Card Cubes

EFFECT: After finding a spectator's card in a folded condition, you start to discard it since it is ruined. Thenyou decide to try to do one more thing with it. Holding the folded card in the left palm, you cup your hands together, "To condense the moisture in the cardand air together." You then part your hands to reveal that the selected card has been frozen into a cube of ice inside your bare hands!

COMMENTS: This is much easier to prepare and perform than "The Iceman Cometh," yet you can conveniently get the same strong effect while performing from table-to-table!

PROCEDURES: Fold as many cards as you plan to use into one-sixth their original size using the one-handed card fold (see EXPERT CARD TECHNIQUE). FIGS. I through 4 show how to do this.

Place the folded cards into the cells of an ice cube tray. Fill these with water and freeze them to form "card cubes" (FIG. 5).

The frozen cubes will last forty-five minutes to an hour in a thermos and about twenty minutes in the pocket To carry one in your coat pocket, cut a piece of chamois cloth about ten inches square. (This is a highly absorbent cloth, which will take care of any melting.) Fold it over a couple of times and place it in your pocket. At the right time, place a card-cube on the doth, where it can be quickly and quietly removed whenever necessary.

When in a restaurant or night club, I leave the cubes in a tray after loosening them, and store them in the kitchen or behind the bar in a freezer. (If s better to run water over the back of the tray to keep the cubes from breaking when removed.) I also have a small thermos in my dose-up case, which holds several card-cubes /oruse when I am too busy to go to a kitchen.

Force a card by whatever method you fancy. Have a spectator memorize it and shuffle the card into the deck. Afterthe card is returned, run through the deck face upio show him the cards are well mixed and that nothing has happened yet. As you sight the forced card, get a left little finger break below it; then continue running through the rest of the deck and finally square the cards. Side-steal the selection into the right hand and give the cards back to the spectator. (See Side-Steal Technique,) When this is well done, nothingis suspected and the spectator is positive the card is lost!

As you carry out the preceding actions, say, magician has two advantages when he's performing. First, you don't know what's going to happen. Second, you don't know where to look. But this trick is so easy that I'll tell you what's going to happen, when it's going to happen, and where it's going to happen. If you catch on, that's fine, you will have a trick that you cando for your friends." Sound sincere as you say these lines. Hearing the very casual, matter-of-fact presentation, the audience relaxes and allows themselves to be misdirected, espedally if they believe what you are saying.

As the deckis handed out, say, "Take the deck, cut it twice, and then shuffle it three times. On the third shuffle, your thought-ofcard Will fly out of the deck, face up, while it's in your hands! Keep your eyes on it. Sometimes it pops outearlyl" Having heard this, they watch the deck the entire time. By the time the deck is cut twice, you fold the card to one-sixth its actual size using the one-handed fold. Since the side-steal was done with the deck face up, the face of the card is against your palm. Thus, the card is folded face-outward.

Hold this folded card in your right hand. The folded card resembles a tent, open end along the second finger only, and the bottom facing out of the hand. As you call attention to the cuts and shuffles, say, "Keepyour eyes on it\" Point to the deck with the left hand. Your right hand raises up to your glasses, with the back of your hand toward the audience. Without breaking patter or rhythm of movement, load the card behind your glasses as you adjust them. If II look like you've acquired a "card eye-patch." If you don't wear glasses, rub your eye and wear the card like a monocle.

they finish shuffling and nothing happens, they will either notice the card behind your lens (or on your eye) or they will have to have it pointed out by the audience. Say, "ThereasonItoldyoutokeepyoureyeonit was bemuse I kept my eye on it."

They unfold the card after you hand it to them. Act as if the trick is over. Reach into your pocket and fingerpalm the card cube in your right hand (FIG. 6).

Say, "I'll show you one more thing with the card you thought of. "A spur-of-the-moment attitude makes the climax a miracle. Continue, "Re-foldyourcardalongits creasedlines. This insures the card is refolded with its face outward. Take the card with your left fingers and thumb. Bring your right hand over your left and squeeze the two together. In the process, your right hand thumbpalms the folded card and releases the card cube into your left hand (FIG. 7).

When you remove your right hand, you have condensed the moisture in the air and card into a card cube! Hand out the card cube and clean up at your leisure.

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