Up The Sleeve

This impromptu routine is based on two clever ideas, one of Roger Klause's, the other of Dan Stapleton's. It originally appeared in Richard's Almanac.

WHAT THE AUDIENCE SEES: The magician pours the contents of a package of sugar into his left fist. The sugar disappears, only to reappear from the inside of a spectator's sleeve.

SET-UP: You will need a thumb tip and access to sugar packets. If no sugar is available, a salt shaker can easily be substituted The thumb tip is on your right thumb.

TO PERFORM: Invite a male spectator who is wearing a jacket to assist you, asking him to stand to your left. Your right hand picks up a packet of sugar, holding it between the thumb and first finger so the tip is concealed behind the packet. Shake it vigorously. Gesture with your left hand as you speak, allowing it to be seen empty.

Cup your left fingers, backs toward your audience. Place the sugar packet into your left hand, leaving the tip there hidden behind it (see illustration #1). Your right fingers tear off the top of the sugar packet.

Ask the spectator to hold his right hand outstretched, palm up. Roll the torn-off packet top into a ball and place it onto the center of the spectator's right palm This will keep the spectator's hand in proper position for your finale.

Take the sugar packet with your right hand, closing your left fingers around the tip as the packet is removed. Dramatically pour the sugar into your left fist and into the thumb tip. Hold the packet of sugar as high above the left hand as possible, letting everyone see what is happening. Once all the sugar has poured out of the packet, crumple it into a ball and place it onto the spectator's palm beside the little piece already there.

Comment that you spilled a little, which is bad luck. With your right fingers, reach into the closed left fist and pretend to remove a tiny speck of sugar and pantomime throwing it over your left shoulder. Do this a second time, secretly stealing the thumb tip onto your right thumb. I am told this wonderful idea for stealing the tip is Michael Weber's.

Make a magic pass over the closed left fist with the right hand.

Slowly open the left fingers to reveal that the sugar has vanished.

Say, "Did you see where the sugar went? I think it's up the sleeve. No, not mine yours!"

Pinch the spectator's right jacket sleeve with your left hand from beneath and insert your thumb (see illustration #2). Squeeze the tip through the cloth between your left thumb and fingers, enabling you to withdraw your right thumb. Your right thumb is only in the sleeve for a brief instant.

Your left thumb immediately tilts the cuff downward so the sugar spills out The moment the sugar stops flowing from the spectator's sleeve, your right thumb slips back into the tip and comes out of the sleeve under the guise of brushing any excess sugar away from the spectator's clothing to finish.

FINAL NOTES: When entertaining in someone's home, I try to perform this routine standing in front of the dinner table where I have a plate sitting on the table. It is an easy matter to direct the flow of sugar from the spectator's sleeve onto the plate, and not onto the floor.

If you work with an extra large thumb tip, you may want to load some extra sugar into the tip ahead of time, which will make the final pour from the spectator's sleeve even more astounding.


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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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