Coin On Ceiling

EFFECT: At the end of a one-coin routine, or during any casual by-play with a coin, the performer flips the coin into the air. Much to everyone's surprise the coin sticks to the ceiling!

COMMENTS: This one is a winner M t's easy to do and the effect is quite startling. If it has a drawback, it's that people begin to request it a little too often and that could get expensive. I developed this while trying to expand upon the Card on Ceiling. Originally I had the spectator tear a corner from their card before I caused the card to stick to the ceiling. After the card was on the ceiling 1 would tell them to jump up and confirm the fact that the card on the ceiling was actually the card they selected. Since that was not a veiy convenient idea for the spectator, I took the corner back and tossed it to the ceiling where it also stuck next to the card. This would get such a good reaction that I decided to convert this to the coin on ceiling so that I could do it more often.

Also, if you ever get bad service in a restaurant, remember that waitresses are a perfect target for this effect! Simply say, "Here's your tip!" and toss the coin to the ceiling. They'll love you!

PROCEDURES: You'll need a fairly large ball of wax to stick to the back of the coin. It should be large enough to insure that the wax, and not the edge of the coin, will always hit first. If you want to do this at the end of a one-coin routine, place the ball of wax where you can easily steal it as you pull the coin out of your knee or some other type of misdirection. A simple way of presenting this would be to have a ball of wax hidden in the right fingers as in FIG. 1.

"V-jcu'ulyou mind a quick round of gambling? It's easy. i it flip the coin into the air and you call it - either heads or tails. Ok, call it IT! the air."

As you say this, the right hand flips the coin into the air and it is caught in the left hand. Slap the coin on the back of the right hand in true gambling fashion. This is a good lead-in because it emphasizes the fairness of the coin and the wax in the right fingers does not get in the way. When presenting this however, do not give them time to call it in the air. Quickly flip the coin so that they must call it while if s on the back of your hand.

"That was a good call, but toi':;' fair you should Oil! it in the air. This time ill throw it a little higher and you call it a little faster! "

As you say this, add the wax to the coin, and balance the coin on the middle finger of the right hand. The right index finger is along the side of the coin as shown in FIG. 2.

The key to the entire effect is that the coin must spin off the index finger so that it travels flat to the ceiling. Don't flip the coin, but give it what might be considered an upward shove and spin, exactly the same as if you were tossing the deck upwards for the Card on Ceiling. The reason for the large ball of wax is because the coin may occasionally wobble on the way up, and the edge of the coin may hit first. Ifyou use

After the coin sticks to the o^in^ do a double-take and say, i 1 guess you win. The coin's yours!"This gets a guaranteed reaction! .

To stick the corner of a card to the ceiling is simple. Just tear the corner larger than the coin you will be using. The coin is fingerpalmed with a large ball of wax on one side and small ball of wax on the other. Stick the corner to the coin with the small ball of wax and proceed as described above.

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