Fingertip Coin Vanish

EFFECT: A coin is transferred from hand-to-hand at the very fingertips. Suddenly, the coin seems to have melted away.

COMMENTS: This is one of the items which John first made his reputation with. If s a very magical vanish in his hands because of its very open nature. John's inspiration for this was from Vernon's classic book, DAIVERNON'STRIBUTE TO NATE LEIPZIG. Leipzig's vanish was called 'A Coin From Hand-to-Hand', and John has altered it to better fit the style which he has developed.

PROCEDURES: The coin is to be held at the very fingertips as shown in FIG. 1. The palm-down right hand takes the coin from the palm-up left hand (FIGS. 2 and 3). The right hand turns palm-up as the left hand, palm-down, retakes the coin. This is repeated a few times with the hands turning at the wrists and moving at a smooth, even pace. The left hand continues the action, but this time you alter things very slightly. The left hand follows the exact same pattern, but this time does not pick up the coin (FIG. 4). The right hand reacts by beginning to turn palm-down an instant sooner, which keeps the coin from being seen in the right hand. As the right hand turns palm-down to apparently take the coin again from the left fingers it, immediately palms the coin (FIG. 5). The left hand is one-half of a beat slower turning palm-up so that the right fingers can act as if they are once again taking the coin.

Slowly the hands continue the action, but it will become obvious

that the coin is gone as the hands move slowly apart This is notan easy vanish because a good palm is essential and a certain rhythm must be established. However, when this is mastered it is a wonderful showpiece for the close-up entertainer.

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