Delayed Approval

Here we aren't dealing with methods for earning more. Rather, we deal with human nature, and the feelings and expectations that go along with it This gambit helps to lock in the belief that all involved have gotten a fair, WIN/ WIN situation.

A non-magic, non-booking example will help crystalize the emotions the delayed approval gambit relates to. Let's say you want to sell your car, and you hope to high heavens to get $3,000 for it. You aren't certain what if s worth, but you sure need the $3,000. Well, when the first person stops by asking about it, you decide to be a sneaky negotiator, and ask for $4,500. How would you feel if, after a moments thought, they reach into their pocket, take out their checkbook, and begin writing out $4,500?

If s a rhetorical question, because the feeling is pretty predictable. Even though you were hoping for only $3,000, by saying YES too quickly, the buyer leaves you feeling empty - -as if you messed up.

My guess, and the prediction inherent in this gambit, is that you would have felt much better if they had taken a moment to weight the decision, to make a phone call, or anything to attempt to verify the value. Wouldn't you have felt better if they had flinched? Just a little? If they had done that, then called their wife, before slowly saying yes to the $4,500, they could have changed the entire emotional foundation of the interaction.

Lefs put the shoe on a magical foot If someone calls for a booking, and opens by saying,

"We only have $2,000 in our budget, are you sure you can do a birthday party foi AvAA'"

You can seriously affect their feelings about it all if you immediately counter by saying, "I'd eat a BUG at a birthday party for $2,000..."

Delay your approval. Continue through all three steps of the negotiation. Find out what they want. Gather more information. Then carefully lead into a meshing of their needs, their budget, and your abilities.


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