Corner Switch

COMMENTS: I have used this comer switch very effectively for some time. Perhaps most important, is the logic and meaning given to the actions by the patter and presentation. After all, only magicians would think of identifying something by tearing a corner off, so the spectators should be prepared for it.

PROCEDURES: The duplicate comer is in a right coat, vest or pants pocket and is crimped in such a way that you can tell by touch alone the face from the back. Or, if you use the one-handed bottom deal force, you can have the extra corner attached to the back of the forced card using a bit of wax (FIG. 1). Personally, I love this idea, since the forced card lands back-down anyway during the force. This way, you don't have to steal the corner at all as you go into the routine.

In FIG. 2, you have either just pulled the corner free from the wax, clipping it back-upward between the right first and second fingers, or you have secretly stolen the corner from your pocket. Hold the card you are to tear in the left hand (refer to FIG. 2).

Tear the until is held only by a tiny piece of card and bend it forward (FIG. 3). Say, "You could sign your card for future identification. But some people have accused me of being capable of forgery. However, if you will keep this corner, it will always identify this card just as surely as your thumbprint identifies you.."

FIGS. 3 and 4 show both the performer's and the spectator's view of your gesture with the right thumb, emphasizing your statement. This paints a very clear picture of the situation being set up, while appearing very fair.

In FIG. 5, the right thumb folds back the attached corner until it lays flat along the back of the card. Ify ou stole the cornerpiece from the back of the force card ,you can re-stick this hinged comer to the remaining wax! If you don't use the wax, the left thumb holds down the folded corner.

The right thumb pushes the switched-in corner to the fingertips as you make a tearing motion (FIG. 6). If you scrape the corner against the card as you move it back, you will get the slight sound necessary to add realism to the actions. Hand out the corner, then tear the card into pieces and continue with the previous routine or any other needing a corner switch.

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