David Berglas

As Revealed to David Britland

With Illustrations by David James


The Mind & Magic of David Berglas

Copyright 2002 by David Britland and David Berglas

With illustrations by David James

Photographs from the collection of David Berglas

Printed in Canada

Published by Hahne 514 South Parish Place Burbank, California 91506

Information and Catalog of Hahne Publications at: www.jimsteinmeyer.com

Thanks to Spyros Melaris and Bill Elgin for assistance with graphics and photographs. Descriptions of ESPacology, Newspaper Prediction and Matchmaker have appeared in lecture notes bv David Berglas.

The Author, David Britland, has been writing about magic for over twenty years, well known for his research and analysis of the art. His contributions to periodicals like Abracadabra and Magigram led to articles and effects for The Talon, Spellbinder, Opus and MAGIC amongst others. He has also edited and illustrated a number of books for publisher Martin Breese and is the author of Decade, Equinox, Psychomancy and, more recently, Chan Canasta: A Remarkable Man.

As a television researcher he has had the opportunity to put his interest in magic to good use in entertainment shows such as The Secret Cabaret, James Randi: Psychic Investigator, The Magic & Mystery Show and Something Strange, which starred Max Maven.

His interest in the area of the paranormal has led to his development of several science documentaries for Channel Four's Equinox series, including Super Powers, The BigSleep (a sceptical look at hypnosis) and Secrets of the Psychics.

He is currently working on several diverse book and television projects involving his specialty of magic.

Painting by Anthony Callja, specially commissioned by Vanni Pule of Malta.

The Impossible I do immediately; Miracles take a little longer.

—David Berg/as' motto, based on the RAF slogan from World War II: "The difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer/"

David Berglas' optical illusion drawn for the show Opus 13i Place your hand over the base. How many columns do you see? Now slide your hand slowly upwards, until it covers the top. How many columns? Try it again, sliding you hand up and down, but this time, notice how the shape of the columns changes!

The Mind & Magic of David Berglas is published in a limited edition of ONE-THOUSAND COPIES for distribution to professional performers.

David Berglas' logo, a seemingly impossible shape, was used for the 1985 television series, The Mind of David Berglas.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

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