The Vernon Stripout Addition

Hold a deck face-up in your left hand, and obtain a left pinky break above the rear four cards (none of these cards should be Aces). Spread through the cards and outjog the four Aces while maintaining your pinky break. Square the cards, leaving the Aces outjogged while inserting your right pinky into the break at the right side (see illustration #1).

Your right hand firmly grips the cards while the left spreads the outjogged Aces to display their indices to the audience (see illustration #2).

Your left fingers now grasp the deck at its inner left corner, your left fingers entering the wide gap created by your break (see illustration #3).

Your right hand rapidly moves forward, carrying the four indifferent cards below the break with it (see illustration #4 for an underneath view). These cards are brought up beneath the outjogged Aces as the right thumb falls onto their faces. All eight cards are stripped upward out of the deck with a resounding snap! (see illustration #5). This sound is completely disarming, and is the important element alluded to earlier.

Remember to strip the Aces upward, and the proper sound will be produced.

Turn the deck over in the left hand, then flip the eight cards in your right face-down on top. Four X cards are now on top followed by the four Aces.

FINAL NOTES: One of the disarming things about this move is its speed. It is over in a split second, with no one being the wiser. You may have to practice it a hundred times to get the proper feel, but please don't let that daunt you. The move has devastated every magician I've shown it to, and is as powerful a tool in cardmagic as you will find.

Give it the practice it deserves, and you will have a friend for life.

The Vernon Strip-Out Addition Illustration 4
Pisar Una Flor
The Vernon Strip-Out Addition Illustration 5

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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