Magician from Bluefield to appear on TV tonight

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Area residents should stay up late tonight and watch Michael Ammar perform his magic on The Johnny Carson Show at 11:30 p.m.

The son of Mr. and Mrs. A.S. "Buddy" Ammar of 516 Monterey Drive, Bluefield, the 2&-year-o!d is no stranger to national television or to awards.

He has appeared on the Merv Griffin Show where he guest-starred six times and starred in and produced a video tape for Toys 'r Us children's toy store chain, teaching children how to perform magic acts using household items.

Ammar recently moved to California, is a published author and has won the world Sleight of Hand Championship at the 15th World Congress of Magic in Switzerland. He won the award with magic that he originated and competed against 2,300 magicians from throughout the world.

The contest is held every three years and is considered to be the most prestigious award in magic. Ammar was only the second American in the 45-year history of the competition to win the award.

Ammar has won numerous other awards and honors. In 1984, he became the only person to ever

Michael Ammar

...Johnny Carson's guest win the Lecturer of the Year twice from the Academy of Magical Arts.

He was born in Logan and moved to Bluefield with his family when he was 13 years old. Hes been a magician for 14 years and has performed throughout the United States and abroad.

Ammar is a graduate of West Virginia University and has a degree in business management.

In a classic case of false alarm, I was actually bumped from the show after headlines back home asked people to stay up! Eventually, of course, it all came together beautifully.



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