David on his Lambretta Scooter he drove this through an obstacle course in Manchester while blindfolded

drive their car. If this man can drive it blindfolded, then anyone can do it! A similar stunt in Nairobi resulted in a newspaper advertising campaign for the Triumph Herald featuring a blindfolded Berglas. It was notable for the fact that it was the only convertible car in the country at that time, 1960. The headline of the advertisement read, "David Berglas Amazed Nairobi. The Triumph Herald Amazed David Berglas."

David has driven just about every kind vehicle while blindfolded. As President of 'The Bats', the largest scooter club in Britain, he couldn't resist driving a Lambretta in the same manner. This was at the National Scooter Rally in Belle Vue, Manchester. They had arranged an obstacle course of ramps, seesaws and flaming hoops. He has also landed a light aircraft at Elstree Aerodrome while blindfolded. He says it's easier than driving a car or a scooter. I should point out that David does have a pilot's license.

One blindfold stunt he never got to try was devised for a proposed television show with British comedy actor Derek Nimmo. David offered to drive a large army tank blindfolded through a minefield! Permissions for dangerous stunts are usually difficult to get but in this case the Army agreed provided the mines were just dummies, explosive smoke bombs really, laid out on one of their training assault courses. The BBC was more cautious and said no, fearing that someone might get hurt. You have to admit though, it's a wonderful idea.

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