The Revelation Effect Mentalism and Mind Reading Review

The Revelation Effect Mentalism and Mind Reading is a mind and mentalism reading program that helps individuals to become mind reading tricks experts. It is a product of Michael Vinci, an Australian mentalist and one of the greatest in the world. The program has practical information that individuals need to know about mentalism by means of in-depth lessons, tutorials, and explicit performance. What is more, the guide comes with a striking bonus that can significantly help individuals become outstanding mentalists if they go through it. Being acquainted with the basics of this program will help you read the minds of other people.

How Revelation Effect Mentalism And Mind Reading Works

The program does not require any kind of experience or knowledge. All you need is an interest in reading people’s mind and after a short while, you will be able to perform mentalism anywhere you will be. The author explains how to exploit other people’s minds by means of videos.

 The program is in form of a package consisting of videos. Here is what is included

Revealing names.     

After watching the40 minutes video, you will get to know how to manipulate a person’s mind, telling them the names that are in their minds and what they are thinking.

Making a duplicate of hidden drawings.

Through this, you will get to know how to draw perfectly something you have asked someone in your crowd to draw without them seeing including you. Guidelines on the trick are given hence enabling you to have a perfect drawing.

Reading muscle movements.

This is possible to the mentalists. A mentalist might tell someone in the crowd to be keen and focus on the object. He may touch your arm and this leads him to the exact object you are focusing on.

Moreover, when purchasing this product, you might get bonuses. These include:

  1. a) The Revelation Effect
  2. b) Think of a Card
  3. c) Psychological Opener
  4. d) Questions and Answers

Let us examine each one of them to see how they will help you.

The Revelation Effect   

In this video, the author explains the method in five simple steps. Furthermore, he also unleashes the secret on how you can perform the act by means of a paper drawing or an object within a room. Apart from the explanation of how to perform the effect step by step, he gives pieces of advice regarding the practice and performance.

Think of a Card

This a very effective method the author uses that always gives a significant reaction. The approach and performance are effectively explained as well as how one can execute before large viewers.

Psychological Opener

In this video, the author illustrates how one can make use of psychological forces in conjunction with The Revelation Effect. He shows how to appropriately use the forcers offers a suggestion you can use including numbers, colors, and shapes.

Questions and answers

The section is specifically meant for individuals who have been in the field and tried the Revelation Effect.

What You Will Gain From the Product

  • After watching the video, you will get all the details you need in order to be a successful mind reader. You will see the mentalist perform some tricks on some people. As a result of those tricks, you will see the amazement in the crowd’s faces or the one you are reading.
  • Upon watching the video, you will get to discover or know the secret trick which the mind reader used. Though you will not get to know the trick in detail, you will have an overview of it.
  • After you learn the secret, if you did not get to learn the trick, you will be able to see how the tricks are done step by step. The video will show you how the trick starts, ways you will get to connect with the energies of the person who thinks you are a real mind reader and how to make them believe you have truly read their minds.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, there are a number of advantages you will reap from the program. Here is an overview of them.

  • You will not have doubts about the tricks performed because you will see them in the video as the mentalists perform them.
  • You might shine in front of your crowd or the people you are performing for since you will get to see some tricks which haven’t been fully interpreted by those who performed them.
  • Since the techniques are those of mind reading, you do not need to hold their palms so as to get more connections or energies.

So then, who are the perfect audience for the product?

The product is most suitable to those who want to be mind-readers and also those who want to know more about mind reading since it is all psychological. The newbies are able to get basic concepts and explain them in simpler terms that guarantee understanding and perfection.

In addition, this product is suitable to the people who have tried mind tricks but to no success or limited success. With this product, you will get additional details to help you hypnotize other people’s minds. Furthermore, those who are advanced in mind reading might also benefit from this product. They may find some additional final touches that will help perfect their skills.

The Revelation Effect Mentalism and Mind Reading is a legitimate program that can help you significantly when it comes to mentalism and mind reading. It has a lot of five-star reviews, giving evidence of its effectiveness. Try it and see yourself becoming a great mentalist.

The Revelation Effect Mentalism And Mind Reading
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