Signed Bill In Light Bulb

COMMENTS: This routine provides an excellent opportunity for showmanship and exercises your ability to carry an idea or concept into a spectator's mind. The method is simple, the moves are natural, and the effect is stunning.

Have you ever performed a card or coin trick for some people you don't know, only to hear "That's pretty good. Are you a magician?" as their response? It is likely that this has actually happened to you. Your first impulse is to say "Of course. JDidn'tyou just see me do that trick, you clod." But be careful not to be too harsh. Many people who AREN'T magicians do a couple of tricks, so our problem is to come up with something off beat enough so that the effect says loud and clear, "Here is a Magician!"'

PROCEDURES: To do this you will need a handkerchief, a pen, a phony bill and something to break the bulb with - say a wand, a salt-shaker, or a heavy ashtray. Fold the phony bill into quarters and place it, the pen, and the handkerchief into your right pocket.

Tell someone that you can "Pick up images from anyone's mind, providing they are completely visualizing the image. Almost always it is necessary for it to be written down on something very meaningful to the person for the image to be vivid enough. For example, I will bet you are fairly close to your money. Is thui correct sir? You have got to admit that the color ofmoney goes witfjust about nothing! Some people say they do not like money, but I always believed that anyone who says that will lie about other things too. So here, take this pen and draw any image on any denomination bill, and then fold that bill into quarters."

Reach into your right pocket and fingerpalm the phony bill as you take out the pen. This bill is still folded into quarters. Hand the pen to the spectator and have him mark the bill. Make sure the spectator folds his bill basically the same way you did, with the same color surface showing. Take his bill fromhim and act as if you are trying to "read his mind." Say, "Ifyou see Pie blushing, it's because I'm filtering out what he did last weekend! "This puts immediate attention on the spectator and you now calmly switch the real bill for the phony bill. After this relatively open switch, the phony bill is held at your fingertips and the spectator's bili is concealed in a right fingerpalm. Don't sweat it. They are completely mislead as to your intention.

Concentrate for a second, mumble a little, and take a guess at the drawing or whatever. If you are wrong, which is most likely, act disappointed and tear up the phony bill, throwing it away. Shrug your shoulders and say, "Don't worry, I have other tricks... "lfyou have any doubts as to the reaction something like this may get, just watch Jim Ryan or Tom Mullica do a bill tear sometime! Ditch the bill into your right pocket as you say, "Whatl fldVe actually done is make sure that one person isn t going to leave until this show is over."

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At the proper time in your show look to the nearest or most convenient light bulb. Say, "And now for an illusionfamous allover the world... The FloatingLightBulb!" Saying this, you attempt to unscrew the light bulb with your hand. The bulb, of course, is hot, so you react accordingly. Reach into your right pocket, fingerpalm the bill, then emerge with handkerchief.

Leave the handkerchief folded into fourths as you unscrew the bulb. End up with the bulb held in the center of the cloth by the left hand, and the bill in the right hand. The right hand holds the top corner separated from the rest to make the next move look open and natural (FIG. 1). At this point you can build up the mystery of the floating bulb, or give any other line of conversation to allow a few seconds for the bulb to cool.

I always try to borrow a twenty-dollar bill for this, so I can get extra mileage from a running gag. After tearing the bill, turn to go on to another effect, stop and say, "Don't worry sir, I have a memory like an elephant and we will come back to your ten-dollar bill" Then go right into some other effect. Between later effects, pause and say, "Don't worry sir, 1 haven 'tforgottenyourfive-dollar bill"

These gags play well. You'll learn the timing behind them. Running gags like this can add unity to a show, and conveniently add humor to the transitions between effects.

Place the metal end of the bulb into the right hand over the bill and corner of the handkerchief. Allow the folds to fall open (FIG. 2). They see the left hand empty, an ungimmicked handkerchief, and no extra light bulbs, so they have every reason to believe all is fair.

After allowing the bulb to cool, the left hand grasps the bulb through the handkerchief. FiG. 3 shows the left hand coming from behind to take the bulb from the right hand. In order to have the left thumb and index finger free for the upcoming actions, the bulb is taken by the left second, third, and fourth fingers. The right hand lets go of the corner it was holding and, still fingerpalming the borrowed bill, moves up to pull the scarf over the bulb (FIG. 4). As the right hand passes the left, the left fingers take the bill between the left thumb and forefinger (FIG. 5).

The left hand rotates palm-down, as the right hand pulls the scarf from over the left. This drapes the scarf around the bulb, and secretly maneuvers the borrowed bill into perfect position for the upcoming loading move. The right hand now gathers the hanging scarf, taking hold of the bill through the scarf (FIG. 6).

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The left hand lets go of the bulb, allowing it to hang free, with no unusual bulges in the material. The bulb rests inches below the right fingers and bill (FIG. 7).

Continue, "The bulb will float up and around the room with absolutely no visible means of support, with the aid of this magic wand. Just a tap and... Oops!"

Suiting the actions to your words, take the wand (or whatever) in your left hand and firmly rap the bulb, close to the metal base (FIG. fy. A firm

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hit causes the bulb to break in such a way that the round 'bulb' portion will still be intact (FIG. 9).

I know what you may be thinking at this stage - rest easy - you will not get cut. Also, don't act the least worried or concerned, and don't flinch as you begin to tap the bulb. This may telegraph what is about to happen. If you do, you will miss out on the comedy situation resulting from 'acci dental!/ breaking the bulb.

The avenues for presentation vary from person to person at this point I act nervous and surprised at the turn of events, and then make some lame attempts at trying to restore the bulb. Use acting here, as you tap the cloth and then look disappointed at the sound of broken glass.

At this point you 'give up' and unfold the handkerchief to take a closer look. As you are unfolding the bundle, the left hand holds onto the remaining bulb portion while the right hand inserts the bill into the broken sphere (FIG. 10). It is important that the bill be already inside the sphere once the bulb is uncovered. Do not just break the bulb and drop the bill onto the broken pieces. It might be obvious that it wasn't really inside the bulb when it was broken. However, I know from experience that when it is done as described, there is no doubt in a layman's mind that the bill was indeed inside the bulb when it was shattered.

At this stage, act surprised, and if spectators are close enough, show them the bill inside the unbroken sphere. Then for the sake of all those who can not immediately see and

Rubber Bulb Apparatus Sketch

understand what you are reacting to, take the metal portion with the wires protruding from it in the right hand.

As you Hit the metal base, entangle the folded bill with the wires, then dramatically hold it up for display (FIG. 11). This is the sight they will remember, and it serves as a very good visual wrap-up for what has taken place. It shows the bulb was broken, a bill has been found, and the bill was discovered inside the bulb.

"My gosh. I believe we ve discovered your one-dollar bill!"

Return the bill and take your applause. I then replace the bulb with a new one I brought along "just for emergencies."

So there you have it. perfect for nightclubs, (any size bulb will work the same way* the larger the bulb the better) hospitality rooms, and almost all stand-up magic situations. If you've got a few very basic props, it is impromptu, so ifs good for the party situation where you are cornered for "just ore trick." (By the way, I've noticed that when you break a light bulb in your first effect, even though spectators like it, they hesitate to ask for a 45-minute performance! in many cases this is a blessing.)

Walk through the handling a couple of times with a genuinely hot bulb and you'U see how natural the moves with the bill, bulb, and handkerchief really are.

Blusas Con Arnes

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