Ultimate Onefinger Spellbound

EFFECT: A coin held at the fingertips, changes colors at the brush of a single finger.

COMMENTS: This move was developed to accomplish Spellbound without using the classic Spellbound positioning. I felt it would seem more open and natural if the coin were held in full view at the tips of the fingers when the change took place.

Other moves would obviously be needed for a complete well-rounded Spellbound routine. However, if you perform this once or twice during your routine, other changes are actually made stronger through association. Viewers will assume complete fairness if at one point a fully-visible coin changes with the brush of a finger.

Many people will immediately see other potential uses for this move. For example, it has proven to be ideal for switching coins for the cigarette through half (or quarter).

PROCEDURES: For our purposes, the dark coin in the illustrations will be considered the copper coin. The dotted coin is the silver coin.

The copper coin is displayed at the tips of the left forefinger and thumb (FIG. I). Show as much of the coin as possible, and keep the remaining fingers curled in. The left hand will not move from this position during the switch. The right fingers are naturally

curled, with the silver coin dipped by its edge between the first and second fingers (FIG. 2). The thumb is touching the first finger, but does not aid in holding the silver coin.

The hands come together, the right hand passing in front of the left {FIG. 3). The copper coin is slipped between the right thumb and index finger as soon as it is covered. The right thumb does not move (FIG. 4).

The left index finger separates the two coins, which prevents any 'talking' between the coins. The right thumb presses against the coin as it is lifted from the left fingertips, and the right index finger slightly curls in. This will angle the copper coin away to insure against the coins clicking (FIGS. Sand 6).

The Magic ofMichael \

The right hand moves upward just enough for the silver coin to dear the left fingertip. This is all one smooth move, taking place as the right hand apparently makes its first upward wave over the coin.

As the right hand makes its downward pass (remember, the left hand never moves) it deposits the silver coin at the fingertips. The right index finger now begins to curl inward a little more (FIGS. 7 and 8 show a spectator's view).

The illusion is that the hand passed over the coin in preparation to brush it with the right middle finger. The middle finger is against the coin held by the left forefinger and thumb. This move is startling because of the visual nature of the change. Also, there is a certain economy of motion which makes a switch seem absolutely impossible.

FIG. 6 shows the right index finger curled in, which angles the coin completely out of sight. It does not have to curl in far to accomplish this. The right fingers are separating as the middle finger brushes up and down over the silver coin with the right middle finger, because this is what gives the illusion that a single finger has caused the change to take place.

The right hand lowers as the left hand turns at the wrist to show the coin front and As the right hand curls naturally, the thumb releases the coin to be clipped by the first and second fingers for repeating (FIG. 9).

Neither mtui makes an unnatural move during the execution or the get-ready. The right thumb should never visibly move because it is not supposed to be doing anything. The switch actually takes place during the preliminary wave, but is not revealed until the slight brushing of the right middle finger.

A triple change can apparently take place at the brush of a finger by starting with a copper/silver coin at the left fingertip. After the first change, just turn the coin over in the right hand as it pre-

pares for the second switch. With two

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