Master Mentalism and Magic Tricks in Just 30 Days

Master Mentalism and Magic Tricks

Not every magician or mentalist has the ability to put his or her crowd in sheer amazement. This is because of either the failure ratio of the tricks or mentalism techniques or because of their ordinary nature.

Chances are that you already face these two dreadful situations. However, worry not because Ryan Clark & Mr. X has brought to you a trove of mentalism techniques and magic tricks that will help you win over your audiences just the way you’ve always wanted to.

So, are you ready to stand in the ranks of professional mentalists and magicians Chris Angel, David Copperfield, David Blaine, and Derren Brown?

If yes, then read further.

Master Mentalism and Magic Tricks

This is the name of the treasure we talked about. It is a downloadable PDF containing all the secrets of jaw-dropping mentalism and magic tricks.

Of course, this is not enough to let you know about the credibility of the information therein. So, for the sake of that, let’s know about the man behind it – Mr. X.

Mr. X? Is that a name? Obviously, not. The name and identity of the professional magician and mentalist have been kept a secret because of the sake of his protection.

The fact is that leading industry gurus are quite agitated because of Mr. X’s decision to reveal all the secrets that make pioneers like the ones named above truly professional and masters of the industry. They are averse to the idea of him letting out the core secrets of the industry for the sake of the general masses.

So, it was and is wise enough to keep his identity unrevealed. Who knows what could happen?

That was all about his occupation and name, but do you know that the very professional has been one of the magicians who is contacted by superstars of the industry for assistance? We bet you don’t.

He has been ruling the industry for years because of his abilities to create tricks from scratch. Not just create those tricks, but create them in a way that makes them successful in just one go.

How has he been doing it so successfully? This is the answer that you’ll get in the Master Mentalism and Magic Tricks.

This is not all, however.

  • You’ll learn the simplest of tricks and have your audiences gawk at your skills.
  • This book is all about shortcuts and you’ll learn them in a very profound way.
  • Confidence is key to making a trick successful. You’ll learn about the tactics that would help you never let go of your confidence.
  • From the stage of “no clue at all”, you’ll move swiftly to “this is easy”, and finally, the “impress all friends to the point you scare them” stage.
  • Do you know what makes professionals like Criss Angel, David Blaine, David Copperfield, and Derren Brown ahead of their games? If you want to, then Master Mentalism and Magic Tricks is your only chance and shortcut.
  • Any mentalism or magic trick first originates in our minds and this is why you need to work on it to create better thoughts. Exactly, this approach separates the pros from the mundane magicians. The book teaches it well.
  • There’s an “X-Factor” in magic and mentalism that the professionals hide because only this factor leads them to master coolest tricks entirely easily. “Master Mentalism and Magic Tricks” talks about that X-factor in details.

Altogether, these pointers are the summary of what is inside the Master Mentalism and Magic Tricks book.

However, as any versatile book like this one would have many things for you to learn, you’ll be literally overwhelmed by other techniques that will help you master

  • Magic,
  • Mentalism,
  • Illusions,
  • Hypnosis,
  • Levitations,
  • Spoon-Bending,
  • Remote Viewing,
  • Mind Reading,
  • Card Tricks, and
  • A lot of tricks that are simple to learn, but are superior in the industry.

The miracles of this book just don’t seem to end. Exclusively for you, Mr. X mentions the secrets behind the most revered and acknowledged tricks of all. For example, the secret to David Copperfield’s Liberty Statue vanishing trick is discussed in details.

With all of these miracles and techniques, you also get lucrative and beneficial bonuses.


The 200-page Master Mentalism and Magic Tricks comes with 3 unique bonuses available for you on the first purchase.

Bonus 1: Over 500 Card Tricks Exposed

Are you serious about magic? If yes, then mastering card tricks should be in your to-do list. This bonus is going to help you anyway.

Bonus 2: David Blaine Brutally Exposed

In this bonus, read out how David Blaine performed all of his tricks on TV.

Bonus 3: 30 Days Access to Mesmerize Monthly

Get free 30 days access to Elite and Exclusive VIP Coaching Club where you’ll online reach to content that focuses on nothing but mastering mentalism and magic.

Master Mentalism and Magic Tricks
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