Coin In Pen

EFFECT: A borrowed coin is tapped with a borrowed pen and instantly vanishes. When the cap is removed from the pen, the coin is found inside.

PROCEDURES: Any coin may be used, and any pen or marker may be pretend to hear something in the cap. FIG. 2 shows the rightforefinger and thumb removing the cap, as the left hand places the pen aside. Give the cap a gentle shake, simultaneously releasing the coin, and dumping it on the left palm (or a spectator's hand) (FIG. 3).

FIG. 4 shows an extremely deceptive way to hold the cap before shaking out the coin. All you need to do is to grip the coin in an edge grip after the vanish. They see the large coin appear from what seems to be the inside of the small pen cap. This effect is an extremely powerful impromptu item.

Practice well, and you will have in your hands a truly striking vanish!

Bom at the right time! I would save all year so I could cross the country for the opportunity to sit with Dai Vemon ancf Slydini, listening so intently to their wisdom you'd think I was trying to memorize every word!

Chapter Five

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