Roulette Winning Strategies

Roulette Strategies Revealed

Roulette Strategies Revealed

How to Make Over 200 a Day Playing Online Roulette. This step by step guide will give you the advantage by guiding you through the process of winning and earning steady, predictable income, hour after hour from on-line roulette. This system can be used to generate profits again and again. We have refined this system over many years and have made lots of money from it. We teach you the system and share all of our secrets with you including the best casino to use and the best times to plays. Dont miss out.

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The Roulette System

This new system that a former casino employee has perfected allows you to pull one over on casinos and win huge amounts of money as long as you want. He is a Former casino employee because his findings, revealed in this book, have made him enough money to never have to work again a day in his life. You do not have to bet huge amounts of cash, you don't need to know about roulette In fact you can profit if you have never set foot inside a casino before! This can be done in your spare time, for consistent profits month after month. This is not gambling, not with this system. This system takes all the risk away from betting. Now it's just another way to make HUGE amounts of money. Best of all? This is totally legal. This system gives you risk-free, completely legal winnings. This eBook also comes with a FREE bonus if you order!

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Highly Recommended

Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

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Types of Cards to

Good borderless card brand choices include Steamboats, Bee or Gemaco (used by most casinos). Many writers on this subject recommend using narrower bridge-size versus standard, poker-size cards when learning the Three Card Monte. However, most magicians will not experience a problem learning and performing the Three Card Monte with poker-size cards.

Arc the Games Honest a

A Whenever the subject of gambling casinos comes up, someone is bound to observe that places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City don't have to cheat because they make enough money from the mathematical edge they enjoy over the player. Besides, 110 casino operator would risk forfeiting a casino license representing a multimillion-dollar investment jus to make a few more dollars by cheating. These two bits of I-as Vegas Chamlx.T of Commerce propaganda have been repealed so often they have become part of the conventional wisdom. But let's take a closer look. People don I cheat because they have to they cheat because they're greedy. They cheat because, no matter how much money they make,, they want more. They want every dollar on the table and even- dollar in your pocket and they want it as fast as possible. Some o the greediest people I have ever encountered arc to > e found among casino executives. If the operators of Nevada and Atlantic City casinos thought they could get away with it,...

Q Whats the most powerful performing moment youve ever experienced

I'd have to say, practically every time I perform the Russian Roulette routine. It's controversial, but nothing I have ever performed has created greater drama, intensity and audience response at its climax. Standing center stage, arm upraised, pistol blazing and smoke billowing upward, produces instant, loud and sustained applause. It's a tough effect to follow.

Its Not Magic But

This is a very entertaining book, and in it you'll find the answers to questions which laymen will often ask you. For example Can the dealer make the ball land in any number they want on a roulette wheel Can slot machines be hot or cold Do casinos cheat customers What is the dead man' hand Do cheaters get beat up by casinos What does 86'd mean What happens if the dealer makes a mistake What is the black book What is the eye in the sky What is the most money ever won or lost at a casino and the most important question of all Why is the carpet in most casinos so ugly

Nonverbal Surveillance

Software enables personnel-identification cameras to recognize faces in airports, ports of entry, government buildings, casinos, and stores. Future software will enable cameras to recognize facial expressions of emotion, as well (see MOTION ENERGY MAP). (N.B. Research on the human-computer interface HCI may result in software for interpreting postures, body movements, and hand gestures.)

Appendix A Cayman Magic

David let his eyes roll lazily around the cozy tropical barroom. Frail tendrils of blue cigar smoke suspended themselves like dead jellyfish in the warm rays of the evening sunlight -- angling through foggy, sandblasted windows. He and Roger and his two pals had the place all to themselves for now, but it was early yet - still daylight - and that would change in about an hour or so when mobs of tourists began to drift in from the packed resorts, red-faced after a long afternoon squandered vegetating on the beach or getting cleaned out in the casinos up in George Town.

Additional Preparation

State, that as long as he does exactly what he's told to do - nothing more and nothing less - the demonstration is perfectly safe. However, it is vital that he understands that your safety will be in his hands and that there is no danger provided he does exactly as instructed.

The Manhattan Close Call

Now that you've digested the secret of my version of Russian Roulette, here's what went wrong that fateful night of the first Magic Symposium. I was so unnerved by the slashing of my performance time, I forgot to do the demonstration with the styrofoam cup. In other words, if the demonstrator pistol had been selected as the one which was discharged in my ear, I would have been on the receiving end of an exploding cartridge. Naturally, from that time on, I placed the styrofoam cup on the revolving stand, next to the demonstrator pistol before I do anything else. As I have stated so often throughout this explanation, you cannot afford to have a single lapse of thought. I was lucky.

Method and Handling

You now turn to a spectator on your left and explain to him that you want him to count the cards himself to be certain. Explain that you want him to use the same count employed by casinos when checking their decks at the end of a shift, as it is the most error proof. By way of illustration, you count the first three cards yourself. As you count one, take the face card of the packet in your right hand. Turn it face down stud-style and slip it under the packet. Repeat this with the next two cards as you count two and three.

The Irresistible Force

Place a large denomination bank note on the table and ask the spectator to take any card from the fan. Square up the cards and place them before him. Point out that no one could have known which card he would select but you have played a game of monetary Russian roulette and you point out that if your prediction is wrong he can keep the money. He reads your strange prediction, looks at his card and you pocket the money. The nice thing about this routine is that the deck is in front of him and he will grab it and make sure that all four suits are present and . . . they are

Note 7 Probability and disasters

This point may run counter to some people's intuition and 'common sense'. Some people who play roulette feel that if 'red' has not come up for a long time, it is some how 'more likely' to come up on the next spin. This is not true. The chances of red coming up remain 50 50, and previous spins makes no difference. If one regards airline crashes and similar disasters as being truly random events, then what has occurred in the past makes no difference to the probability of another such crash occurring soon.

The Use of Cards in Mentalism

I believe many performers who come from this magic club environment assume everyone in the world thinks of playing cards as something magicians use to do tricks with. This may come as a complete shock to them, but most regular people think of cards as something you play games with This is only reinforced with the present popularity of casinos, online gambling, and tournament poker. To bring out a deck and do something mind bending with them, especially if it relates to gambling, is right on target these days.

Martin Gardner to Rubber Chickens

Mike This is a top-notch commercial mental effect right our of Larry's professional repertoire. You may be familiar with this routine if you have a copy of Stunners (although the method here is slightly different) or you've watched the Mental Masterpieces Vol. Two video. The performer has previously made a prediction that is placed in plain view of the audience. A spectator is invited to go on a mental gambling spree. The spectator selects a poker chip from a large goblet that contains chips from many different casinos. He pockets this chip. The mentalist displays a tray that holds a large stack of phony 100 bills, and (while the mentalist's back is turned) the spectator cuts off a bunch and pockets them. This represents the bet. Finally, two cards are chosen

Life on the Wrong Side of the Brain

Side Secret Pocket

I have enjoyed my years as a mentalist, no end. Someone once said to me that mentalism is the highest, most sophisticated and subtle form of magic. I wholeheartedly agree. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than creating and performing a mental effect. The audience reaction to mentalism well done, is very strong. Fortunately since I first became interested in this branch of the magical arts, I've been very prolific. All of my favorites are between the covers of this book, including the one effect that is most commonly associated with me, Russian Roulette.

Rounders A Technology for Unshuffling Cards

I have chosen to use gambling casino cards, which sell for 1.00 per pack. These cards have been in play for 12 hours or less and are then switched for a new deck. The rejected cards are then mutilated. Why is this They do not want these cards to be surreptiously put back in play. Some casinos punch holes in the center. Some mark them with ink, and others cut the corners. They are then sold for a dollar or so or given away as souvenirs.

Gaffed Shoes And Marked Cards

Instead of smuggling in a gaffed shoe, a casino executive night miuggle in gaffed cards. If lie can get marked cards mixed in with the casino's supply of dccks his agent will be able to read the dealer's hole card. If the game is dealt from a shoe-, he markings will be placed so as to be visible through the opening at die front of the shoe. The agent will then also know the top card before deciding whether to hit. As an example of how lucrative this can be When a casino host at a large northern Nevada casino was caught in such a scam a couple of years ago. it was estimated that he had succeeded in taking off the house for over one hundred thousand dollars before being delected. When he went to trial, the resulting publicity caused a drop in the casino's stock, which again indicates why so many casinos chouse not to prosecute in cases like this.

Count Stores Tiik Rale

Razzle Board

Mike has abort eighty dollars on him lie figured that would be enough to enjoy the carnival and still have some emergency money left Since he has just arrived, he has been walking around, checking the attractions, and has spent hardly any money yet. As he walks along the crowded midway, he passes a skinny old man handing out tickcts to passcrsby. I le gives one to Mike and tells him that it's good for a free play at the booth right behind him. Mike has been to Las Vegas and knows that some casinos hand out free play eon pons to attract business, so he isn't loo surprised to find an enterprising carnival game operator doing the same. He decides there ii no harm in using the coupon If he shoulc lose, as he knows he probably will, he'll quit without spending any money on the game.

Five Challenges Routine performance

Jacqueline, you've done brilliantly well. We've worked with coins, roulette, shapes and numbers. For your final psychic challenge, let's work with people. I'm going to imagine a famous person walking into this room, and you're going to guess whether this person is male or female. I'll tell you this person is no longer with us, but their name and image will live forever. It's someone that everyone has heard of, a star, an icon of the twentieth century. He or she still has millions of fans.


The mentalist hands an unprepared pack of playing cards to any spectator for mixing. While the cards are being thoroughly shuffled, a small brown paper bag is handed to a second spectator for examination. The bag is then opened and placed upright on the table. The mentalist asks the first spectator to place the shuffled pack face down into the paper bag. Remember, up to this point, the mentalist has NOT touched either the cards or the paper bag. He then explains that the bag will in effect perform the same function as the shoe in Las Vegas casinos in other words, it will preclude any possibility of manipulating the cards. Now, the mentalist picks up the paper bag and begins to remove one card at a time, dropping them face down in a pile on the table. At any time he wishes, the spectator is instructed to yell STOP. When he does so, the mentalist IMMEDIATELY hands the bag to the spectator. Turning his back, the mentalist instructs the spectator to remove the next card from the pack in...

The Greek Deal

Similarly, poker as played in Nevada casinos is conducted by a house dealer who shuffles, cuts, and deals but does not participate in the game. He just takes a cut out of each pot to provide Ihe house its profit. It is standaid practice in these games for the dealer to seal the deck before dealing by placing a blank card or joker on the bottom to prevent any of the players from catching a glimpse of the bottom card. It also serves to prevent bottom dealing. I lowever, if the dealer had mastered a Creek (leal, he could still use

Beating the Odds

Finding no consolation in the textile business David went to Juan les Pins, in the South of France, w here his I 'ncle Alex had a villa and a speedboat, a tempting combination for a young man. Alex's son was the same age as David and they spent a large amount Of their time driving the boat and w ater skiing. Together they won several slalom competitions and enjoyed a great bachelor lifestyle. The South of France, with its many casinos, was a fine location to put a very unusual idea to the test. 1 ncle Alex had told David about a formula that he had learned from a Scottish mathematician. He said it could predict the outcome of an even chance bet such as the toss of a coin. David, intrigued, took the time to study the formula and modify it so that it could be applied to the game of roulette. Now there are many claims for roulette systems and authorities universally agree that no system yet discovered can guarantee a winner at the tables. David begs to differ and he does so entirely on...

Bob ostiti

The Gaming Board for Great Britain in their annual report regret that 1974 may well be noted as 'the year of the cheat'. Properties found during police enquiries included inks for marking cards, glasses and contact lenses. It seems that amateur sharpers are appearing on the gambling scene. No mention is made in the Report that patrons of casinos are being lured from these places into hotels and other places for a 'friendly' game and taken for a ride. Maybe you think this is confined


The inspiration for this effect came from Vegas Fling in an early issue of Magick. The presentation used two of the three casino games used here, namely Roulette and Craps. I changed the third game from Poker to Blackjack. Why Because the third game involves a force and the one used in the original wasn't to my liking. In fact, the mandatory force called for in most one ahead routines similar to this is usually the weakest point in the routine. However, I believe you'll positively love the variation I've conceived. Let's run through the explanation from beginning to end. You'll need all the items listed in the presentation. A small toy roulette wheel, a pair of casino dice, a regulation deck of playing cards, a small pad about 2 1 4 wide x 4 1 4 deep, a pen and a crystal wine glass.

Casino iRkcaijtions

Naturally, the casinos do everything thev can to make it more difficult to load their dice. Hice used in private games are often opaque '1 his makes it a simple matter for a dishonest dice maker to drill a hole in one side of the die and nil it with a heavy substance Ry contrast, casino dice are always translucent. II is possible to .Nee Completely tluough the dicc except tor the spots Therefore, the loads must be fr.dden under the spots. While Ibis can lxr done, it means the dice cannot be loaded us heavily, and that limits the hustler's advantage. Furthermore, if you examine a pair of dice piuehascd at a candy store., yon will note that, even f he dice are translucent, the spots will be recessed. 1 his a.lows a cheat to fill some of these spots with a load of platinum orgoid and then paint over the loads to resemble the other spots. However, casino dice arc made in a style known as flush spot.' The spots are flush with the surface of the die and che spot paint is imbedded in the die...

Enforcement Problems

Of the many different kinds of scams that can be run against a gambling house, the ones the casinos fear most are those involving eollusion between players and casino personnel to take off the house. I'he dealer cheats to help Ins partner win. Few outsiders realize that the casinos' elaborate surveillance apparatus is primarily designed to keep an eye on their own employees. The Nevada Gaming Control Board and the Division of Gaming Kntoreemenl in New Jersey also work hard to uncover this form of cheating partly because, by hurting the casinos' receipts, these conspiracies also hurl the state's gaming revenues. Vet collusion remains a persistent problem in die gaming industry, The situation is aggiavated by the tact that most casinos are inclined to simply fire a suspected chcat ralher than seek criminal prosecution, lhe policy of the Nevada Gaming Control Board is that sleight of hand cheating must be observed by three different agents on three different occasions in order to have a...


You can see that after the Jumbo Card Calling and the joke about getting up a card game, I continue my talk about gambling. You can hear the murmuring in the background when I mention how good that ability (that I just demonstrated) would be in a game of Poker. Then I start to talk about Blackjack and how mindreading would be of no help there. Notice please how I have, after the fact, basically told them I just did mindreading without ever having it said it before and in such a way that it is just accepted I also tell the story about being banned from playing Blackjack in two casinos and mention one in Monte Carlo in an off-hand manner as though this were a place just down the street Again, this is all very prestige building and gives the feeling I move in Bond-type environments

Ill HI JI3llllflY[im

You see often psychics have used their skills to beat the dealer in major casinos in the world. Ask yourself, how many of you would do the same with such a gift Well I am sure someone of deflated morals would jump at the chance. However this game of Psychic Blackjack can also be played to develop your intuitive skills. That's what we are going to attempt.

The Right Clients

As an example, the Trump organization owns many casinos. You might get a job performing in one of their lounges and your fee will be dictated by what that casino normally pays such an act. If, however, The Donald's home office is having a Christmas party and you are lucky enough to get a job performing there, your fee is negotiable and the sky is the limit. You can bet what you end up with for a night's work there will be a lot more than that job in a casino

The Haft Ways Prop

Explain thar you will have two dollars riding on all the hard ways. When a hard combination comes up, he is to pay you off at casino odds. When hard four or ten (7.-7. or 5- 5) come up, he is to pay you off at 7 to 1 odds, which gives you fourteen dollars for your two-dollar bet. When hard s x or eight (3-3 or 4-4) come up he is to pay off at 9 to 1, giving you eighteen dollars. Of coursc, ever time a seven or a soft four, six. eight, or ten is rolled, he wins your two dollar* and you must ante up again. You poinl out chat if the casinos really have such an edge on these bets he should get rich oil this since he is merely playing the par of the casino.

Tiie Card Turnover

In the 1920s, long before casinos came to New Jersey, gambler Wilson Mi .ner made a killing iu Atlantic City with an interesting proposition. He and a group of other gamblers were walking along the boardwalk, making wagers on such things as which of two randomly chosen swimmers would be the firs' to leave the water and just about anything else they could think of on which a bet could be laid. Eventually they eaine upon a beach lent which had sticking out from under it the largest pair of feet any of them had ever seen. They began speculating 011 the height of the owner of the enor-


Studies have shown that employee theft is often a response to feelings of frustration and powerlessness in one's job. if his is the ease, then most casinos are perfect targets. Dealers have to follow very rigidly circumscribed rides in everything they do. The job provides few opportunities for initiative. Dealers themselves often describe it as the highest paid factory job in America. Because dealers ire not unionised, they have no job security and virtually no employee rights. They are subject to all manner of pressures, harrassmcnt, and abuse from I he bosses who often blame Ihe dealer for any losses the casino suffers. For some dealers, stealing chips becomes a kind of revenge a secret sabotage.

Slot Scams

A scam thai is related to stealing and overpayment is the practice of slot machine workers setting jackpots on the machines for their agents. The slot mechanics employed by the casinos to repair the machines are constantly opening up machines in Ihe course of their work *o service In doing so, one can easily set a winning combination on the reels lo bigger a payoff. The proceeds from slot machines are not counted coin by coin Rather the coins are weighed on special scales which convert the xjundagc into dollar amounts. The scamsters gaffed he scales so they recorded only two-thirds of the actual weight. 'Ihus, one out of everv three coins could be stolen. The thieves' score averaged about ten thousand dollars a day. That's a lot of quarters to fry to smuggle out of a casino. The cheats solved the problem by establishing a special change booth on the casino floor to store the stolen coins 'Ihe slot cashiers were instructed to go to this booth whenever they needed to convert...

Stocking Stuffers

Volume One includes six routines, five are mental effects, and one (Here, There, & Everywhere) is a clever, almost sleight-less card-to-wallet routine. My favorite is a routine called Some Total. I have already started to think about adapting this to my own work. Also on this tape is Larry's famous Russian Roulette routine, which is demonstrated but not explained. To be honest, this trick gives me the willies, and I have a hard time watching Larry do it. (In fact, when I see him do it live, I have to leave the room.) If you have impressionable children in your home, be sure to use common sense when viewing this tape.

Shock Wave

On Saturday, September 15, the casinos began laying off employees. Nobody wanted to fly, people were canceling room reservations, corporations were canceling conventions. More than 10,000 people were laid off, including some of the bar staff and musicians who are my friends. It was a tense and scary time.

Poker Chips

On one of the magic chatrooms (no, I don't have a life ), the talk was about effects using poker chips. This is an area that is interesting at the moment, what with the growth of gambling and casinos, websites etc. Are there any good routines you can recommend that use poker chips

My Cup Runneth Over

The routine uses a deck consisting of cards from various casinos. The performer chooses two cards as predictions. Two spectators chose two cards in a very fair manner. The backs of the predictions and the selections match (climaxes one and two). The spectators have also managed to choose the mates of the two predictions (climaxes three and four). And for a final climax, the deck is spread face-up showing that the two pairs are the only red cards in deck of all Spades and Clubs. Most amazing of all (from the magician's point of view) is that this effect is entirely self-working. Jamy Ian Swiss

Short Takes

I was particularly intrigued by several of the routines in this book, especially with Mr. Horwitz' off beat use of the venerable Out to Lunch principle. Check out Psychic Roulette and The Hot Chair. They are not only commercial routines, but they may inspire you to develop other applications.

Past posting

A roulette player who is doing business with the dealer can past pest at will and consequently must end up a winner. Al he has lodo is take care not to do it when die floorrnan is aromd, assuming he is not also in on the scam. The most extensive past-posting conspiracy I know of occurred a few years ago at die San Remo Casino in Italy. About one-third or Lie croupiers were involved in a scam to allow agents to past post at roulette. The fraud eventually came to light when the dealers goL so greedy dial casino profits dropped by over 3D percent. In r.ll, more than forty croupiers received prison terms. course, casinos are on their guard against dealer signaling and strictly proscribe what actions a dealci may lake at the table, partially to make signalling more difficult Many casinos don't even allow tin ir dealers to talk to players urless absolutely necessary. However, when all the dealer has to do is signal something as simple as whediei his I and is pat or stiff, there is If you...

Larry Becker MHF

I must tell you, having seen the very best magicians in the world, I have never, as an audience member actually perspired, as I did during your presentation ofRussian Roulette. Larry, I was sweating That was the most riveting, thrilling demonstration I've seen, bar none. What a tremendous pleasure it was to watch you and meet you. IBM CONVENTION - EASTBORNE, ENGLAND (Elizabeth Warlock - Linking Ring Review) It's not often that mentalists take centerstage, but Larry Becker sure had many not only scratching their heads in wonder, but also laughing at the gags that flowed throughout his act. Entertainment was the key word. A far cry from the heady theatrics of Maurice Fogel and Al Koran. Larry Becker proved the great showman he is by turning what could have been drama with a troubled microphone in the opening show in a piece of fun, aided and abetted by emcee, Simon Lovell. The lightheartedness continued throughout the act even when revealing a selected word from the Reader's Digest. In...

Poker Room Scams

Another area of the casino which is very vulnerable to a skilled crooked dealer is the poker rooms found in most N'cvada casinos. In these games, a house dealer deals and supervises the game, sut lie does not participate in it he doesn't deal hrnsclfa hand. The casino makes its profit by collecting a percentage of each pot. lhe players usually assume that the other players can't cheat since they never set to shuffle and deal, and they conclude that the casino dealer has no incentive to cheat since he doesn't play in the game. However, if the dealer is a good card mechanic, he can set up a very profitable arrangement with one of the regular players. He will ensure that the player wins more than his share of pots in return for part of his profits. Many of the crooked shutting and dealing techniques we looked al in Chapter I can be applied in ibis situation. In fact, the house dealer in a casino poker game has t easier than the private game hustler m one respect, lie doesn'l have lo deal...


> TLP J JO - To insure that none of your cards are miscounted. I want you to deal them under each other like this. Demonstrate by turning the deck face up. Push off the face card, then turn it face down and place it at the back of the face-up deck. Repeat with a few more cards until you're sure the spectator understands the procedure exactly. This is the same way big casinos count cards to insure they're playing with a full deck. (I once used this line on a pit boss and actually got away with it.)

In The Beginning

I first became interested in the Russian Roulette effect in l979 while working on a psychic gambling act that had hit a dead end. For the life of me I couldn't create a closing effect with the impact, suspense and drama I was looking for. After trying and discarding many effects I began to seek outside help. I phoned Bob Lynn, aka, Tony Raven, one of the founding fathers of the Psychic Entertainers Association and the originator and publisher of Invocation, who sent me the January, l978 issue of that publication. He suggested that I read the Russian Roulette routine by Robert E. Cassidy. I did and immediately phoned Bob Cassidy to obtain his permission to perform the effect publicly. Bob graciously gave me his consent. In time, I made several minor revisions to the original routine, notably, demonstrating the destructive force of the blank ammunition used in the effect by placing a styrofoam cup over the barrel of the gun and blowing it to smithereens. To solve this problem, I...

Phase I

I find mvs h , k jm.rformin( this routine more and more as an after show piece. It's during that time when folks stick around to chat and ask the standard questions How did you get into magic and Do they let you into casinos Normally I'll perform a couple of short gambling routines to test the waters. If the crowd seems game, I'll go for it.

Ace Of Diamonds

You then explain that there is an invisible ROULETTE WHEEL AND BALL, A DECK OF CARDS, and A BOWL OF FRUIT Ask a spectator to pick up the invisible BALL, and ask that they spin the roulette wheel and to drop the ball into the wheel. You then ask if the ball landed is RED or BLACK Lets assume that they say BLACK, you say, I thought so.


Being filmed at Britain's Pinewood Studios. In addition to his skills as a magician it also made use of his expert knowledge of casinos and gambling. David has always been fascinated with gambling. Not just the mechanics but also the lifestyle, which fitted in well with his own. He is, even now, a nocturnal creature and a late night show in London could be followed by a meal and a session at one of its many casinos. He had followed the development of casino gambling in England since its earliest days in the 1960s when it was dominated by private clubs rather than the corporate establishments we know now. He was a well-known figure on the circuit and had been closely associated with a number of prominent clubs including The Blue Chip Club, The Islet Town Club, The White Elephant and Crockfords. In total he was connected with nine clubs including his own. The Magic Room, Mayfair, which he set up in 1964 and later turned into London's first school for croupiers and casino managers.


If I were marketing this gem, it would probably go for 25.00. The reason It's a beautiful effect. A powerhouse accomplished by the simplest of methods. It began with a roulette force that caught my eye in Close-Up Cavalcade by Mentzer. Little did I realize when I began to experiment with it that Fool-Ette would result. EFFECT The mentalist displays a paperback book entitled WINNING CASINO GAMBLING by Terrence Reese and hands it to a spectator for examination. The spectator then inserts a playing card anywhere he wishes in the book. Half the card is left protruding. The mentalist turns his head away and opens the book to the pages bisected by the protruding card. The spectator is instructed to memorize the page number at that point. The performer then removes the card and tosses it and the book on the table. Handing the spectator a pad and pencil, the mentalist instructs the spectator to record the page number he noted. The mentalist turns away as this is done. (Note The mentalist...

Other thoughts

I often use the casino shuffle as a method of apparently demonstrating stacking. The importance of the shuffle is the fact that it mirrors fairly accurately the shuffle commonly used by casinos, namely, one dovetail riffle, then a Hindu shuffle onto a table and two more riffle shuffles, followed by a final cut. Now of course in reality a casino would make use of multiple decks and there are typically four riffle shuffles, not three, but that is simply too easy and takes longer. The patter for a demonstration such as this would be to point out how dealers at casinos, even under intense scrutiny and following a preordained series of shuffles, is able to control and stack four aces. audience at the beginning how many players they would like at the table and which player should receive the aces and stack accordingly. This is all a very simple procedure and you may perform it quickly as a normal dealer would and under intense scrutiny. You may complete the process by cutting the stack to...

By Mark StrtVMGS

Effect - The performer proposes a fictional trip to Las Vegas to place one lucky bet. A money clip is removed from the pocket and the stack of bills shown freely. The spectator cuts the stack anywhere and places the selected bill aside. Then a small packet of playing cards from various casinos is also shown and one card selected face up. It is shown to be from for instance) the MGM in Las Vegas, An amount for a bet has been randomly decided (let's say 5.00), and a random casino has been chosen. This is simply a combination of two forces. You will need to obtain the money clip (see afterthoughts for ideas that don't use the money clip) a chip from a casino (I use a 5 chip from the MGM) a stack of fairly crisp bills (say 20 bills), out of these half will need to be 5 bills for the force later on, the rest can be a mixture of other denominations a small stack of playing cards with different backs from various casinos. I use middle value spot cards of both colors. Half of these cards will...