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The Next Great Hire

This online course is your complete crash course on how to get your first entry-level sales job. In the field of sales, everything is based on how you perform. However, when you have no experience from the past, how are you supposed to show them that you are the right person for the job? You don't have any real way to prove that you are the person that they are looking for. Now, with this guide, you don't have to worry about that anymore. This guide teaches you what the top managers are looking for, and what you need to do to sell yourself as the best candidate for the job. This course was designed by Lauren Brasier, a college athlete who became a top New York City sales executive. All the information from this 6-part course is information that has been repeatedly tested in real-life sales examples.

The Next Great Hire Summary

Contents: Online Course
Author: Lauren Brasier
Official Website:
Price: $99.00

Gripping Hands Arms And Wrists

Interestingly, the further the hand is moved up the back, the more angry the person has become. The man in Figure 46, for example, is showing a greater attempt at self-control than the man in Figure 45 because the hand in Figure 46 is gripping the upper arm, not just the wrist. It is this type of gesture that has given rise to such expressions as, 'Get a good grip on yourself. This gesture is often used by sales people who have called on a potential buyer and have been asked to wait in the buyer's reception area. It is a poor attempt by the salesman to disguise his nervousness and an astute buyer is likely to sense this. If a self-control gesture is changed to the palm-in-palm position, a calming and confident feeling results.

Adding More Choices To Your Life

Salespeople are taught to intentionally use their language to limit our apparent choices. For example, let's suppose you've found a certain model of automobile you like. They might say something to the effect of, Now that you've decided on this automobile, would you like to pay with all cash or do you want to finance it This question automatically assumes that you are going to purchase the car with the only remaining detail being how specifically you want to pay for it. Even if you did want to purchase the car, there may be another option that hasn't been mentioned due to the salesperson's limiting statement. What if there were a hybrid part cash, part financing option to purchasing the car That is not reflected in the salesperson's statement.

Dont Quit Your Day Job Yet

Okay, now I am going to speak directly about this as it applies to us magicians. My dear friend, listen up. You can use Internet marketing to build your magic performing business whether you are a full time entertainer or not. You can use Internet marketing to promote a business you may own, or in your other profession, particularly if you have a sales job. You can even make Internet marketing itself one of your businesses.

Disguised Armcross Gestures

Disguised arm-cross gestures are highly sophisticated gestures used by people who are continually exposed to others. This group includes politicians, sales people, television personalities and the like who do not want their audience to detect that they are unsure of themselves or nervous. Like all arm-cross gestures, one arm swings across in front of the body to grasp the other arm but instead of the arms folding, one hand touches a handbag, bracelet, watch, shirt cuff or other object on or near the other arm (Figure 76). Once again the barrier is formed and the secure feeling is achieved. When cufflinks were popular, men were often seen adjusting them as they crossed a room or dance floor where they were in full view of others. As cufflinks lost their popularity, a man would adjust the band on his watch, check the contents of his wallet, clasp or rub his hands together, play with a button on his cuff or use any other gesture that would allow the arms to cross in front of the body. To...

Robert A Milliken Ii Killer Reputation In 3 Phases

While you are getting these stamps, invest in a very large stamp that covers most of your forearm. This large stamp consists of the original prediction followed by the words AGAIN . One last rubber stamp that would cover most of your forehead needs to have the word, JOKER . Try to ignore the pestering of the sales people at the stamp store about why on earth you need these items. Or tell them they are for marking cards.

Qualifying Challenging

In the past l had worked several sales jobs and my bosses had always told me that the key to getting someone to buy was getting the customer excited about the product, and then once the customer was excited about the product you would ask them a few qualifying questions and then try to seal the deal.

Appendix C3 About the Author

Wayne also gives sales training to companies and teaches sales professionals how to hypnotize their clients as well as how to apply powerful goal achievement skills and self-hypnosis with professional selling. Wayne has over 16 years as a successful sales professional and sales trainer.

Both Hands Behind Head

Body Language Opposite Head Palms

This gesture is typical of such professionals as accountants, lawyers, sales managers, bank managers or people who are feeling confident, dominant, or superior about something. If we could read the person's mind, he would be saying something like, 'I have all the answers' or, 'Maybe one day you'll be as smart as I am', or even 'Everything's under control'. It is also a gesture used by the 'know-it-all' individual and many people find it irritating when someone does it to them. Lawyers habitually use this with their peers as a non-verbal demonstration of how knowledgeable they are. It can also be used as a territorial sign to show that the person has staked a claim to that Research into this gesture showed that in one particular insurance company, twenty-seven out of thirty sales managers used it regularly in the presence of their sales people or subordinates but seldom in the presence of their superiors. When they were with their superiors, the same managers used submissive and...

The American Figure 4 Leg Lock Position

Interview Sitting Position Body Language

I recently addressed a series of meetings in New Zealand where the audience comprised about 100 managers and 500 sales people. A highly controversial issue was being discussed - the treatment of sales people by corporations. A salesman who was well-known to the audience and who had a reputation as a stirrer was asked to address the group. As he took the stage, the managers, almost without exception, took the defensive pose shown in Figure 80, which showed that they felt threatened by what they thought the salesman was going to say. Their fears were well founded. The salesman raged about the poor quality of management in most corporations in that industry and said he felt that this was a contributing factor to the industry's staffing problems. Throughout his speech the sales people in the audience were leaning forward showing interest, many using evaluation gestures, but the managers held their defensive positions. The salesman then changed his address to discuss what he believed the...

Want To Make Your Next Trade Show A Success Here is a simple way to attract and keep buyers at your stand

Use a Magician Yes, you simply won't believe how easy it is to pull crowds, entertain them with an informative tailored message, and leave them wanting to talk to your sales people on the stand Think how good you will look when your bosses discover you are responsible for facilitating a dramatic increase in sales

Dating the Bisexual Woman

She is the top sales representative in her company with the highest 'closing' percentage. She is sent to various sites in the corporation to teach other sales representatives how to be as good as her. I reviewed basic pick-up tactics with her, the importance of her using her rapport building skills and sales skills, and we agreed on a strategy. She found that women were more than delighted to meet us, and she was surprised at the positive responses. I assured her it was normal. Our sarging skills as a team greatly improved, and the following weekend we got three kiss closes and a pocket full of phone numbers. She was absolutely glowing after having had beautiful women passionately kiss her.

What Body Language Tell You That Words Cannot

The most successful lawyers, teachers and salespeople, among others, have one thing in common A capacity to understand nonverbal signals and use them advantageously. A The best salespeople, the best teachers, the best business managers have an innate ability to read body language and put it to profitable use. They adapt their presentation to the messages they pick up.

Cold reading and selling

Of course, there is no substitute for first-hand sales experience, and I've had plenty - either selling my own services or those of companies I've worked for. For a brief time, I was even the UK Sales & Marketing Manager for a multi-national web technologies company, which sounds far grander than it actually was. If you want really serious credentials, I've been in several shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - possibly the most fiercely competitive market in the world. If you can hype and sell a show there, you can sell anything anywhere To digress for a moment (by all means skip ahead to the next heading) the two or three best sales people I've ever known were male, but I think that's a fluke. I'd say that on average women are better at selling than men, for at least three reasons. (1) All sales jobs involve a lot of time on the phone, and women use this tool more effectively than men. I once ran a small telesales team which included a young woman, Swiss by birth but very much a...

The Ankle Lock Gesture

Ankle Lock Body Language

We were recently advising a company on the effective use of the telephone to contact customers when we met a young man who had the unenviable job of calling customers who had not paid their accounts. We watched him make a number of calls and, although he sounded relaxed, we noticed that his ankles were locked together beneath his chair. I asked, 'How do you enjoy this job ' He replied, 'Fine It's a lot of fun.' This verbal statement was however, inconsistent with his non-verbal signals, although he did sound quite convincing. 'Are you sure ' I asked. He paused for a moment, unlocked his ankles, turned towards me with open palms and said, 'Well, actually, it drives me crazy ' He then told me that he had received several calls from customers who had been rude to him and he had been holding back his feelings so as not to transmit them to the other customers. Interestingly, we have noticed that sales people who do not enjoy using the telephone sit in the locked ankles position.

How To Tell Lies Successfully

Muscular twitching, expansion and contraction of pupils, sweating at the brow, flushing of the cheeks, increased rate of eye blinking and numerous other minute gestures that signal deceit. Research using slow motion cameras shows that these microgestures can occur within a split second and it is only people such as professional interviewers, sales people and those whom we call perceptive who can consciously see them during a conversation or negotiation. The best interviewers and sales people are those who have developed the unconscious ability to read the microgestures during face-to-face encounters.

Country v City Spatial Zones

City sales people find this sort of information particularly useful for calling on farmers in sparse rural areas to sell farming equipment. Considering that the farmer may have a 'bubble' of 100 to 200 centimetres or more, a handshake could be a territorial intrusion, causing the farmer to react negatively and be on the defensive. Successful country sales people state almost unanimously that the best negotiating conditions exist when they greet the country town dweller with an extended handshake and the farmer in an isolated area with a distant wave.

Hand Gestures Rubbing the palms together

Rubbing the palms together is a way in which people non-verbally communicate positive expectation. The dice thrower rubs the dice between his palms as a sign of his positive expectancy of winning, the master of ceremonies rubs his palms together and says to his audience, 'We have long looked forward to hearing our next speaker', and the excited sales person struts into the sales manager's office, rubs his palms together and says excitedly, 'We've just got a big order, boss ' However, the waiter who comes to your table at the end of the evening rubbing his palms together and asking, 'Anything else, sir ' is non-verbally telling you that he is expecting a tip. The speed at which a person rubs his palms together signals whom he thinks will receive the positive results that are expected. Say, for example, you want to buy a home and you go to see a real estate agent. After describing the property you are seeking, the agent rubs his palms together quickly and says, 'I've got just the right...

Power Memory

After your participants have generated seven or so random telephone numbers, return backstage and retrieve the numbers from the clipboards and memorize them at your leisure. As each of the numbers is memorized it is associated in your memory with the name and occupation of someone you already know. Use your insurance agent, your lawyer, your dentist, etc. Ask each person for his 7-digit random number and write it on a blackboard or overhead projector transparency. Next to the number, write a job title. Let's make that number your lawyer's. The next number is recorded and indexed as the client , another as the secretary , yet another as wife , and others as car rental agency , girlfriend , insurance agent , etc. As fast as they can be written down, job titles are assigned, apparently at random. In fact, you are attaching to the random numbers the At this point you step forward, away from the blackboard or screen and say, Because you have mnemonicized those numbers you can save the day....

Sort Of Detail

I met my friend Bryce who helped me set up my new computer. It's been an amazing day. The woman at the store where I bought my computer was really sweet. She was just friendly and didn't try and push me into buying anything. You don't find salespeople like that much anymore I spoke to a guy on the phone who walked me through some of my computer problems. He was very nice he was really understanding about how illiterate I am about all of it Then my friend Tracy helped me with the rest of setting the whole thing up. I'm grateful everyone was so patient with me

Open House Magician

Almost everyday, some business near you is throwing an event to attract people, and to inform customers about their services. You can provide two unique services for these businesses you can entertain their guests, and you can entertain their children while their salespeople talk to the parents. All too often magicians miss out on the most effective ways to sell their skills. If it's a business that wants to promote its services, they often don't want to cloud their message with a magic show. However, the idea of having a magician to entertain people while they wait to take a tour of a model home, is one that a businessperson can put a value on. Your goal is to help them keep customers. Like working the line at a restaurant, you can help them keep potential clients around.

Seated Readiness

One of the most valuable gestures that a negotiator can learn to recognise is seated readiness. In the selling situation, for example, if the potential buyer were to take this gesture at the end of the sales presentation and the interview had progressed successfully up to that point, the sales person could ask for the order and expect to get it. Video replays of insurance sales people interviewing potential buyers revealed that, whenever the seated readiness gesture followed the chinstroking gesture (decision-making), the client bought the policy. In contrast to this, if, during the close of the sale, the client took the arms-crossed position immediately following the chin-stroking gesture, the sale was usually unsuccessful. Unfortunately, most sales courses teach sales people always to ask for the order with little regard for the client's body position and gestures. Learning to recognise such gestures as readiness not only helps make more sales but helps to keep many more people in...

Terry Dean

The tools and resources on Dan's site are the fuel that has generated countless fortunes and millionaires - and each tool and resource has been enthusiastically praised by thousands of entrepreneurs, executives and managers, small and home business owners, salespeople, inventors, consultants, public speakers and yes, magicians, worldwide.

Duplicitous Business

The Mentalist starts openly sketching or doodling on the back of the third business card, his own, and after reading the name on the printed side of the one of the borrowed cards, says, Stereotypes are often based in fact. This gentleman's card announces that he is a realtor. He's likely think of something like 'downspout'. Let's see. His card is turned over to show the word, drainpipe .

Appendix W Workshops

How to Hypnotize Your Prospect And Not Have Them Knowing It. Another full-day workshop presented by Wayne F. Perkins, designed for sales professionals and small business owners. Attendees learn to communicate with customers and prospects using sound hypnotic techniques. This workshop improves your odds in completing the sale. Hypnosis exercises in overcoming the fear of failure and negative thoughts are also practiced and learned by each attendee.

Retail Selling

This concludes our look at the possible application of cold reading techniques to a sales context. There is no shortage of sales gurus hyping their own blend of top tips and winning ways. Much of it is snake-oil, and I have no desire to add to the scrap-heap of fads and mythologies concerning sales technique. My only aim has been to offer some ideas, and highlight some possibilities. Some sales professionals may feel there is very little mileage in any of the suggestions made in this section. Others may feel differently, and might even feel inclined to pursue these ideas in greater depth.

English Electric

Hairdresser Peter Sellers

The portable stage he had created for his Creda Cookers tour was also used to sell a new washing machine for English Electric. The machine was called the Reversomatic and it heralded a technical innovation, a drum that revolved one way and then reversed during the washing process. David had to find a way of presenting its benefits in an entertaining form to a conference of salespeople. The following was the result David always had a clear aim when devising a presentation. It was to convey information to the sales people in the most entertaining and memorable manner possible and without the use of complex slides, figures and bar charts. He believed that if they had more information about one product than another, that would be the one they would sell, even if the rival product was superior Salesmen didn't want technical explanations and neither did their customers. If someone hadn't already made up their mind which product to buy, they were always going to buy the one that the salesman...

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