This is just a little interlude of fun. Place a rubber band around a spectator's left hand, around the little finger and thumb and over the back of the hand as in Fig. 31. Tighten the top part of the band. Experiment to get the right size band.

Bet him that he can't remove the elastic without using his other hand, or by rubbing it against his body, or by using his mouth or any other outside assistance.

Tell him he must use his left hand alone. It just can't be done! Unless he's double jointed or has cheated!


We will first explain the simple jumping band. Use a thin band about 3^" long. Place it around the middle and index fingers of your hand. Fig. 32. Then bend all four of your fingers into a fist and insert the finger tips in the entire band. Fig. 33. Keep your finger tips pointed down so that the band will not be seen around them. Open the hand, extending your fingers and the band will fly over and around the other two fingers — the ring finger and little finger — figures 34 and 35. Do your preparation in advance.

To repeat the jumping band effect. After the band has jumped from two fingers of the hand to the other two, just press thumb of the same hand upwards along the palm and under the loop spanning the palm.

Stretch out thumb and place all finger tips into the band. Remove thumb, open fist, band will jump back to its original position.

The exchange jump

Proceed as you did with the simple jumping band, but this effort will require two bands.

They should be contrasting colors. One is placed around the index and middle fingers and the finger tips placed within the balance of the band, as explained before.

The other band is wrapped around the little and ring fingers and is also placed around the finger tips. Fig. 36.

The hand is closed into a fist. Fig. 37. Now, when you open your hand the two bands exchange places. Fig. 38. Hold fist down when making jump.

Magic With Two Rubber Band BlockHow Make Rubber Magic Tricks


And now to cap the climax! You use three rubber bands. Arrange 2 contrasting colored bands as just explained above for the "Exchange jump" and in addition take one of a different color than the other two and intertwine it at the finger tips. Figs. 39 and 40. Then say I've locked them in. Let's see if they can jump and exchange places now."

Proceed as before and they will swap positions even though they are apparently locked securely in. Fig. 41.


The effect is that performer stretches two rubber bands over the index finger and thumb of each hand He places one band behind the other so that they are at right angles to each other, and both are still held by forefingers and thumbs.

Immediately one band seemingly penetrates the other! For this effect we like to use two contrasting colored bands about 3" in length.

Stretch the two bands about index finger and thumb of each hand Fig. 42.

With the middle finger of the left hand hook the upper strand of the right hand band in a triangular form — Fig. 43.

Withdraw right thumb and place the right thumb tip into the fork of left thumb and index finger back into its original band and withdraw left middle finger — fig. 44.

This will position the two bands, ready for the penetration — see Fig. 45. A simple way to prepare the bands would be to place one band on left index finger and thumb and hang the second band on right thumb tip, and lower it behind the first band, then insert right index finger into bottom of right band.

Place right middle finger tip on top of right index finger in a "piggy back" position — Fig. 46. Point both thumbs upward. Bring right index finger and middle finger up and insert right forefinger into loop X, release right middle finger and immediately go down on outside of right band with right index finger.

Notice in Fig. 46B rubber band in the right hand stretches out so that the right first finger is inserted in between the rubber band, Fig. 46C shows the release.. The rubber bands are placed against each , apparently still trapped within each other. (This is a perfect illusion.) Keep the two bands crossed. Rub them up and down against each other and separate the bands as shown in Fig. 47.

Stretch Rubber Band White And Black Figure Using Rubber Band

FOR THE KIDS This little novelty requires some preparation. Use a wide rubber band, preferably white. With black or colored ink, draw some faces on it. As you stretch the rubber band the eyes will open, the mouth will widen and the figure can be made to have a funny or grotesque caricature. This can also be done with a piece of rubber from a balloon or strip of latex. The diagrams figures No. 48 and 49 illustrate the effect.


EFFECT: Performer holds a small silk handkerchief, draped from his left hand. He holds a paper bag in his right hand.

Magician then inserts his left hand into the bag. He withdraws his left hand from the bag, fingers outspread. The bag is torn to pieces. The silk has disappeared.

A second bag, previously shown empty now is seen to contain the hank.

HOW TO DO IT: For this effect you will require two identical silk handkerchiefs. They should be of the sheerest material, an outstanding color, such as red, and only about 8" to 10" square.

One of the bags is double. It can be shown as empty, but one silk is hidden between the two inside parts of this bag — see Fig. 50.

You also need a thin flesh colored elastic band about 31/2" long. The rubber band is stretched around the left thumb and left little finger — across the palm and twisted clockwards about 30 or 40 times by hooking the upper strand of loop with the right middle finger and grasping the upper strand with right thumb and forefinger. See illustration 51. Then insert a corner of the silk into the center loop and pull it through so that the hank droops from your left hand held between left thumb and index finger. Fig. 52.

Holding the unprepared bag with your right hand — introduce your left hand into the bag, and just stretch your hand open when it is in the bag. You can shake your hand up and down when it is within the bag — and with the left finger tips help roll the silk up into a snug ball hidden in the left palm.

Withdraw left hand, back of hand to audience, fingers spread, Fig. 53.

Figure 54 shows performers view -— then it takes a little showmanship as you rip up the first bag and reach into the double bag removing the hidden handkerchief and releasing the rolled up silk by just placing the left middle finger behind and under the rolled up hank and pushing downward.


For this trick you will need a long elastic — about 7 inches long.

Loop it over spectator's finger and place your index finger flat over the center of the stretched rubber band Fig. 55.

Doubling back you make another loop over your participant's forefinger Fig. 56.

By just releasing one strand as in Fig. 57 you will be able to pull the entire elastic free from his finger. See Fig. 58.

This trick must be done in a rapid fashion to make it effective.

This trick is based on the fact that rubber contracts when heated.

You have a thick rubber band looped snugly around a flat box. A light card board arrow with a pin in the end is placed on the box — Fig. 59, and the pin slipped under the rubber band — Fig. 60. The top of the box has the words yes and no on either side, so that the arrow points at them when it rotates.

During the act you are smoking a cigarette — This is the Modus Operandi. When the cigarette heats the rubber band, the heat causes it to contract: This starts the pin revolving, which moves the arrow to point in the direction you want. Fig. 61.

Of course, you have to work the act with the right patter and presentation to make it effective. Instead of the words Yes and No — you can use Good and Evil or Alive and Dead, etc.



In this quick effect you hold up a card with two rubber bands around it, snap your fingers, and immediately show that the rubber bands have penetrated that card and are now encircling the card under it.

All you need are two different cards and two rubber bands. The preparation is simple. Let us say the rubber bands are to vanish from a Queen and reappear on the Ace. Put them around the Ace lengthwise — Fig. 62 — Place the Queen on top.

Now hold one of the rubber bands by the bottom, pull it down a few inches — Fig. 63, then pull it up and over the top of the Queen — Fig. 64. Hold it there with your index finger — Fig. 65. It now looks like there are two rubber bands around the Queen. Squeeze the sides of the cards a bit so that they don't buckle under the pressure of the rubber bands.

To present, hold up the prepared cards. Ask the spectator to name the card with the rubber bands on it. When he says it's the Queen, release the rubber band, and Snap! -— you hand him the cards with the rubber bands around the Ace.

TO MAKE ANYTHING DISAPPEAR WITH A RUBBER BAND Material needed — A handkerchief, a small rubber band, a small object.

EFFECT — When the small object is dropped in the handkerchief it appears as if it has disappeared — yet when it is dropped, it is there — and it is then removed and shown to the audience that it is still present.

THE SECRET METHOD — a) Take a small rubber band and place it on the thumb, index finger and middle finger, b) Then start the trick by having someone put the handkerchief over your hand, c) Let him drop the object into your hand. It is really dropping into the part where the rubber band is and a compartment is formed in which the ring is held securely — Fig. 66. When the handkerchief is shown it appears as if the ring has disappeared — Fig. 67. Drop the handkerchief to show the ring has returned and remove it from the compartment. The audience will never realize what occurred if it is done with smooth quick motions.

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