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This eBook reveals the secrets to the best screenplays, and how to make yours better. This guide comes to you from Christian Blake, who has written such definitive screenwriting books as The Seven Moments, which are used by top screenwriters everywhere. This knowledge comes from real experience and writing practice from long, thankless hours. Now you can learn the secrets so you don't make the same mistakes that thousands of other screenwriters make. You can skip straight to the part where you write a screenplay that is professional and amazing-sounding. You can improve your script, beef up your dialogue, analyze your script and screenplay objectively, and get rid of weak scenes. You will learn how to treat screenwriting like a business, not a hobby. You will learn how to write in ways that make your audience want to keep watching, and come back for more and more of your material. You will learn everything that you will need to know to write excellent scripts, revise them to perfection.

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Recently several visitors of websites have asked me about this ebook, which is being promoted quite widely across the Internet. So I ordered a copy myself to figure out what all the publicity was about.

I personally recommend to buy this ebook. The quality is excellent and for this low price and 100% Money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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Your First Words are Always Non Verbal

But by focusing so much on the super-critical pick-up line, we only place enormous pressure on ourselves to create something amazingly fluent on the spot -precise dialog that a screenwriter in Hollywood might labor over for days and re-write ten times over in order to get perfect for his fictitious characters. Listen, it can't be done. We will always wilt under this tremendous strain and simply clam up every time.

How to reach this Market

Hospitality suite or as mealtime entertainment. Trade show magicians earn anywhere from 150.00 up to 15,000 per day. One mentalist friend of mine earns 1,000,000. (Yes, one million dollars, Dr. Evil) per year while serving only a handful of clients. Many provide custom packages for their clients that include script writing, promotional items and even booth design. Often there are multiple day and show arrangements made with a single client. Trade show work can be extremely lucrative it often requires a lot of hard work and long hours.

Out of the Closet and Into the Fire

Aside from having covers blown, people worry, ''will 'Powerpuff Girls' lose its zing after everyone knows about it '' ''Dork'' zings too and everyone knows the word, yet you'll hear very few guys saying it to a girl. The IC pattern, much older and despite RJ's publicity, hasn't lost its potency one bit (when used at the right moments). And you haven't seen 'Powerpuff' really zing unless you've seen TD deliver it himself his effective subcommunication can't be fully conveyed in words, certainly not in broad article. However, all bets are off if some screenwriter reads the RS story, and the world sees Tom Cruise PowerPuffing chicks in a blockbluster movie a year later.

Success Revisited

Once I was discussing a screenplay with my illogical, disorderly, but creative screenwriting partner. He suggested that our impasse in getting work done was because I was no fun, not willing to venture into distraction. We realized that getting our goal of a screenplay sale was much like flying a plane from Denver to L A. If I, as a Left-brained dominant person had the controls, I would tend to beat our heads against a wall pushing through trouble in being so goal-oriented. But if I let him man the controls, he would get us lost. He said it was like he just wanted to check out Mexico on the way to L.A., but I said if he were at the controls he would fly us to China and we'd forget all about L.A., which was our original goal

Lots O Stuff

Regal is a television writer and producer, and the first thing you'll notice when you peruse Close-up & Personal is that most of the routines are completely scripted. The Script is very important to Mr. Regal (in fact, he has included an essay on the subject), and his scripts will serve as expert examples as you construct your own presentations. (And there are also some very funny lines you can add to your repertoire.)

Mental Air Mail

The term VMacGuffin' was coined by the great suspense film director, Alfred Hitchcock's Scottish friend, screenwriter Angus MacPhail, for something that sets a film's plot revolving around it in a misleading way. It's really just an excuse and a diversion. In a whimsical anecdote told by Hitchcock, he compared the MacGuffin (Mac as in MacPhail) to a mythical 'apparatus for trapping lions in the Scottish Highlands'. In other words, it could be anything - or nothing - at all. In the film Notorious, it's uranium-ore hidden in red wine bottles. In North by Northwest, it's 'government secrets', whatever they may be. (Hitchcock considered that this was his 'best MacGuffin, because they were virtually non-existent.) Actually North by Northwest turns out to be one vast MacGuffin, being full of 'nothings' like the 40* in Roger O. ThornhilFs name, or the empty prairie, or the non-existent agent named Kaplan. According to Hitchcock, the MacGuffin could be ignored as soon as it has served its...