The Vanishing Glass

EFFECT: A stemmed wine glass is placed onto the flat left palm, and covered with a 24-inch silk. At the command of the performer, the shape of the glass melts away and the silk falls flat on the palm. The silk is whisked away to prove that the glass has indeed vanished.

COMMENT: As in most of the great effects in magic, the method here is simple. H will only take ten minutes practice with the props for you to realize how visual and effective the vanish really is.

The original concept comes from Tony Miller and Brian Congrove, magic buddies from Parkers-burg, West Virginia, with a flair for the different. Through the years I've added some touches, and the instantaneous, visual vanish of the glass is beautiful.

The handling is such that it can be used both on stage and close-up. On stage the glass can be dumped into a top hat, taken by an assistant, or any number of things. The aid of a friend can be enlisted to help completely vanish the glass in close-up, impromptu situations, because the illusion of the glass melting away is just as great when done close-up.

PROCEDURES: The silk, which is displayed openly, should be opaque. It is dropped over the left arm so that two diagonal corners point down towards the floor, and the other two corners are along the arm. The glass is carefully placed onto the open left palm. The right hand takes the corner of the silk which lies at the left wrist, and slowly covers the glass (FIG. I). The silk drapes over the glass and the hand, with the glass at the center. The right hand taps the top of the glass, to show that the glass is still there. As it does the left fingers curl in and grab the glass as shown in FIG. 2

Once the left fingers grasp the base of the glass, the right middle finger flicks the glass (FIG. 3). This is to prove (without saying as much) that

TZ \c Magic of.Michael Am mar the form is actually the glass. Now, pinch the silk at its center, lift it three to four inches, and drop it a couple of times as shown in FIG. 4 The air under the silk will cause it to float back down as it covers the glass again.

This is a very important feature of the vanish as you will soon see. On the third drop of the silk, the left hand simply opens out-allowing the glass to fall into a back-palm of sorts. FIGS. 5 and 6 show this taking place.

The air which is caught under the falling silk prevents the shape of the moving glass/ fingers from being seen. The audience is conditioned to expect to see the shape of the glass under the silk, and it is startling to see the silk float down to what is an apparently empty left hand. As FIG 6 illustrates, the left fingers are spread to conceal any sign of the glass. If you properly time the falling of the glass with the drop of the silk, the melting away of the. glass is beautiful.

Pause a beat to allow the effect to sink in, and bring the right hand up from below to pinch the rim of the glass through the silk (FIG. 7). It takes very little practice for you to know exactly where this will be. The right hand then whisks the silk/glass down away from the hand and behind you (FIG. 8). The glass will remain covered by the silk, andtheleftpalmisseen tobe empty. At this point the glass can be dumped into a top hat or taken by an assistant to complete the vanish.

ALTERNATIVE HANDLING: In playing with the silk and glass I decided to try and find a handling that would allow the silk to melt down to the left hand, where it would be held by the left fingers. In order to do this, you must start by placing the silk over the flat left palm, with the majority of the silk to the left of the hand, and one corner hanging about four inches over the right side of the left palm as shown in FIG 9. The glass is placed onto the palm.

As the right hand crosses in front of the left hand to lift the silk over the glass, the left fingers dose over the base as in the first method. FIG. 10 shows the left hand holding the base, with right arm removed for clarity.

Repeat the tapping of the glass through the silk, and again lift the silk and drop it as in the first method, and time the dropping of the silk to the falling of the glass.

The result will be that the silk will completely surround the base of the glass which is held by the left fingers (FIG. 11). The silk and glass are again whisked away by the right hand. There are several

TheMagicc;S''Jïù::t Ammar good glass productions using silks which could effectively be combined with the vanish. Also, if you could effectively seal a glass of liquid with an invisible cover, you would have the perfect vanish for a glass full of liquid!

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