Torn Restored Cigarette

COMMENTS: This particular restoration has several strong points. The beginning is clean and open. The handling of the cigarette and the extra piece is intended to drive home the idea that their cigarette is in two pieces. The identifying filter of the borrowed cigarette is seemingly shown as a separate piece.

PROCEDURES: In the beginning, the extra piece is held parallel to and by the curled middle finger of the right hand. The right hand takes the borrowed cigarette from the left hand with the filter pointing to the left. The cigarette rests between the right thumb and the middle finger, with the extra piece concealed behind it as in (FIG. I). This display shows the cigarette and apparently empty right hand, while the left is also shown empty.

The left hand comes over to apparently take the cigarette by its center but as soon as the hands come together, the right thumb pushes the cigarette deep into the left hand (FIGS. 2,3 and 4).

When the right end of the cigarette is flush with the left end of the fingerpalmed stub, make a tearing motion with the hands. To add realism to the tear, you can 'click' the thumb nails together which sounds a great deal like a cigarette when it is snapped in two. As the tearing motion is done, the right thumb pushes the stub into view so the hands can display the "torn" cigarette (FIG. 5).

At this point the right hand apparently comes over to take the piece from the left hand, but as soon as the fingers touch, the left fingers curl slightly inward, pushing the cigarette to the right (FIG. 6). The right hand takes the cigarette down near the filter, thus displaying the pieces to the spectators (FIG. 7).

The right hand should seem to just take the left hand piece for display. Actually, due to the left fingers curling in, the right hand was able to reach down and take the cigarette near the filter as if it were a small piece. This is especially strong if you use a borrowed cigarette with an identifiable filter.

The left hand takes the stub from the right and it by butting it (no pun intended) up against the filter piece (?) still held in the right hand. "Wouidn 'titbefunny ifI got confused, and restored it with the filter in the center?"

The left hand lays the stub on top of the filter, along the right middle finger. Extend the left index finger and push the stub into a right middle fingerpalm (FIG. 8).

As soon as the idi imgrr pushes the stub back into its original position, the right hand makes a slight downward toss, releasing the cigarette into the spectator's hand or onto the table (FIG. 9). The fingers open during this. Time this correctly and you convey the illusion that the cigarette instantly "fuses" back together as it falls.

Here I am with fellow West Virginian, Dick Zimmerman, in Madrid, 1985. We are with Diana the Enchantress, Hank Ver-medan, and the incredible Sanada from Japan, following his First Prize win in F.i.S.M.'s manipulation category.

Magic Castle President, Bill Larsen, presenting me with an award from The Academyof Magical Arts.

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