EFFECT: A very baffling vanish of a coin.

COMMENTS: This is a very good vanish of a coin because no extra movement of the fingers is necessary, and the coin really appears to go into the hand from which it vanishes.

PROCEDURES: Begin by displaying the coin naturally in the right hand with the thumb, first and second fingers. The left hand comes palm up as seen in FIG. 1. Place the coin onto the palm of the left hand as shown in FIG. 2. Actually, two actions will take place at once. In all reten-tion-of-vision vanishes it's important for the coin to appear to be in the hand after it closes. Otherwise there is no retention of vision. Fortunately this is not as hard to achieve as it sounds.

FIG. 3 shows the left fingers curled.

FIG. 3 shows the left fingers curled.

At this point the eo-m is out of view from the front. The actions in FIGS. 2 and 3 should actually take place at the same time. The coin is apparently placed onto the palm, but is actually placed onto the third finger where it is clipped as in FIG. 3. The right thumb moves away at this point, implying that the coin has been placed onto the palm. The right second and third fingers do not move. If they are pulled out now it may give viewers the idea they are taking the coin with them.

FIG. 4 shows that the left fingers have closed over the coin plus the second and third fingers. The right index finger is coming up to point at the knuckles of the left fingers (FIG. 5). The right fingers move along the left little finger, which also causes the coin to pivot even further into the right hand.

Again, I must emphasize that the right fingers do not pull into the right hand pointing at the left knuckles, which pivots the fingers and coin out of the left hand. FIG, 6 shows the coin completely out of view and in perfect position to be palmed in the right hand. The third finger simply pushes the coin into the classic palm at the appropriate time.

The vanish takes only an instant. The are smooth, and arms and shoulders should be as relaxed as possible. I say "Watch every finger of the hand..." as an excuse to point at the left fingers.

Rick Anderson

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