Rubber Bands Tricks Stunts and Puzzles Compiled by Ed Mishell and Prof Abraham B Hurwitz

Rubber bands are a mystery even to scientists!

You would have to S-T-R-E-T-C-H your imagination to believe that you can entertain and amuse people with 50 tricks, puzzles and oddities with merely a handful of rubber bands.

There has never been such a compilation and the authors have given this area a great deal of research and enjoyed the adventure of making this collection for the benefit of the ever growing number of magicians, recreationists and hobbyists.

The diagrams made by lid Mishell are clear and self-explanatory. We've given credit wherever we knew and we apologize to those we've inadvertently left out.

These effects can be learned and played with while riding in the subway or on your vacation when you are alone. You can be the life of the party by doing some of these for your friends or teaching someone who is bedridden to while away the time for self amusement.

I hope you will enjoy learning and doing these stunts as much as the authors had in using, collecting, discovering and compiling this material. Note: All diagrams are from performer's view.


This is a startling and pretty effect. One rubber band is required. It is best to have a colorful band such as red, green or yellow as it shows up better.

Performer places the elastic around the thumbs and forefingers of both hands — a few twists and a large star appears! How to perform

Place band around left index finger and thumb, which are held pointing upward. The right forefinger and thumb are thrust downward into the elastic forming a square — FIG. 1.

Twist the left hand, away from you so that the left index finger points up. A large "X" will be formed — FIG. 2.

Bring the right middle finger to the left hooking it around the left strand, furthest away from you FIG. 3 and pull to the right forming a star FIG. 4. The star should be held up away from your body to properly display it.


Willie Schneider, that affable close-up worker has come up with a star-studded version of the elastic band star trick and has kindly allowed us to present it in this work.

He makes his star in one hand, by placing the band around the left thumb, second finger and little finger as in figure 5.

He then inserts the three middle fingers of his right hand back under the right side of the band as in figure 6 and twists his right hand a 1/4 turn towards his audience, forming a large "X" as in figure 7.

The left index finger tip is placed in X and the band is also placed over the fourth left finger. A star will result, in the left palm as in figure 8.

By pulling strand marked B in figure 9 with the right index finger, a six-pointed or "Star of David" will be tnade.


Jay Rene has kindly contributed this effect for this book.

It is a visible penetration of a rubber band.

You will require an elastic band approximately 3V-i' in length and about 1/32" in thickness.

Loop elastic band over left thumb as in Fig. 10. Reach over with the middle finger of the left hand, pull down upper strand. Extended right index finger bears its finger nail against the lower strand, and begins to turn palm down. A loop forms as in Fig. 11, insert left thumb at X, Fig. 11. Upper strand is placed below the ring of elastic around left thumb as shown in Fig. 12, permitting removal of the middle finger holding the release, as long as some tension is held by right hand. The left hand fingers can move away to display hand as in Fig. 12. They may take hold of spectators arm or hand, or be pressed against a surface, by releasing the band a penetration can be seen, and band flies through the air.


This beautiful effect has been ascribed to several well known magicians including Harry Lorayne and Walter Rollins. It is well described in "Reputation Makers" by Harry Lorayne. Any thin elastic about 3" in length will suffice. Stretch it over your right thumb and forefinger, as in FIG. 13.

Pull the double band to the left as in FIG. 14 with left index finger and thumb.

A 1/4 outward turn of the right band, so right hand is palm up will cause an X to be formed as in FIG. 15.

Bring the left middle finger up through opening "X" FIG. 16 and hold the interlocked loose ends of the band securely between left thumb and forefinger — FIG. 17 twisting the band several times. Bringing both hands apart, letting go of the bottom end will cause the double band to look like the original single band.

Keeping the band stretched bring the right thumb and index finger close to the left, and pull both hands sharply apart. A snap will be heard. FIG. 18. Act chagrined, say "Well, being a magician, we'll soon fix that! — rubber cadabra" — Stretch the double band tightly between both hands and say "Have you gotta 'nother band? FIG. 19.

Show band fully restored in your left palm. FIG. 20.

THE TWO WAY-STRETCH An excellent follow up for the trick previously described is the following:

After you patter "Well, being a magician I had no trouble in restoring the torn elastic." You say — "I was only kidding -— what I had was two rubber bands!" And you proceed to fool 'em again.

Stretch the band around your two index fingers and insert your right thumb under the inner strand as in fig. 21. Revolve the right thumb to your left so that the band is crossed around the right thumb tip — see fig. 22

Hook the left thumb tip into opening "X" and pull it to the left — fig. 23.

Alternately pinch thumb and index finger of each hand together and separate the other thumb and forefinger holding band so that it faces your audience. It will appear as if it was two separate bands, Fig. 24.

Then, of course, remove the band from your fingers and display it as it really is -— one regular elastic bar I! Eugene Lion has shown us a much quicker and easier way to get set for the above effect. Form a figure "8" by holding the elastic stretched around the thumb and index finger of the right hand. See fig. 24A. Place left forefinger and thumb into openings A & B and stretch both bands apart and it will result as in fig. 24. This preparation should be done surreptitiously under the table. Then you can move the band up and down, alternately over thumbs and forefingers, to simulate 2 bands.

This is a gag bit you can play on the "magi" who knows the secret of changing one band to look like Fig. 24.

Holding two separate bands as in figure 24 keep moving your thumbs and index fingers, then to the person who says "I know that one" show the 2 separate bands, and hand them to him.

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