...

The Kard is coated with a very special and unusual substance. It sticks, but it is not sticky. It clings but it is not magnetic. It will last for many performances, with proper attention. Don't allow the card to get too dirty and never peel even the slightest bit of coating off. If you rub hard enough, or peel a corner of the coating, you may ruin the entire card. Some people think the material is a rubber cement type of substance. It isn't, and if you try and touch up the card with any such material, you may ruin the card.

While this idea was original with me for some time, my friend Bob Sheets told me he had seen a few packet tricks of late with a similar mysterious substance on it. While I make no claim as to what others are doing, this awareness prompted me to expose my secret work for the first time here. Instead of buying special cards from me, I will treat readers to large savings by explaining how to easily make your own. You would have paid as much or more for a set of such cards as you did this manuscript. This secret alone should help you feel you have received your money's worth.

The secret I will not put under a bold heading, as I do not care to have people skim through this book and get the secret for nothing at all. One should at least read or study a little bit to get the real works when they are being given away. The secret substance is found at almost any hardware store. That much I can tell you. The rest, you'll need to buy and study this booklet. The Kard itself may be forced, allowing you to control it and two freely chosen cards - three selected cards in all. This makes for some dramatic card revelations and impressive card control. Its ability to become a thick card at will is perfect for "test condition" type mentalist effects. As far as making these cards yourself, that is easy enough. Happily, there is a spray clear rubber coating that comes in a can.

Most people use this as a way to provide a grip on the handles of tools such as hammers, wrenches and so forth. You may have seen the red rubber dip used on tool handles for instance. It is similar to this except of course it isn't red, it's clear, and comes in a spray can. I currently use a can of what the manufacturer calls Grip and Guard by Rust-Oleum, which they consider a specialty type of product or paint. Other companies make similar products and these work too. Keep hi mind that the basics are a clear rubber hi spray can form. In this clear spray form, it is so easy to use! Spread some cards out on a waxed sheet of paper and spray them well, but don't soak them. A few trials and you'll find the correct amount for your use. When one side of the cards are completely dry, turn them over on a clean sheet and spray the other side. Let this side dry, and you are finished. In some lighting conditions or with some types of card decks, you may not wish to show the Kard due to its slightly more shiny appearance. It will become less shiny the more you use it, but you should be aware of your preferred working conditions. You may always use the Kontrol Kard without it being seen, while maintaining many of its other advantages. Here are a bunch of ideas to get you started:

The Basics

The Kontrol Kard will cause another card to stick to both sides of itself. Selected cards above and below it will stay "stuck" together along with the Kontrol Kard. This makes for a three cards thick key card. It also allows the cards to stay firmly together during overhand shuffles. No breaks are needed, as the Kard becomes thick with the other cards. This alone has fooled many wise card players and performers. It is difficult to find a more fair control of multiple cards.

A selected card placed behind the Kard will "disappear". The entire deck may be counted out one at a time, and the selection will be seen to have vanished - secretly adhering to the Kard. It may reappear easily due to the thick card control, even after shuffling and cutting. Or place the Kard face up on a face down deck. Thumb the face up Kard over -and you have created a secret double-face card! Do a tunnel or snap change and the card changes. Allow the Kard to rest with its sticky face side against the top of the deck. Thumb it to one side and do another change or flip move. Now the card is seen to change again! All of this easily, naturally and fairly - with little or no effort at all. Just a little bit of pressure keeps the block of cards together, due to the special substance.

Show the Kard's face and place it face down on top of the face down deck. Thumb it over to one side and show the face again. The face has changed instantly. Flip this card(s) face down and lift up the top Kard only by grasping the inner and outer short ends of the Kard. This allows the original top Kard face to be shown again. An amazingly natural double lift face change! Do the same thing but sandwich the Kard between two selected cards. Overhand shuffle. Secretly cut the sandwich block to the top by feeling for the block, thanks to the Kard's properties and now triple thickness. Flip over the top block (it's easy!) and show you have found one selected card. Flip this face down, and remove the top card by the short ends, as you drop this on the table face down. Show the top Kard, as not being a selected card. Frown and then have the spectator look at the tabled card. It has changed to the other selection.

Secretly make the Kard a double-face card and place it on the bottom of the deck. Turn your back and have someone deal cards one at a time face down on to the table. They stop anywhere and look at the last card dealt. Have them turn their chosen card face up. Next, tell them to bury their chosen card by placing the rest of the deck on top of the tabled pile. This secretly places the Kard and a face up indifferent card on top of their card. Remind everyone that one card - his or her card - is face up. Snap your fingers and spread the deck. Their face up card has changed. Cut this card (secret Kard block) to the top of the deck. Turn it face down on top of the deck. Legitimately take the real top card off at the short ends, being careful not to show the face up Kard underneath it. Just turn the hand with the Kard and deck in as you table the face down top card. Snap your fingers, and the tabled card changes back to their selection! Cut the deck, and the whole deck can be seen front and back, all facing the proper way.

Some of my mentalist friends will have parted from reading this a long time ago, when they saw the dreaded word "card". But mentalists should consider how this very idea might be applied to index cards, business cards, notepaper, billets, and so forth. Now that I have tipped the special substance so that you may make your own special items, there is no need to limit this method to playing cards, or even Tarot or ESP cards. Think beyond common card stock. You need not dismiss this great utility just because you dislike playing cards. Surely, mentalists may be as creative as magicians, and will find their own unique applications to fit their particular needs.

Make the special cards up, play, and experiment. Now that these will not cost you so much money to obtain, you will discover new and exciting applications. I know I have. As proof that mentalists can also think about card effects, here's a little something more from Allen Zingg using the Kontrol Kard.

Just was playing with your Kard. I had it in a blue deck and the Kard was red. As you can imagine, you can first use it as a locator by having it on the bottom and overhand shuffling for a selection. The person looks at the top card wherever you stop and you drop all the rest of the cards onto it. Then shuffle to your hearts' content, and if you know the person to be an overhand shuffler, have the person shuffle as well.

Say, "By now, some people think something has already happened...! assure you that it hasn't. Just to be sure, I'll look away and spread through the deck face up, and you check that your card is there. But don't say anything". Turn away and spread the deck. When you feel the thick card(s), briefly turn around and repeat, "Just look, don't say". Spot the card, turning back and finishing the spread through, all in one continuous action. With your head still turned away, say, "And to be sure, let's shuffle the cards again". Turn the cards face down and shuffle some more, or have the person do so (again, if you know the person's shuffling habits from a prior effect). You do this so that the person loses track of the approximate location of the card, and to be apparently fair.

Finish shuffling, still with your head turned away and say "You could have looked at (thought of) any card" as you spread the deck face down to locate the thick card(s). Cut the deck at that point. NOW turn around. Start to telepath the card. I like to say, "There's some red in the card...(and if it is a black card or court card), and some black too". If the person took a black card, the person will be perplexed at the red comment. If it is a red card only, I leave the black part out. As I say this, I do not look at the deck but directly gaze into the spectator's eyes, all the while getting a little finger break under the top card.

As we continue the telepathic revelation, start a cutting process similar to double undercutting but with smaller and more cuts. Do this slowly but naturally so that you can reveal the card verbally. End by saying, "When I said there was some red in the card, I meant RED". Deliver this line as you make the final cut, displaying the red card on top of the deck. Spread through the deck to show that it is the only red backed card. Close up the deck and push off the two cards, turning the card(s) over to show that it is indeed the person's card. I might say, miming handing the person the deck, "If you were to look through the deck, you would find no other_(card name), this red one is the only _in the deck".

Put the card back on top of the deck and cut it completing the cut. Say, "But if I take the magic off, then your card is no longer red". Spread the deck out, preferably ribbon spread on the table. With your fingers move your hand from right to left along the spread and rapidly push the cards from left to right a bit to show that you are displaying all the cards. Close up the spread, and pick up the deck.

Turn the deck face up, saying, "Your card is still in the deck...But I've turned your card back into a blue backed card". Spread the deck face up in your hands, find the thick card with the person's card on the face of the three cards, and cut the deck there. Do a strike single lift to take the card off the deck and hand it to the person. Ribbon spread the rest of the deck face down on the table to show a completely blue deck. Pick up the deck, retrieve the card, and box it all to be reset.

By the way, the Kards I like to make up most are: Blue backed Bicycle card, red backed Bicycle card, red backed Bee back card, one Ryder back tarot, one red/blue double-back, one blue/blue double-back, one red/red double-back, one double-face, one red backed Bicycle and one blue backed Bicycle card. These last two are cut short and prepared on the face side only, so that they can act as locators. By being cut short, the deck can be handed out to most people who will either overhand shuffle or riffle shuffle, and the two cards will not be separated. It's a control system applicable to regular cards or other cards, plus some special effects.

Thanks Allen. I know these instructions seem a tad confusing without the Kard in your hands. But make a few up, follow along, and you'll understand and be inspired! Like all things in this series, I strictly reserve manufacturing rights for sales of these items in any form. Use them for your own personal performances as much as you like, however.

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