Wiped Clean

Timing is important here because the left fingers have to move into the right palm to cover the coin (FIG. 3) before the right hand turns palm-up.

"I know what you're thinking, and it's not true. The coin isn't here (showing the left hand) and it's not here."

The deceptive part of this move is the sliding of the coin along the right palm. FIG. 4 shows how the left hand is brushing the coin to the right fingertips. At this point the left hand freezes as the right hand turns palm-down again. The coin will remain at the right fingertips so be careful not to flash the coin at this point. Keep the right hand close to the left one and you should have no problems.

EFFECT: Another method of showing both hands convincingly empty, while actually concealing a coin.

PROCEDURES: You are either starting out with a coin classic-palmed in the right hand, or you have just made a coin vanish and it is in the right-hand classic palm. FIGS. 1 and 2 show how the right hand brushes the left palm until the right middle fingertip contacts the left middle fingertip. The left hand turns palm down and then moves up to cover the coin in right-hand classic palm, this being done as the right hand turns palm up.

Protein Denaturation

"It's not up this sleeve, and it's obviously not up this one. The coin is gone!"

As this is said, the right hand reaches back to pull on the left sleeve (FIG. 5), and then the left hand pulls on the right sleeve (FIG. 6). This is the justification for the right hand turning palm down at the end of the brush. The right hand does not palm the coin until the hands are tugging on the sleeves.

s the justification in turning the right hand palm-down that will result in variations in handling and delivery. Another handling would be to proceed as in FIGS. 1 through 4, and follow by turning the right hand palm-down to point at the watch on the left wrist as you say, "That coin vanished in less than a second!"

Still another variation would be to brush the coin into the right fingerpalm and leave it there, and as the hands gesture you say, "It's gone!" The right fingers remain curled to keep the coin from view, but still allow the viewers to see both palms. This idea was developed by John Ramsey.

The performances I gave at the Linci^oGaiv Dinner Theatre were made up of three "acts", separated by two eight-minute intermissions. During the middle act, I performed thirty minutes of close-up in the center of the floor, amongst the tables. In this segment, I wore a vest with rolled back sleeves, yet I produced this dove and a block 'if ice!

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