Bob Chesebro Snort But Sweet

EFFECT: The performer takes a cigarette and breaks it in half. Placing the two halves of the cigarette up to his nostrils, the performer inhales slightly causing the pieces to vanish completely!

COMMENTS: At last! Bob Chesbro has developed a cigarette vanish that is definitely not for everyone! This vanish will be offensive to some people, but wonderfully effective for others. The vanish has a multitude of potential patter lines, and would be great for parties or bar work (not for restaurants). All that I ask is that you think before doing it.

Bob has made tremendous use of the thumb tip over the years, and when he does this vanish of the cigarette it is quite hard to believe. The handling of the tip here is a real lesson in deception.

Magicians in general let their use of the thumb tip level off during the "'6iy.;-, and '":Y$\ but several people have realized the great potential of this prop and have developed incredibly deceptive routines. If it were within my power I would present the thumb tip an award for the Come-Back Utility Prop of the 1980's!

PROCEDURES: The tip begins on the right thumb as the left hand displays the cigarette. The left hand should be holding the cigarette close to the filter end. The right fingers pull the thumb tip off into the right fingerpalm position (FIG. 1). The hands come together to break the cigarette in half. As they do this the end of the cigarette is placed directly into the thumb tip. FIGS. 2 and 3 show the cigarette being broken in half and fairly displayed with both hands. The left hand also places its half into the thumb tip as shown in VIC. 4 The right thumb has been moved to give a clear view of the pieces and the tip. In reality the thumb has to be there to prevent the pieces from falling into the tip.

Bring the pieces to the nose after some appropriate lead-in (FIG. 5). (Ill leave the lead-in to you!) As you inhale, two things will take place simultaneously.

The right thumb will simply let go of the pieces, and allow them to fall into the tip (FIG. 6). At the same time, the right hand pushes towards the nose. These actions are carefully timed. Done correctly, the pieces appear to have vanished up the nose! Immediately after the pieces have vanished, the right hand begins to lower. As it does, the right thumb re-enters the tip as in FIG. 7. You may need to push to crush the pieces, but don't worry. Lower the arms until both hands assume the same position as in FIG. 8. As in all displays of an empty hand which wears a thumb tip, you should point the tip at the spectator as in FIG. 9.

This vanish is quite startling to say the least. Don't get caught up in any fancy handling; Bob has worked hard to make the handling direct, and the vanish instantaneous.

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