Beating the Odds

Finding no consolation in the textile business David went to Juan les Pins, in the South of France, w here his I 'ncle Alex had a villa and a speedboat, a tempting combination for a young man. Alex's son was the same age as David and they spent a large amount Of their time driving the boat and w ater skiing. Together they won several slalom competitions and enjoyed a great bachelor lifestyle. The South of France, with its many casinos, was a fine location to put a very unusual idea to the test. 1 ncle Alex had told David about a formula that he had learned from a Scottish mathematician. He said it could predict the outcome of an\ even chance bet such as the toss of a coin. David, intrigued, took the time to study the formula and modify it so that it could be applied to the game of roulette.

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Now there are many claims for roulette systems and authorities universally agree that no system yet discovered can guarantee a winner at the tables. David begs to differ and he does so entirely on the basis of his personal experience. He has, he says, the only system in the world that works. The only snag is that it is boring, time consuming and tedious. I le invited his sister Gaby to join him in France to play the system with him. They would spend the days as they pleased but in the evening took their places by the tables and played one even chance after another for hours on end according to the system. It was arduous work but they were always a little richer at the end of each evening, making enough to cover the expense of staying in the most exclusive resort in the South of France.

Not wishing to compete against each other they always played different tables. Then, one night, David was shocked to see that Gaby was playing at the far end of the same table as he. He went up to her to ask what she was doing. To his horror, not only was she playing the same table, she was playing opposite bets. So if he was pla\ ing black, she was playing red. His first thought was that they were obv iously competing against each other. Then came the revelation: they w ere both winning. The incident sent David back to the drawing board and he discovered that it was true, using his system both players could not only play at the same wheel but could bet exactly the opposite even chances, whether red or black, high or low, odd or even. One player would w in quicker and more than the other bur ultimately both would emerge winners!

They spent six months in France enjoying the sun, water skiing and high lifestyle, always playing roulette and always coming out ahead. These days David demonstrates the mathematics of the system to fellow magicians and gambling enthusiasts using a shuffled deck of cards. The curious can find the formula fully explained in his Dutch book. David Berg/as Reveals—Nearly Everything (1967). It's a story worthy of Simon Templar himself.

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