All in a Flash

The cuttings did not impress his father. He gave no sign that he was interested in Davids career as a therapist, hypnotist or magician. Years later Da\ id discovered, from others, that his father was not quite so immune to his son's successes and would actually take great pride in showing off Dav id's posters and clippings to any visitors. But at the time he hoped that Dav id would show some interest in the textile business. Instead he used the money he had made in Cape Town to create an act called A//in a Flash. It had its debut at The Magic Circle in 1950. It was an elaborate act with a pretty, scantily dressed blonde assistant and specially designed costumes and props, all decorated in black and silver. A carpet on the stage hid a complex electrical circuit, which was used to activate flash boxes and special props. David had long been a keen user of flash paper and even adopted the moniker, 'Flash' Berglas.

As the title of the act implied, there were flashes aplenty when David Berglas appeared on stage but the act w as a nightmare to coordinate. There w as a problem with threads too. Adjusting the lights so that none of them could be seen was incredibly time consuming and never proved entirely successful. His efforts though were much appreciated. He had at least sought to do something original and gone to enormous expense and trouble to make it work. Geoffrey Buckingham congratulated him and gave him some advice as to how the act could be improved but David knew that it was really too ambitious. The act was created for tw ice nightly appearances on the Variety circuit. I nfortunately it took two hours to set up!

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