Torn Restored Cigarette

COMMENTS: This is a very open tear and restoration. It goes well alone or when coupled with restoration number ^two. A little acting is necessary, along with a smooth, confident handling.

PROCEDURES: An extra piece of cigarette, slightly more than an inch in length, is concealed in the right hand, held along the length of the right middle finger (FIG. 1). This piece will be referred to as the "stub." If s a little less than half of a cigarette, and very easy to conceal. In the illustrations, the stub is the dotted piece.

The cigarette is held vertically in the right hand with the filter up, as the left thumb and middle finger come over to take it at about if s center (FIG. 2). The cigarette is then pivoted to the left, becoming horizontal, then the left fingers conceal the filter end.

Next, make a tearing motion; you can click the thumbnails on each other if you would like to add a slight 'snap' as the tear is supposedly made. The right thumb instantly pushes the stub into view so the hands can display the two supposed pieces (FIG. 3). The left hand holds the cigarette in the middle, while seeming to hold only half.

Touch the right end of the cigarette to the left tip of the stub (FIG. 4).

In one smooth move, a couple of different actions now take place. The left thumb and middle finger hold the center of the cigarette, forming a pivot point. The right hand, using the left end of the stub, pivots the end of the cigarette the stub is touching, up and around, until it is pointing to the left. This happens as the left hand turns palm up (FIG. 5).

The right hand returns its stub to fingerpalm position. It should look as if you have placed the two pieces together to be held by the left thumb aftd middle finger (FIG. 6).

The fingers roll the cigarette between them for a couple of seconds, then the thumb is lifted to reveal the restoration (FIG. 7).

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