Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

Koonika Miidu is the author and the creator of this helpful program. The author of this program wants to show you that the Hell really exists and no one can change that reality. Though, he believes there's a way you can be saved from it and that is exactly what this program is all about. The program contains a lot of information to help you discover the confirmed facts about hell. There are testimonies from people that have visited hell and come back. Those are the people that want to show you the reality and also advise you to stop gambling with your soul. It is very easy to be convinced that this program is for Christians only. Hell is not for a specific religion. As a matter of fact, every person regardless of their religious background should take caution. The Hell Really Exists program is available in downloadable PDF formats. This means you need an Adobe Acrobat reader so you will be able to download and read it. As a matter of fact, you will get some other DVD format programs with testimonies from over 70 people that wishes to help you along the way. Read more here...

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Among Wild Natives of Australia

The leg bone of a kangaroo can bewitch a man to death if a sorcerer points it at him while he sleeps, these primitive Australian tribesmen believe. And, indeed, many evil things can this sorcerer do to a man while he sleeps, according to them. The sorcerer can creep up to him and steal away his kidney fat, where they believe a man's power lies or he can call in a demon to strike the man behind the neck with his club or he can get a lock of hair and roast it with fat over the fire until its former owner pines away and dies.

As I grew up in magic I went through phases

Despite our acquired talents, and our lack of props as proof, our audiences were being entertained by such props as a folding quarter, a Scotch and Soda coin, flashpaper (without effect or reason for it), finger choppers and all sorts of stuif made by plastic magic manufacturers. It seemed to we snobs that the public was ignorant and didn't know great magic when they saw it. The truth is, the public knows what it likes, whether we think they ought to like it or not. The public is a group that are human beings without arrogance about magic. Yes, they may well like those silly box tricks and flashy things and dancing girls. True, you may temporarily persuade them to go against their nature and look for higher art forms. But flash a pretty gem in front of their eyes, and to hell with technique. They like the performer with the pretty props better than the close-up technician.

The Magic of Language

As she approaches the apartment, the police officer hears shouting and screaming coming from inside. A man is yelling loudly, and the officer hears the sound of various objects being broken along with the terrified screams of a woman. Suddenly, a television set comes crashing through the front window, smashing into pieces on the ground in front of her. The police officer rushes to the door and begins to pound on it as hard as she can. She hears an enraged male voice from inside the apartment shouting, Who in the hell is that Eying the pieces of the mangled television set spread over the ground, the police officer blurts out, Television repairman. There is a moment of dead silence inside the apartment. Finally, the man breaks out in laughter. He opens the door and the police officer is able to make her intervention, avoiding any further violence or physical confrontation. She later reports that those two words were as useful as months of training in hand-to-hand combat.

Your First Words are Always Non Verbal

Now we're getting into the good stuff the nuts-and-bolts of the pick-up. I like to consider what I teach as seduction, even though you probably won't be getting laid out in the parking lot with these techniques (although you might -- some women go nuts when they run across a man who actually knows what the hell he's doing ) Yes, that's right you will soon be entering an elite brotherhood of

Step 2 Knock her off her Pedestal

What the hell do I mean by that Well, one of your problems is that you've built up great looking women to be untouchable goddesses in your mind. This stops you from approaching them because you are in awe of them. It's like when someone idolizes a celebrity then finally gets a chance to meet the object of their reverence. What happens They freeze up and can't speak a word Why Because the celebrity has been built up to such superhuman proportions in the mind of the adoring fan, that seeing him for real creates a paralyzing overload in his brain and he can't function in that person's presence. Sound familiar, bucky

Yet More Confidence And Power With Women

Patton Jr., the hell-for-leather General of World War II fame was once asked what he thought of his rival, the British Field Marshall Montgomery. Patton replied, He's the best General the British have. But he's more interested in not losing than he is in winning. Unfortunately for many men, that's their attitude toward women. They walk on egg-shells, cautious as can be, hoping against hope that they don't make a mistake.

How to know how far to go with a woman

I've seen guys that go up to a girl and they'll be talking about something totally irrelevant to the conversation, or they'll skip from topic to topic -without any kind of natural transitions. And they just doesn't GET that other people are thinking What the HELL is he telling me that for - and it just comes off as BIZARRE.

Your Pre Game Attitude Adjustment

3) Don't Let Her Imagined Situation Stop You Fuck whatever possible goofy-ass boyfriend might be hanging around in her life. Unless they're recently married, girls are always shopping for the Right One especially if she's grown bored with ol' Johnny boy. There's no way that you can know what her current relationship status is ahead of time (hell, even her clueless fuckin' boyfriend might not know that ) so you must act like it doesn't exist. This is how the pros do it. It's a mindset baby, an attitude.

Routining By Presentation

The Finish of the Routine should come at any point where you feel that the audience have seen enough. If the tricks selected have been carefully chosen, then the performance can be terminated after the completion of any one. Only the performer knows that he is working a routine. Only the performer knows that there is more or better to follow. Never commit yourself to reaching the climax of the routine come hell or high water. It is better to pause after each phase and ascertain if the audience want you to carry on. If they do not, then you have finished on a good trick and there matters can rest.

Pattern 1 getting her to become attracted to you quickly when you arent her type

The woman you're talking to is just responding to you casually, but there isn't any spark. Notice how it works by CASUALLY DESCRIBING A PROCESS rather than giving orders or commands. Notice also how the last thing you do is move that picture of you into the submodality of someone she's in love with. Moving submodalities is powerful, but intrusive. so you usually (but not always) want to try to do it after the person is already melting under your command, already in a drooling, breast-heaving, passionate state. Also notice the power of asking you ever You ever or can you remember a time when you experienced are the words that open up the gates of hell. Also note that the commands are in bold-face. Finally, note the use of gesturing to yourself to link the commands to you.

Without Embarrassment

Modern age of ours is just awash in a longing for emotions and feelings the same kind of stuff she sees on TV (Lifetime), movies (When Harry Met Sally, Titanic, Ghost, etc.) and reads in all those romance novels they churn out every year (annually the highest dollar grossing niche market in all of fiction publishing). This kind of thinking is entirely alien to most guys because we usually try to design our lives to avoid strong, disruptive emotion whenever we can. But girls love a good cry -- they think it's therapeutic (hell, maybe it is What do I know ) With the exception of their parents' or a close friends' funeral, guys will attempt to spend their entire lives figuring out ways to avoid ever having to cry about anything. Face it, we're emotion-duckers, and we like it that way

How To Walk On A Hot Iron Bar Without Any Danger Of Scalding Or Burning

No performer should attempt to bite off redhot iron unless he has a good set of teeth. A piece of hoop iron may be prepared by bending it back and forth at a point about one inch from the end, until the fragment is nearly broken off, or by cutting nearly through it with a cold chisel. When the iron has been heated red-hot, the prepared end is taken between the teeth, a couple of bends will complete the break. The piece which drops from the teeth into a dish of water will make a puff of steam and a hissing sound, which will demonstrate that it is still very hot. 3 Barnello's Red Demon.

Method and Handling

Once the two cards are in the spectator's pocket, instruct him to remove either card and show it to the audience. Stress his freedom of choice. He must, of course, remove an ace of clubs. (Now you can see why it's important that the spectator not keep track of the cards or catch a glimpse of one of them before they go in his pocket. If he should see that the face card is the ace of clubs, then he pulls out the other card and finds that it's the ace of clubs, hell know something is wrong.)

Cruise Control Now She Takes Over

No matter what happens, one thing that you have saved yourself from is a trip to 'just friends' hell. There is no longer a basis for any buddy-buddy stuff with her now. She knows that it is time to shit or get off the pot -- and stringing you along as her fucking 'pseudo-girlfriend' is no longer an option. She respects you as a Man now, and a fairly dominant one at that, and knows she can't play that bullshit game with you. Believe it or not, this a great victory in and of itself. One that many, many men can't lay claim to. They either end up compromising their true desires, or making a complete

Martin Lcwia Vitli A Pjj Variation

This exciting close-up fantasy enables you to demonstrate the ultimate second deal after just a few minutes practice I first saw Martin perform this impossibility years ago at the Hollywood Cavalcade of Magic. As the convention progressed I became Martin's personal shadow, grimly following him from room to room in an attempt to figure out just how the hell anyone could fool an audience of magicians with a full-view second deal - done in slow motion while the top card of the deck had a stamp stuck on it. > TLP TLIE.LL - The magnet should be pressed against the center of the packet's face. Use your right thumb and forefinger to slowly-deal the top card face down onto the table. The stamp will hang in place as the top card is removed, then attach itself to the packet's new top card. This is the most incredible demonstration of second dealing that your audience will ever see 6TLP ftfUR. - After the first card has been dealt, openly in-jog the top card about a quarter of an inch as you...

Miscellaneous Weapons And Effects

Anything that squirts water can be turned into a flamethrower using this method. Toy stores now have these megasquirt guns that fire a burst of water so hard you can put out someone's eye, and although I haven't tried, I'm sure one of these would make one hell of a flamethrower. Be the first guy on the block to turn these items into flame weapons and toys.

Conclusion to the Ellyn Saga

She tried pulling a few of those mind games with me, but I wasn't really going for any of them. I just wanted to get the hell out of dodge after about 10 minutes of being with her. I made her pay for everything though, so I got a free diner and a movie out of it. She was being pretty forward with me, but I was quite passive-aggressively apathetic (a-la Adam, the natural ) which only drove her more wild.

The Right One Defined

The second thing to remember is that, in your initial fog of horniness soon after you've first met, a lot of different types of women can give you a woody. Hell, you've been eyeing up the family dog lately, haven't you Admit it. There is a point where you'll fuck anything, and that's okay. Just remember, she might be able to turn you on big time at first, but will you become desensitized to her physical charms after a short while and have to struggle to get it up Only you can know this sort of thing for sure, but it's something that you should consider in the early stages in order to save yourself a lot of grief, heartbreak and tears later on. Is this girl going to be able to keep me turned on, or will I get bored and tied of having sex with her If you're cross-eyed with

The Next Ellyn Update

So I just got off the phone with Ellyn, and have come to the decision that should I actually see this girl again, there is NO WAY IN HELL I'm going to fuck her. Why, may you ask Because on top of genital warts, there is a good possibility she has herpes. I swear, the girl is a fucking walking culture swabb with enough medical problems to make Elephant Man look healthy. Seems she's been busy since we were last together and has contracted more medical ecentricities than Dr. Frankenstein. Ew.

Additional Preparation

The other reason for talking to the volunteer in advance of the performance is, quite frankly, to scare the hell out of him. Once you begin to brief him, explain that he's going to assist you in an entertaining, but dangerous demonstration of Russian Roulette. State, that as long as he does exactly what he's told to do - nothing more and nothing less - the demonstration is perfectly safe. However, it is vital that he understands that your safety will be in his hands and that there is no danger provided he does exactly as instructed. Further, state that this selection procedure will be done, twice. After he has selected the second pistol, he will be asked to cock the pistol. Ask if he understands how to do this. Regardless of his answer, proceed to show him and have him practice using the empty pistol. Demonstrate cocking the pistol by pulling the hammer all the way back, until it's locked in the firing position. Allow the volunteer to cock the pistol. As he does so, remind him that...

Final Notes On Second Dealing

Don't rush it and your work will be well rewarded. All skipping along will do is to waste the money you have spent on these pages you'll be disapointed and I'll be irrated as hell if I see you doing a crummy deal saying that you learnt it from this missive. Don't let me, and more importantly yourself, down by bad dealing. I've impressed top men, both magically and gambling, the world over with these deals. You can too

Samuels Bloodstone Wonder

Stone is wrapped in paper and the package exchanged on servante for one containing a loaf of bread of same size, this is placed on run down. Performer fires wand at package, opens it and states that Satan has commanded the stone to change to bread. This bread can contain previously borrowed articles, or cards to be produced from it.

Intellectual vs Emotional Belief

Fortunately for us, what a person knows in a general, intellectual, abstract way need not prevent him from responding hi a visceral way to what he sees. If his eyes and gut tell him that what he is seeing is impossible, that's how hell react. That's why it is realistic to strive to make your audience feel that what they're seeing is inexplicable. This is a distinction few magicians understand but that i6 critical to appreciating why displays of skill and evocation of magical experiences can coexist.

May 2001 Seven Year Itch

Watching videos takes up a substantial part of the time that goes into producing a Marketplace column. The thought of sitting through 11 videos from one performer would normally fill me with dread. However, this time the performer is Patrick Page, one of magic's living treasures. Mr. Page is not only a terrific performer he is also a member of a small group of magicians (including Billy McComb, Jay Marshall, Johnny Thompson, and Ali Bongo) who provide us with a connection to the magic of the past. Mr. Page has been a magic demonstrator dealer, a close-up magician, a stand-up performer, a While I have no doubt that the information Mr. Kramien gives in this book will be valuable to someone considering mounting their own illusion show, I have some reservations about the price of the book. Of the 148 pages in The Illusion Show Business, 66 are taken up with photographs or pictures of memorabilia. This leaves 35 pages of text in Part One and 33 pages of text in Part Two. (The remaining 14...

My Friends Are Slowly Turning Into Books

The Life and Magic of Billy Bishop is a story of guts, determination, and hard work. It is a valuable lesson in what it takes to make a living as a magician. Billy Bishop did it all, and he did it well. As Don Alan said to Glenn Bishop, Your Mom and Dad were one hell of a good act. I enjoyed this book, and I think you will, too.

January 2001 Melt Down

So, what's the bottom line Is The Linking Ring on CD-ROM worth owning Yes it is, even with its idiosyncrasies, weaknesses, and inadequacies. There is an enormous amount of information here, whether you are a historian looking for facts or a hobbyist looking for good tricks (and there are some great tricks here). I hope that the information I've given will allow you to work around some of the program's shortcomings. If you purchase the program the first thing you should do is raise holy hell with Digital Publishing until they fix some of the problems I've mentioned. Putting the LR on disk is a brave step, and all those involved should be commended for taking a chance and putting this product on the market. I would love to see other magazines come out in an electronic format. If the LR project succeeds commercially, others will be less reluctant to produce similar products. The highlights of this collection are Eugene's essays, which range from dealing with hecklers to a hellish...

The Procrastinating Prognosticator

One of the most impressive things any Psychic can do, you begin, is to predict the headline of tomorrow's newspaper. This is a certain and incontrovertible demonstration of the ability to push aside the veil of eternity and peer into the mysteries of the future. Look at some of these headlines 'Space Alien Votes for Clinton' 'Satan Escapes From Hell' 'Werewolf Captured in Florida' We predicted them all And, my all time favorite 'Satan Escapes From Hell ' No comment required.

Jokes About Card Tricks

Practical Parlor Prestidigitation - A Lecture Demonstration By Marko These tapes have been available for a while, but have been promoted only in the gaming market. The price has recently been lowered, and magic dealers are advertising them. Let me first discuss the material demonstrated on each tape, and then I'll offer some thoughts on their usefulness for magicians. Volume 1 contains false shuffles (both overhand and riffle), false cuts, card stacking, shifts and crimp work. I was particularly impressed with the false shuffle work, and there is a demonstration of an interlace shuffle (not a tabled faro) which has to be seen to be believed. Volume 2 continues the discussion of card artifice with demonstrations of second, bottom and center dealing, peek work, marked cards, shiners and stripper work. Again, the material and the execution are of the highest caliber. Volume 3 finishes up the card section with demonstrations of holding out, mucking, deck switches and moves designed to...

September 2001 In the Beginning

The first issue of MAGIC appeared in September of 1991. I was one of the initial subscribers, having been made aware of the magazine by Michael Weber. Michael Weber continued as product reviewer. In that premier issue Weber reviewed Hell Bent, The Sealed Deck, Knotty Knot, The Shiner, Carneycopia, and Smoke and Mirrors. He also cleared up some misinformation concerning a trick called Sign of the Dragon. The first letter to the editor concerning a product review appeared in the second issue of MAGIC. Eugene Burger criticized Weber for being too soft in his review of one of the previous month's products. In the third issue of MAGIC there was letter from the creator of this trick, who was not too happy with either Weber or Burger. And so it began. There is an overwhelming amount of high quality material explained in this series. (Three of the items are part of my working repertoire.) Daryl's demonstrations and explanations are absolutely top-notch, and the production values are up to...

Tullock The Phantom Founder of Trade Show Magic

I have only done a small amount of trade show magic, but I have discovered one thing trade show magic is to magic as writing jingles is to music. The key to success is in understanding how your craft (either magic or music) relates to what it is you are trying to do (sell a product). This is a message which comes through loud and clear in this book. You may be doing magic, but first and foremost, you are a salesman, and if you want to be successful you have to sell the product and you have to sell yourself. Eddie Tullock is a master at doing both, and at giving his audiences a hell of a good time in the process. This book is an invaluable resource, and I highly recommend it.

He Asked if I Liked Card Tricks

Gambling tricks are the topic of Chapter Four. Mr. Neale introduces a number of novel conceits here, including a 180-degree restructuring of the classic Ten Card Poker Deal. Here you will also find a version of The Story of One Card Pete as performed by W.C. Fields, a presentation for Nick Trost's The Horse Race, and an extraordinary demonstration of control over the laws of probability. Chapter Five, Odd Notions, contains tricks about things that go bump in the night. Monsters, ghosts, and demons are the lead characters here. Curiously, there are also two Gospel magic tricks included in this chapter. Other chapters feature gambling themed routines (including a full-blown gambling demonstration that establishes your skill with a deck of cards without requiring knuckle-busting moves), mind reading routines, routines in which you find chosen cards in interesting ways (including an excellent multiple-selection routine), prediction effects (including several variations of Karl Fulves'...

January 2000 Did We Make It

It's rather odd, sitting here at the end of November, typing a column that will not appear until the first part of January. Was the Y2K problem as serious as everyone thought it might be Or was it smooth sailing all the way Are you sitting in front of your fireplace, reading this issue of MAGIC while sipping a cup of tea Or did the whole world go straight to hell, in which case the fact that I've just come up with the ultimate method for Stewart James' Fifty-one Faces North is not really that important after all. Pavel's demonstrations and explanations are good, but he does not go into great detail about how to make the necessary props. For instance, he does not completely explain how to construct the rope used in Krazy Knot. He explains how the rope is gaffed, but the exact method of construction is up to you. You're going to have to spend some time experimenting, or find someone who already knows how to gaff the ropes. In fact, the biggest challenge of these tapes will be obtaining...

Magic And The Science Of Medicine

The most primitive method of treating disease was the use of spells and incantations by the magician. Then came the use of stones, sticks, and strings to draw out diseases. And later began the use of some practical remedies in combination with magical remedies. Essences and elixirs and ointments made from herbs and barks were administered by the magician. But with these remedies were still required the magical formulae which dealt with the demon-cause of the ailment. These herbs, though many are now used by Pharmaceutical and Medical Science, in ancient times were chosen for magical rather than for medicinal reasons.

How to be a Fake Kreskin

Okay, listen up everybody I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore. Apparently, some of you (and you know who you are, so don't try to deny it) have been running around the country telling people that Kreskin is not a genuine, dyed-in-the-wool, honest-to-goodness, for real mentalist with near borderline, mystical, psychic powers. You've been saying that he's just a clever and entertaining magician who accomplishes his effects through (say it ain't so ) trickery, rather than through the use of the aforementioned borderline, mystical, psychic powers. This was a dumb thing for you guys to have done, because now Kreskin is mad as hell, and he's not going to take it anymore, and so he's done the only thing he could do, which was to write a book called How to be (a Fake) Kreskin, in which he proves that he does have borderline, mystical psychic powers by exposing a lot of methods for tricks that he doesn't even do. Kreskin also encourages you to drop his name liberally whenever...

Awful Art And Breathless Brainwaves Hubert Leslie

From these our good friends we have received many lists which include some attractive items. There's a Demon ultra clip board which sounds a must for any mentalist at a modest price of 10 -, whilst Dr. Jak's Multiball' and Four Blacks effects are throwaways at 5 - each. Here is the trick as the spectators see it. The demonstrator issues a serious challenge, he undertakes to give 50 to any charity selected by the audience if he fails to accomplish his next

Slip in the Back Door

We talked about it later and she said it had been exciting for her. But I could not help thinking about how tight it was just to get the tip of my pinky in, and wondering how in the hell she is gonna take in the helmeted gladiator. But then I thought, hey, she's been layin' pipe for near 30 years now, so it should not be that much of a stretch for her to sit on this.

Make Sure that Your Four Primary Emotional Needs are Being Met by

Great relationship farther on down the road, you'll have to be evaluating her and carefully considering as to whether or not she seems capable of being a great partner for you. It's tough to get an absolutely certain assessment of her worth immediately (hell, some people never figure it out even after years of marriage ), but you should at least be able to get a little bit of a sense of whether or not she's going to have what it takes to make you happy. The trick is to know exactly what the hell you should be looking for. This is where a lot of guys go wrong -- even guys who are otherwise skilled at meeting women. Ever notice how a lot of them keeping skipping from one girl to the next It ain't always because they're so enamored of the chase either it's because they keep picking the wrong women to have relationships with. After discovering just what lousy girlfriends they make, Romeo has no choice but to dump her and start hunting for a new one. If you like that sort of thing, okay...

Your Secretly Shamed Affection Needs

After a time I began to understand that I didn't fear being rejected so much as I feared exposing the fact that I had a desire to have a woman in my life. This communicated that I had a need for the affections of a woman, and of course I was horribly ashamed to demonstrate this character flaw. Remember, it's not the rejection that's shameful, it's what the action of attempting to meet a woman reveals about yourself that you're not a powerful loner. In effect, you're screaming out loud that you're not a man who can go it alone and tend to his own emotional needs. Instead, you're a weakling who needs someone to love and to take care of you trading a girlfriend and eventually a wife for your mommy. See how totally fucked up this stuff is Eventually you begin to rationalize and intellectualize your twisted view of the I don't know to what degree, if at all, any of this resonates with you. Everybody has their own unique upbringing and story that goes with it. One clue as to whether or not...

Advanced Overhand Stacking

Consider that you have just finished the first half of a shuffle, stacking the aces as every fifth card from the bottom up and ready for a second shuffle to reverse the order. Naturally, using a second shuffle in this manner will mean an even number of shuffles. Now, if you are under alert scrutiny from a diabolical audience whose money you find yourself hell bent on taking, an even number of shuffles may provide a sort of tip off. A wise adversary would then request an odd number of shuffles in order to prevent this from occurring and of course, to turn this adversary down would be an even bigger tip off. You could then, at this point in the shuffle, rather than completing the shuffle and reversing the cards, pick-up the entire stacked portion of the deck currently in the left

Crystal Balls and Playing Cards

In the sprit of the crazy ending, here are the signatures of the seven demons, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan, Astoroth, Leviathan, Bllmi, and Baalbarith. They are found on a pact (still extant) which the priest Urban Granier of St. Peter's in London is supposed to have made in 1616. (Original may be seen in the Bibliotheque Natlonale Paris.)

Reframing and Outframing a Thought Virus Using Sleight of Mouth

Sleight Mouth

In order to truly be safe, it is important to recognize that we are probably in just as much danger from people who are positively intended and who have never hurt us before. Think of all of the people who unintentionally kill others in automobile accidents. As they say, The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Apph to sTl v f Ihai't u deadly ) helle lu hohl im ui Im Mnuittlv II cuihck Inks I III ii> live - uikl M> can hellcf I llu iliix _ Keihjine

Dressing Room Aparatus

You say, I didn't say it was your card but, if it was, I would ask you to spell it one card for each letter. They do this and upon reaching the last letter tell them to turn over the card. Of course, it will be the named card. You now say, But it wasn't your card. If it had been it would be one hell of a trick

Pushing Pulling the art of sending mixed signals

Have you ever had a girl dick tease you Get you really turned on and make you think that she was interested in you, and then once you made a move on her, she freaked out, accusing you of being some sort of pervert Now l am sure on a rational level you were thinking, I am never going to talk to this girl again. But on an emotional level you were frustrated as hell. And her Pushing you away only made you want her more, right What l am about to talk about is very very powerful. Some of you might even think it is evil. I think the power behind it is that it doesn't make any logical sense. So, what the hell am l talking about I am talking about the art of doing or saying one thing, and then doing another thing to completely undermine the first thing. Let me repeat what l just said Yet another way to utilize intentional undermining is to demonstrate a compassionate genuine side to yourself, and then intentionally undermine it by showing an uncompassionate...

The phases of a seduction

She is sitting close to you in a bar. You are sitting close to her. You know you are strangers to each other. You assume the Alpha attitude. You demonstrate that you don't give a shit about social rules and simply say I I know that most of the men reading this text are already laughing like hell. Some of you are already bored to death. As women are extremely emotional creatures, the more they feel strong emotions in your company, the more they get convinced that you are one hell of a guy.

Its All Subconscious With

The mistake that you're probably making right now is being focused too much on what you're saying (your content) while completely ignoring the critical messages that you need to be conveying with your attitude (your intent). This could be why you are consigned to just friends hell with many of the girls you already know and may've had passionate designs on. While being friendly or even interesting might impress her conscious mind, you'll never engage any romantic interest in yourself without calling out to her primal instincts with compelling communications to her lower brain -- statements about your male sexual self that can only be transmitted non-verbally through specific actions and attitudes. For any seduction to succeed, you must relentlessly convey your desirability as a mating partner to her subconscious mind with the goal of stimulating her primeval instincts into awakening. This is where thoughts of love, lust, sex and all that other good stuff flow from.

Using Cold Reading

Some of you might be wondering what the hell cold reading is. Cold reading is reading people without having any prior information about them. This is what psychics and palm readers do. Do you have to be endowed with psychic powers to use this stuff Hell no. If you needed to have real psychic powers to do this stuff, then the psychic network would be out of business.

The Big Picture

Okay so we were just kids then, stupid kids, so what Well, it begins to matter a lot a few years later when every one of your friends fumbles and feels his way into some kind of relationship, but you're still left standing out in the cold. Soon, panic starts to set in. What the hell is wrong with me you begin to think. Why is it that everyone else seems to be able to figure out how this making out thing works, and I still can't get the courage up to even ask one girl out on a damn date I'm no scientist and I don't claim to have all the answers (or the reams of hard data to back them up), but I know about the problem that certain types of non-aggressive males (like me) have with women Females will not mate with non- aggressive males This is a fact of life all throughout nature from rats and worms to pigs and dogs, monkeys and humans. Why not Because seduction and mating and reproduction are not about rationality. They're about survival of the fittest -- and the urges that produce them...

Reading the signs of a committed woman

This goes for married women, women with boyfriends all of them. She will tell you flat out what it is she is missing and what she wants. When she starts telling you how he's not cutting it, she's letting you know that door is open. Now this woman did this, but it sounds like she was being subtle about it. She said they were courting, not dating what the hell is that I think that meant we have a commitment but he's not fucking me.

Getting Her Addicted to

Please do not abuse the power of subliminal manipulation you should only use this technique on a woman with whom you have serious romantic feelings, because once she's become 'imprinted' on you you're going to have a hell of a time breaking up with her if you decide you must do so. Play nice, evil genius Women can sometimes come across as aloof when it comes to the sexual attention of men, but you must understand that their problem isn't finding sex (for most women, that's easy) but finding quality sex with a man that they can feel totally free to open up with emotionally. When you begin drawing this kind of immensely pleasurable response from a woman, almost against her will, you will have demonstrated beyond a doubt that she has stumbled upon sexual nirvana in your skillful arms.

Womans emotional states

NLP psychology (Neurolinguistic programming) has demonstrated that words and detailed descriptions cause emotions in others and influence the mental state of others. She Bastard Don't make fun of serious things (Laughing like hell. He is a hell of a guy He does not take her seriously )

Constructing Your Shows

If you go to magical conventions, and watch the competitions and gala shows, you will see a lot of acts themed around a single subject. Remember that they are performing for magicians, and that without a lot of acting ability and sense of theatre they will be boring as hell to most lay audiences

They All Float Down Here

For the most part, all of the current self-levitations have their basis in two articles published by Karl Fulves. The first, titled Impromptu Levitation, can be found in the July 1994 issue of The Pallbearer's Review (Vol. 9, No. 9, page 755.) Ed Balducci is credited in the article, but he explains that he was shown the method by Erwin Levine, who was one of the Harmonicats. Mr. Levine had no idea who the originator was. (Can you give us any help here, Johnny Thompson ) I don't remember if I learned this method from this article or whether it got to me through the underground (whatever the hell that is), but a whole bunch of us were doing this back in the late 70's. It is a remarkable effect, but it does require that the audience (which must be just a few spectators) be positioned properly.

In an irresistible way

Her instincts give her the possibility of really surrendering sexually only to her Prince, no matter whether that Prince is Bill Gates, James Bond or a member of a Hell's Angels motorcycle gang, who comes dirty, ugly and full of muscles to take her, puts his hand on her rear and orders Let's go, bitch, to have a ride on my motorbike In words, acts and omissions you need to demonstrate to her that she cannot have

New Fire Trigk8 And Chemical Magic

Explains in detail, and conscientiously, inw to prepare and exhibit all the best known and most effective Tricks v th Fire and chemical magic. Mr. Stanvon's explanation of the Ching Ling Foo Fire Enting, as now bjing performed at the London Hippodrome, is alone worth the price of the whole book, which also cont.iins the following amoxgst other great secrets. To Fireproof the hands, & c. to drink boiling oil (3 methods) tricks with Fire Balls to drink boiling lead (2 methods) to eit burning coals Salanrandrine Dessert Chain of Fire Biti ig off red hot Iron (genuine) New Colour Changing Effects Seve 1 Wines from One Bottle Black and White Mystery, in all 5 methods the Human Gasometer Blazing Tubes Living Gas Jets to Eat Burning Coals, Pitch, & c. to Fire Paper with breath (2 methods) Blazing Sponge Trick Demon Bowls of Fire Blazing Bananas Sparks from Finger Tips (not Electricity) New Ink and Water Change (2 methods) Coloured Fires and their uses in- Conjuring Fire from Water...

CR and cold calling 1 accessing the prospect

A lot of business-to-business selling starts with a salesman telephoning companies to see if they're in the market for whatever he's selling. Some call this 'telesales', some call it 'cold calling', and some call it 'hell on Earth'. So how can cold reading techniques help in this situation To see how, let us briefly reconsider what's happening in the context of a typical psychic reading. Specifically, let's focus on the main goal of whoever is giving the reading. We can summarise the psychic context like Hello, I hope you can help me. I've got a message here to return a call from someone in your company, but the name's a bit of a scribble. Jones, Johnson, James I can't quite make it out. All I know is it's to do with buying training courses or sorting out training requirements. Do you know who it could be

Putting it All Together

Let's face it, your life-defeating fear of rejection really only stems from the fact that deep down inside you've always known that you are a low status male -- and that women are likely to reject you because of it. Who wouldn't be afraid to play a game where you know you 're going to lose before you even take the field and that you're probably going to end up beating the hell out of yourself afterwards as a result What incentive is there to play a game like that No wonder guys like us withdraw and become loners. It's much simpler and far less stressful.

The Way Women Want Men to

But stop and think about it for a second, how would it serve women to have all the men in the world walking around with their tails tucked between their legs What for So they can bitch to their girlfriends about how all men are a bunch of useless pussies who don't even have the courage to say hello to them any more Not only wouldn't this state of affairs make any sense -- since women are generally more interested in playing the game of romance than men are and need someone to play with -- it simply just isn't reality. I don't care what part of the world you're in women long for love and affection, and for that they require the men out there to be interested in the sport of romance. It's quite possible that your bitterness over the long string of rejections you've gathered up has blinded you to this reality. The generalizing that all women love to reject and put down men (unless they happen to be rich or rock stars) is just a defense mechanism created to protect your ego. At least...

The Ultimate Secret to Getting Good With Women

But the process of refining your Inner Game can be a long, arduous, and even scary task. When I first started my work on Inner Game back in 1998, I was 300 lbs, scared to talk to women, had guilty feelings about sex, and numerous issues with anger and with my general outlook on life Basically, I'm someone who could have made some therapist somewhere a boatload of money. But with the help of Speed Seduction and some of the people I met through that, I was able to work out my inner demons and refine my Inner Game, to the point where I am now around 200 lbs, can talk to women very easily, have NO guilt about sex, and am no longer dealing with anger or many of the negative traits that affected my life.

Your Ability to Deliver on Her Four Primary Emotional Needs

He said this, she did that, blah blah blah and so it goes. It never seems to end the bickering, the hurt feelings. What the hell is going on Is this the price we have to pay for the simple desire to have sex with someone that we actually like prospective buyer might be having with some aspect of his life, and then attempt to demonstrate how this product is the answer to making that pain disappear. That's why effective ad copy always concentrates on describing the benefits of owning the product in question, rather than simply describing interesting aspects of the product itself (the features). Our Nuclear Stink-Rat Annihilators are baited with 5 pounds of irresistibly delicious warthog guts is a feature of the Annihilator, which is nice but doesn't necessarily make you want to run out and buy one. Our Nuclear Annihilators will forever end the reign of terror that stink-rats have been holding over you and your family by vaporizing up to 700 of them per hour are benefits of the...

My maddening failure was that I always ended up being friends instead of lovers

Sheesh What a pain in the ass this seduction stuff is Once we get over our fear of attempting it, now we've got to actually demonstrate some skill and knowledge to close the sale and maneuver her into a sexual relationship I guess it's really no different than learning to fly an airplane or something - once we get over our fear of flying so that we can climb into the cockpit, now we've got to actually learn what the hell all those switches and controls do Becoming a pilot requires a certain degree courage to even attempt at first, and then the proper training and acquisition of actual skills to complete the job afterwards. Welcome to flight school 101.

The concept of context frame

The smart guy was able to put himself in a position of challenge this woman regularly says go to hell to all men who try to approach her in restaurants but she was so much in love with this married man, who always kept her on her toes by telling her she was not beautiful enough.

David Shades Manual Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Was there ever a defining moment when you could say to yourself, Ah-hah that's it My former (AFC) self no longer exists He's gone, that hell is over The DOM is a mature and patient man who will not be pushed. The DOM leads his woman through a sequential training program where she learns responsiveness. Incremental progress is made as she demonstrates competence of successive skills. Only proper behavior is rewarded. Only reward her for good behavior. She cannot have her way with you until she has demonstrated consistent mastery of 'jack off skills. Only then are you two ready for 'The Big Night.' Have fun with it. Make HER take YOU out to dinner and dancing. Say things like Do you mean it when you say you love me, or are you just trying to get into my pants Do you just want me for my body Are you going to respect me in the morning I want to be appreciated for the unique individual that I am. It will drive her crazy, but it is all for affect, and as you will find, ultimately for her...

The Second Deal In Leiu Of A Double Lift

It can also be used as a 'saver' for those awful moments when you have the chosen card on top of the deck and somebody challenges you they want to see that top card. A double lift can be a little dicey at this point as they will be burning the deck. This little move can be used to show the second card down and also carries the advantage that they can grab it when it is flipped face up. This may seem like a very trite use of such a difficult thing to learn but hell when you're at the bottom line use EVERY item in your armoury to protect your position

Relating to Performance

Manipulation is generally seen as a dirty word, but it is not. Tit is a dirty word, and to trombone somebody is also an unsavoury expression. Manipulation, however, is a neutral expression. Teachers manipulate their pupils. Therapists manipulate their clients (although therapists are the very cock-cheese of Satan and anything they do is as dirty as dirty can be). We all manipulate each other and play out gentle power-struggles in our everyday conversations. Similarly, the cold-reading technique can be applied to situations and incidents without causing the kind of moral difficulties which would otherwise concern me. For example, I was recently demonstrating mind-reading at a presentation given by an advertising company in Swindon. (For These effects are very close to demonstrations of 'psychic' power, which I find a dull and unimaginative line to take. My reasoning is that the spectator wifi give me all the clues that I need, and I tell her as much. I make...

Appendix A Cayman Magic

To himself that he hadn't yet discovered her name ) suddenly emerged from behind the kitchen door next to the bar and began earnestly wiping down the circular redwood tables that were lined up along the back wall, a lofty show of cleanliness in anticipation of the forthcoming crowds. She smiled as she passed by his stool and David nodded a return hello. The smell of fresh cut pineapples followed her around the room. Under his wife's keen eye, Roger suddenly got busy polishing some neglected shot glasses that were piling up in the sink. David smiled and swigged his spicy beer. And no amount of money had ever been able to dig ol' Roger or his father, who'd run the place for 45 years before him, out of this precious spot. Hell, why should he move The resorts had brought an instant 1000 free increase in business. And bartending wasn't exactly back-breaking work. Where was he supposed to go and piss away the million bucks they'd waved under his nose anyway He already was living in...

Zen Poker

The roots of this routine go back more than half a century, to Charles Jordan's Demon's Divination. In that routine, a spectator was asked to think of a card. Groups of cards were then displayed (28 in all), with the spectator asked whether the thought-of value and or suit were represented in various sets. From the information given, the performer was able to determine the specific mentally selected card.

Get Informed

Iadmit it I plagiarized that opening sub-title from the radio promo of some gambling outfit that advocates its stone-cold-lock football handicapping service with this cute little moto. Stop trying to get lucky get informed. I liked it because it pretty much describes the approach that men have been taking with women since we were no longer allowed to club them over the head or buy them from their fathers for two pigs and a bale of grain. Getting lucky. The whole notion of getting lucky sums up what little control most men have over the course of events when it comes to the game of seduction. Try some desperate gambit, roll the dice, and see if it works. And if you do actually get lucky, it's altogether unclear just what the hell you did that was so wonderful therefore you can't repeat it Next time you try the exact same approach, you get rejected flat out.


05) People with a Vertical line dent across their Navel tend to be very headstrong (as line points to their head). They can be very stubborn indeed, they have one hell of a temper and when they lose it boy do people know about it. Once their minds are made up they won't listen to reason even if it means shooting themselves in the foot in the long-term.

Seducing Women

How can you be expected to suddenly invent a seduction routine when the opportunity sneaks up and presents itself to you when you're least expecting it Who could possibly operate under that kind of pressure other than a professional actor who's skilled in improvisational techniques Hell, even if you're in a bar or a nightclub and have the time to stand around and daydream as all the pretty women swirl around you, you still can't think of what to say Your overly-critical mind just keeps rejecting one thing after another until you run out of ideas and go home frustrated again.


The opening was colourful and the dance ensembles unusual in the fact that all the girls are about six feet tall Several items were put over in genial style, followed by a Rhapsody in Smoke, with Ann Cornell, his leading lady in several films. The item Satan's Bouquet would do credit to no magician and is a replica of the comedy flowers from table gag that viewers will remember Tommy Cooper using a few weeks ago on his new Television Programme. Tommy however does not call himself a magician

Where to meet girls

A word of warning about personals - they will never get you the experience of actually approaching and getting the attention of the woman you want because a meeting arranged through personals simply skips this important phase. So although meeting women this way might feel easier initially, ultimately you will never learn the skills that really make the difference Is this too low for you Is it beneath you Hell no. Whether it's newspaper personals, telephone personals, video personals or Internet personals and chat rooms, they offer you excellent opportunities to meet a lot of women to practice your skills.

Dan Harians SoulmmS

Whichever card Joe chooses, tell him to place it off to the side face down. The game that God and Satan play is a deceptively simple one using exactly thirteen cards. Joe, deal back and forth, two hands, as you count to thirteen. Joe should now deal back and forth from the top of the deck until he has a pile of seven cards and a pile of six. Direct him as necessary without touching the cards. God's hand contains seven cards since the seventh day is sacred. Satan's hand contains six cards, because the Devil is partial to sixes (smile)

Thoughts Arising

Anyone wishing to be disparaging about this routine has plenty of ammunition The 'method' is childishly simple. One can choose to react with supercilious disdain to the vulgarity of the 'bang on head' and the 'finger-licking' gags. And if you think mentalism must always be solemn, then this routine will be high on your list of 'No Hope Mentalism Routines From Hell'. When it comes to distributing the spoons throughout the audience, you do not even need the simple 'switch'. With your free hand, pick up the remaining spoons off the tray and toss them out. You can now truthfully point out that you had some spoons on a tray, the spectator freely decided which two spoons would be used for the demonstration, and all the others have been handed out for examination. The same is true if she chooses the gaffed spoon on her second choice. You pick it up. She's holding a regular spoon, you are holding the gaffed one. The others can now be thrown out into the audience.

Still Taking Three

This translocation of a chosen card is based on a Charles T. Jordan plot, Satan's Prophecy (ref. Ten New Impromptu Card Tricks, 1920, pp. 2-4 also see Improved Satan's Prophecy in Jordan's Four Full Hands of Card Tricks, 1947, pp. 8-10, and The Vanishing Pah, ibid. p. 10). Peter Warlock unwittingly duplicated this Jordan plot when he created Three's My Lucky Number (ref. Plans for Deception, pp. 63-66, 1942). The trick was republished thirteen years later in a fuller form under the title Take Three in Pentagram (Vol. 9, No. 10, July 1955, pp. 74 and 79), It was there that Mr. Elmsley discovered it, along with subsequent methods by Francis Haxton and Stanley Jaks (Vol. 10, No. 2, Nov. 1955, pp. 12-14). The following year he contributed to that journal two fresh treatments, each with points to commend it.

Jon Racherbaumer

33 Many people initially asked me to identify this fellow. He was based on J. Stewart Smith, who I met only once. He was friendly but somewhat out of touch. He really liked card magic and seemed to approach it the same way accountants approach ledgers. Smith lived in Shreveport, which is not part of magicdom's mainstream. He liked and read Marlo's work, but preferred to focus on patter narratives that sounded overblown and pseudo-intellectual. My favorite title is from The Lonely Ques,t which features tricks with titles like A Feat Of Dark Antiquity and The Bhopal Struggle. This was difficult to top until Smith published A Glimpse into the Unknown Then Darkness Moved in Quickly. Please understand that Shreveport is a suburb of the Bible Belt and its environs have a somewhat fundamentalist turn of mind. This may explain why Smith devised titles like Journeys To Eternal Hell are Still Happening Today. This would have made sense if the trick was Oil and Water.


Inventor of many effects and illusions including The Vanishing Elephant (Method No. 5), Haunted Alarm Clock, The Card Prom Hell, etc., etc. Author Legerdemainiacs, The Psychology of Deception, Sleight--of--Hand For Experts, Sawdust Trails Editor Conjurer's Monthly 1920-28 Decorations Sacred Order of White Elephant presented at command performance by the Maharajah of Saringapatam.

Check Your Pocket

Once you have the card placed in their pocket it's all down hill. Force the card (any force does the job, and it's a duplicate, of course) then once it is replaced in the deck put them right in the box and into your pocket. From here you can do whatever you like, if it's a pretty girl I usually hold their hand and tell them I'm sending the card to them mentally. Tell them to check the pocket and you baffled the hell out of them.

Ritual Magic

One essential belief is that if you know the real name of something, you have some control over it. Get to know the real name of a demon for instance and you're laughing. However, there is a flaw. Demon's names will virtually always be given in ancient Hebrew where you are given the consonants and have to guess at the vowels. You can while away many long winter nights standing in a draughty pentacle trying every conceivable permutation of a five syllable demon's name. Names of Power - Mainly different names for God or the Angels. Ritual magic grimoires usually read like a Hebrew telephone directory. Even more useful would be the real names of the demons, but these all seem to be ex-directory.

Abra Melin

Ground between the angels and the fallen angels (i.e. emons) and that he can perform feats of magic by gaining control over these demons with the help of the angels. To make it slightly more difficult, these demons are wily little rascals that will trick you into doing what they want to do (thus explaining why Satanism is a bad idea). The only way to make sure you don't get tricked is to go into a long process of purification of the soul to get rid of all the base desires and petty hopes of gain.


If you consider all the time and money you have wasted over the years with dead end relationships, bad dates, and people walking all over you, doesn't it just seem natural to END THAT PAIN and do something about it Deciding now to register and learn my techniques for persuasion can guarantee that you never have to experience that negative, painful, embarrassing DATING HELL ever again How often does someone have to demonstrate he's good before you are convinced a. immediately

Two points about me

The second misunderstanding is that I am some sort of con-artist. This means I get delightful letters from that very special community of people whose hobby is being angry about things they know nothing about. These pious, lovely people traduce me for my callous practices and vent their outrage at my wicked deceptions. It's one hell of a way to start Monday mornings. I am not a con-artist. Among other things, I am a lecturer and entertainer with an interest in what real mind power is all about. For various reasons, including a well-spent youth, I happen to know about deception and how to fake psychic phenomena. In my shows, I often demonstrate a wide range of seemingly psychic phenomena, from spoon-bending to ESP. However, I always stress that I am deceptive, not psychic. Sometimes, media people ask me to demonstrate that cold reading really works. They find someone willing to have a reading, and I strut my stuff. Afterwards, the person to whom I have given the reading is told the...

Tfjc Clements

There are spirits and demons that are supposed to be assigned to each of the elementals, the performer explains. With the help of these elemental spirits, many occult powers can be derived. Let's try to conjure up a few of them. Each spectator takes his piece of paper and submits it to his elemental sign one is held over a candle, one is simply laid in the air on a plate, one is rubbed with ashes and one is submerged in a glass of water. Slowly, on each of the papers appears a drawing in the center of the star. One is a sun, one a crown, one a skull and one a devil's head. When each person turns up their card, it is found that one has THE SUN, one THE EMPEROR, one DEATH and one THE DEVIL. Elementals have been at work

The Black Arts

Satanism The development of Satanism is a perfect example of the powers of propaganda and public relations. Christianity comes to the heathens and one of the early Church fathers has the bright idea of telling everyone that the old fertility religion that they used to follow is actually worshipping the Devil. (See Witchcraft and Gnosticism.) The Church Fathers scratch their heads a bit and come up with the idea of telling everyone that these devil worshippers eat children, sacrifice virgins, drink urine and defile graves. This works for most of the congregation but of course there has to be one person who thinks That sounds interesting. I'll need to give it a try next full moon. And so Satanism is bom. The essence of it is that you should act in the most bestial and offensive fashion you can think of like some sort of mystical Hell's Angel - and you will attract the attention of the infernal being and he will reward you with super-human powers. That's the theory, anyway. Eowers is...

The Opening Gambit

Avoid like the plague the fellow who asks you to do any of your false deals. The chances are he has already made up his mind to nail you on some small point in the deal. If you must do it then do it only once and no more. If you go along and repeat and repeat the deal he will start to become analytical and critical to the point where he may unnerve you so that you won't even be able to deal the top card. If he is a better bluffer than you are, the chances are hell convince you that what you have been doing for years isn't as good as what he has been doing for only a few weeks. If you are looking for compliments on your false dealing, very seldom should you expect it from another who also does False Deals unless both of you are big enough to admit each other's skill. It is amusing to see two such persons demonstrating their technique for one another and each thinking he does it better.

Major Mr Mike Rule

In any case, don't you stand for this kind of bullshit or you will be a miserable, cowered, bastard as you fade away into the sunset. Sure you can probably stand to clean up your act a little and you should keep an open mind and take heed of her better suggestions, but just don't go off the deep end on me caving into her every little demand to change this or that about yourself. To hell with that There are plenty of women out there who don't think of men as restoration projects, and you must keep seducing away until you find one. You should also try to find a woman who will at least share in a few of your current interests. You can't expect her to love doing everything that you presently like to do with the same degree of enthusiasm you have, that's ridiculous but you should be able to at least find some common ground. Otherwise what the hell will the two of you spend most of your time doing (yeah right, in your dreams Tarzan ). What might those needs of hers be How the hell should I...


At first glance, you might assume that the title of this month's column refers to the biblical passage which reads, So went Satan forth from the presence of the Lord, and smote Job with sore boils from the sole of his foot unto his crown. But that's not the case. This month's title refers to the fact that (at the time of this writing) I have been at the MAGIC magazine reviewer's job for 2 years and 7 months. The scripture passage is just an odd coincidence, as is the fact that Satan is an anagram for both Santa and Stan A. Actually, I think if Satan really wanted to smite Job, he would have made him a product reviewer. But then again, I'm not so sure that Job would have had the patience.

Kicked and Banned

I think the thing that bothers me the most was the tone or Ross's e-mails. I can't help but feel bad because I do respect the guy and he feels like I stabbed him in the back by posting all my thoughts in a public capacity. In a way, since I'm from an SS background, I'm more critical of it as a system than anything else out there because its something so close to my heart. I mean, anyone who read's my It Begins post knows that SS saved my fuckin' life in college. And having hung out with Ross before, I know he's not a bad guy at all. In fact, I really like the dude. So the fact that he's pissed with me is a bit disappointing, since I was just stating opinions about his products and nothing about him or my personal experiences with the guy. Hell, I even mention him in my Top 10 PUAs post, but I guess he only wanted to read the bad stuff.

[13h1thirty Fivb

This will compound the body memory of your mark, who will feel his watch on his wrist but, because he's holding hands and has his eyes closed, he can't verify one way or the other that it really is there. Interestingly, he'll swear to it till hell freezes over, that it was there (at least nine out of ten times this will prove the case).

Burglar Deterrent Ii

If you want to see this next method in use, rent the movie F X 2. I know it looks silly as hell on paper, but it really works. Because of that movie, I know of two special effects technicians who have been contacted by an unnamed federal agency to help it fake murders. It's amazing how closely the art of deception in espionage parallels that of magic. Being a student of both arts, I can't overstress the fact that anyone who wants to get into the spying business should become at least an amateur magician. Study professional magic.


C ) This best response demonstrates the calm demeanor of the high status male (HSM), and his ability to stay light on his feet in a conversational sense. It's okay to pass judgement on what a fool the guy was, but he also used the opportunity to make a joke about it and laugh it off, and thus transformed a potential negative event into a positive one. You can be sure that the woman took notice and excitedly moved him up a notch in her mind. The HSM does not carry around a great deal of latent rage with him, so his reactions to minor transgressions of this sort do not release a flood of strong emotions. It takes more to provoke him. A ) LSM's have a tendency to act like know-it-alls in order to make themselves appear superior to other people, and thus possess a basis for putting them down even women (hell, even your own sister ). It's just another manifestation of their inferiority feelings. That you were doing it indirectly behind her back makes you marginally better that the guy who...

Impact Smoke Bomb Ii

You could add gelatin to the ammonia to stabilize it in the bulb and keep it from sloshing around. This is a good idea if you are going to be carrying it around with you for any length of time. You have less worry about that airtight seal, too. However, for stage use, I don't suggest this. Having gelatin splatter all over the stage doesn't look very professional. But for a dark alley, it won't make a hell of a lot of difference.

For The Stage

Explains in detail, and conscientiously, how to prepare and exhibit all the best known and most effective Tricks with Fire and chemical magic. Mr. Stanyon's explanation of the Ching Ling Foo Fire Eating, as performed at the London Hippodrome, is alone worth the price of the whole book, which also contains the following, Amoxgst other great secrets. To Fireproof the hands, & c. to drink boiling oil (3 methods) tricks with Fire Balls to drink boiling lead (2 methods) to eat burning coals Salamandrine Dessert Chain of Fire Biting off' red hot Iron (genuine) New Colour Changing Effects Seven Wines from One Bottle Black and White Mystery, in all 5 methods the Human Gasometer Blazing Tubes Living Gas Jets to Eat Burning Coals, Pitch, & c. to Fire Paper with breath (2 methods) Blazing Sponge Trick Demon Bowls of Fire Blazing Bananas Sparks from Finger Tips (not Electricity) New Ink and Water Change (2 methods) Coloured Fires aud their uses in Conjuring Fire from Water Bimbo Tehi Fire...

A new context

This leads to a situation where, if he wants to make love with his wife for a bit more than once a month and even apologizes for his desire, he soon becomes a pig obsessed with sex or has a mono-mania as one of my lovers here in Helsinki once said of men, or he is granted sex provided that he behaves in a sweet and polite manner with his wife and then he finds out later that his wife went to bed with a Hell's Angels motorcyclist, who treats her like a bitch. is a contract at term you make with her when she has sufficiently demonstrated that she has made you the center of her attention and shows you respect.

Black Female

I feel that when you are dealing with your main man it is a monogamous relationship. You'd go to hell and back for the right person. As long as there is no physical abuse or mental abuse or emotional abuse, you would do whatever is possible to keep the relationship happy.

Final Thoughts

Whilst I personally prefer the darker presentation above, there is another option that is much more direct. and perhaps, a little too powerful. Instead of having the spectator write something that they want, just write out I hereby give my soul to Satan or similar, and have them sign it.

The Quadro Chick

I watched Jon Allen perform the Quadro-Chick and completely fracture a room full of magicians at the Oakland I.B.M. Convention. He got laughs, he got sighs, he got thunderous applause, all with a cuter-than-hell baby chick marionette. He is now offering this for sale, and, as I peer into my crystal ball, I foresee that this prop is going to be the next Rocky.

The Thrill is Back

Elmsley send me The package contained a 52 page manual, a few small cards, and a disk containing some of the best computer tricks I've ever seen. If you have an IBM compatible computer running Windows 3.1 (or later) you are going to fool the hell out of your friends and co-workers.

Viva Where

Chapters 6-11 discuss life at sea, including suggestions on how to pack, how to deal with the performance rating system, information on the technical aspects of cruise ship performing (such as dealing with a live band and the sometimes limited sound and light systems), structuring your acts, and hiring an assistant. Chapter 12 recounts the story of a trip from hell, in which the Beckers took four days to fly to Bali without a change of clothing. We all have nightmare travel stories, but this one is unbelievable. Out to Lunch meets Card-toon in this new trick from Genii video reviewer, ace magic demonstrator, and new west coast resident Jim Krenz. The effect is this The magician shows a stack of business cards bound with a rubber band. (The cards are larger than a standard-sized business card.) On one side of the card is a magic logo, and on the other side are the words For Astonishment (And no, these are not Paul Harris' business cards.) A spectator places his initials next to the...

Its A Wonderful Life

The Killer Red Caps is a routine that demands repetition, and with each repetition it becomes more and more baffling. Intelligent spectators (and those that aren't so bright) go nuts over this because they can handle the props and there is nothing to discover. When Bob Kohler demonstrated this for me, I was completely fooled. Things really got screwed up in the first paragraph of the November review column. The paragraph should have read .thirty-two measure transcription and .thirty-second note septuplet but since the joke really wasn't that funny anyway, the hell with it.

Tt1k Swinger

The operator demonstrates this and succeeds in knexrking down the bowling pin. When the player takes his free play, he also succeeds. The mark starts to walk away, thinking he has lost, when the flattie calls to him and says, Where arc you going You can still win. It costs you an additional buck to keep going if you miss, but you get to keep your points. Hell, you've already got three points. Yon should't walk away from that.

Download Instructions for Hell Really Exists

The best part is you do not have to wait for Hell Really Exists to come in the mail, or drive to a store to get it. You can download it to your computer right now for only $3.40.

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