The misdirection built into the routining will unquestionably cover this brief action. Keep in mind that the left arm must still appear to be holding its three coins under the centerof the table, asifwaitingforthefourth win.

As soon as they see the coin on the table, the right hand lifts straight up and slaps down onto the visible coin. Pause an instant, then lift the hand to show the four coins in a stack on the table. The right hand knocks the stack over (FIG. 4) as the empty left hand comes from under the table.

Although this is not exactly the way that Mike handles the ending, I believe that the added misdirection and slight pause as the coins are loaded will help many people to perform this deceptively.

Mike causes the third coin to pass and shows clearly one coin above and three coins going below the table. Then as he draws the visible coin back with the right fingers he loads the coins. Pig. 5 shows how Mike loads the coins in the process of picking up the visible one. He concentrates on not pausing at all as the extra coins are picked up. This is very effective in Mike's talented hands, but it takes considerable practice and it requires the coins to be flawlessly picked up in every performance, because the attention is directed right at the "action zone." Whichever style you feel is best for you, please rehearse it carefully because the effect is outstanding!

David Williamson

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