Bottom Deal Force

must be well squared for the sleight to work correctly, so when the spectator says stop, the left hand quickly straddles the cards from all sides and squares them (FIG. 2).

Once the cards are squared, the left index finger moves to the upper right corner, right at the edge. The middle, third, and little fingers move to-getherasa unit, as the first joint of the middle finger buckles the upper right comer from under the grip of the first finger, moving the bottom card away from the rest of the stock (FIG. 3).

Because of the firm hold on the rest of the deck - which is gripped between the tip of the left index finger and base of the thumb - the separated bottom card would be able to fall freely if the hand were turned down. In fact, this is just what happens. However, to create the illusion the bottom card is really falling, the left thumb pushes the top

COMMENTS: This and the Hofzinser force are my two favorite forces. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, fitting into my repertoire in different ways. This force is best used when the card is dealt face up from the bottom, instead of face down, because the • turning of the wrist aids tremendously in covering the action.

PROCEDURES: Begin by fairly the cards from the right hand face down into the left (FIG. 1). The cards in the left hand

card over to the right. Of course, this also serves the purpose of concealing the fact that the bottom card has also been pushed over to the right (FIG. 4).

The left hand flicks As this is done, the left thumb pulls the top card back flush with the top of the deck, and allows the bottom card to fall face up on the table (FIG. 5). An important tip is that the left middle, third, and little fingers must stay together as a unit. They will have a tendency to separate, flaring out unnaturally. This would never happen if it were the top card being dealt to the table, and it implies that the fingers might be shooting the bottom card out. In reality, gravity alone will pull the card free.

For more information on this deal, as well as many others, refer to Mario's REVOLUTIONARY CARD SERIES.

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