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EFFECT: You hand the flip-top a freshly-opened beverage can to a friend and have him break the tab from the ring. You place the ring on his extended index finger and play the part of a magic welder as you rejoin the ring to the tab while it is on your observer's finger!

COMMENTS: 1 will admit this is not as dramatic as sawing a woman in half, but the routine does have a few strong points. It is a valuable weapon to have in your arsenal because of the many opportunities you will have to use it

The idea is a good one, since there are millions of beer and pop flip-tops across the country. This is my method and presentation. Does anyone else have any?

PROCEDURES: An extra flip-top is required. Due to the nature of the attachment of the tab to the ring, the tab can be pivoted around on the ring with no danger of its breaking off. Adjust the tab on the extra flip-top so that it points to the right at slightly less than a ninety-degree angle (FIG. 1).

This is in the right hand with the tab pointed in toward the palm, making sure the side where the tab is actually attached to the ring is away from the fingers (FIG. 2). If the fingers remain slightly cupped in a natural fashion, the hand can be turned so the palm faces the ceiling with no danger of flashing the extra tab.

Hand a second flip-top to someone, or wait until they remove one from their can. Ask them to break the tab from the ring and to hold one piece on each of their extended palms.

""-Ainu'dyou rather have the ring or the i/sf.'/i?"'

Few people ask for the shaft. It wouldn't change the handling if they did; and it paves the way for some interesting patter lines.

"You want the ring? Most people seem to give me the Ah-U. Oh well, would you hold up your index finger for me, please?"

middle finger and thumb (FIG. 4). At the same instant, the left hand turns over and closes, except for the index finger, which points up, indicating the position you wish them to take (FIG. 5). After they point their finger up, you place the ring on their finger. Say, "Iguess this makes us engaged."

Take the tab with your left hand their other hand while your right hand continues to hold and conceal the extra tab (FIG. 6). Put the narrow end of the loose tab between your right thumb and forefinger, and hold the torn tab so it extends exactly opposite the hidden attached one (FJG. 7).

"'j ¡UV doesn't look like it 's attached! If I put it on this side it still doesn't look attached, does it?"

Your patter wiju influence them to say no at the first display. As you ask the second ques-

As you say this, take the ring from them with your left hand and display it so, if you cupped your hand, you would fingerpalm the ring (FIG. 3). The switch of the ring for the extra flip-top is direct and very natural if you perform it smoothly in conjunction with the patter.

Timing is required as the right hand apparently picks up the ring from the left fingers. The right thumb pushes the extra flip-top forward exposing the ring but concealing the tab with the

tion, the left hand takes the loose tab and points it in the opposite direction so that it lays exactly on top of the tab being concealed by the right middle finger. Now the right thumb simply draws the extra tab into the hand (FIG. 8). The right hand then lets go of the complete flip-top while keeping the loose tab fingerpalmed (FIG. 9). The spectators do not know it is complete; to them, your left thumb and middle

finger apparently hold the loose tab from the opposite side of the flip-top. This is an undetectable switch.

You ask if it looks attached if you hold it in that direction. Again, your patter influences them to say no. (In fact, it does not appear attached from their view.) After the response to your second question, the right hand pivots the tab so that it points straight down from the ring. The left thumb and forefinger still seemingly hold the ring and the tab together. Say, "Iguess it looks most attached in this position."

At this point twist the ring and tab so that it points to the right as you slide your fingers from the tab (FIG. 10). "Look, gravity defied! But there's a reason why it remains. It H- now re-welded into it's original position. 1 should get union wages."

Here I am performing The Coins Through The Silk, which I printed in ENCORE 3. This was one of the effects I performed at !■.;.
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