Female Mind Control Review

Female Mind Control

Female Mind Control is a digital book targeted towards guys with the aim of enlightening you on how to make a woman fall in love with you and want to have regular sex with you. The book was written in the hope that you will always go out prepared to have sex and wouldn't see this as just a game.

The program was created to be a quick fix. The methods are simple and charming that you will not have to spend a lot of time trying to make any woman fall in love with you. The system requires your decisiveness, desire, resilience, and discipline.

It comes in a digital version and comes with various bonuses that will be expounded on below. The knowledge in it is so potent that if it is used wrongly can be used to manipulate a woman in a way that will harm her.

The methods employed in this book are natural ones that have been proven by many specialists. The system comes with bonus E-books- 'Conversation Commando, Body Language Mastery, Hypotheticals, The Friend Zone Annihilator, Get the Look Women Love, Internet Seduction, Crawl Inside Her Mind

The book is in a digital format (PDF) and has been created at a very affordable price.

Author of The Book: The book was created by Dave Cortez, a hypnotist, who decided to use every seduction method that has been introduced and was able to get to the ones that really works.

What is Included In Female Mind Control?

The product starts with an introduction to the things that you are saying in the wrong way. Then, it proceeds to educate you on the ways you are to talk to ladies.

Also included in the book are the exact three methods of destroying “approach anxiety” once and for all and supercharge your confidence with women.

The program also comes with some bonus packages that are really worth using and can help you maintain a life devoid of frustration that comes with trying to seduce a lady.

The bonuses are as follow:

Bonus #1 

Conversation Commando

In this bonus training module, you will get “Verbal Jujitsu” tactics so that you always have a clever, winning response to any question she asks you.

You’ll know the one thing you absolutely must communicate to her in order for you to “win” the first 60 seconds (if you don’t communicate this, she’ll just walk away)

The deadly conversational trap that 90% of guys fall into and how to avoid it.

Bonus #2

 Body Language Mastery

Here, you’ll learn how to quickly master the art of non-verbal communication.

This module gets “super tactical” and reveals secrets used by F.B.I agents and members of the intelligence community to instantly “read” a person’s body language.

This book will guide you on how to avoid being lied to by a girl.         

Bonus #3


Here, you will get a whole arsenal of fun, sexy hypothetical questions you can ask during your conversations to spark any woman’s imagination and connect with her on a deeper emotional level.

It is the ultimate “cure” to boring small talk and your friends are going to be begging you to share these secrets.

Bonus #4 

The Friend Zone Annihilator

Here, you will learn how to make any woman desire you in a sexual way, even if she has always seen you as “just a friend.”

Learn the 6 secrets in this bonus, and women will always see you immediately as a guy they want to sleep with.

Bonus #5

Get the Look Women Love

This bonus module shows you how to easily and massively improve your appearance, without having to lose weight, go to the gym, or spend a bunch of money on fancy clothes.

You’ll learn subtle (but extremely powerful) “tweaks” you can make to your appearance and style to make women instantly notice you and find you handsome.

Bonus #6

Internet Seduction.

This copy-and-paste method makes hooking up with girls online even easier than ordering a pizza.

This module reveals the mistakes 83% of guys make in their choice of username and their headline, with specific examples of real-life good (and bad) ones.

How to craft the ultimate profile to attract endless women, including some tips that will give you an unfair advantage over the other guys.

Bonus #7

Crawl Inside Her Mind

You will learn how to read her thoughts, decode her signals, and make her think you know her even better than she knows herself. These are seriously advanced but easy to use mind-reading and persuasion tactics that will give you the edge during every interaction.

The Benefit of Using the Product

Having the ability to talk to a woman and even maintain a happy relationship are things that many have always craved for. Having a method that works is something that can be counted on as important. It is, therefore, a wonderful experience to have the knowledge needed to make things go smoothly between you and the person you desire.

  1. You Will Not Lose Any Woman: Within the pages of the book are methods that will help you learn how to keep the one you desire. Coupled with the bonus packages that come with it, you will have chances to learn how to make her see you in you a new light.  If you follow the steps in this system, you’re going to be able to break through to a whole new level of success with women, way beyond what you’re even expecting right now.
  1. No More Heartbreaks: After reading this book, you will come to the realization that you can make a woman desire you than before and the love she has for you. Your new knowledge will help you tie a rope around her neck and she would still love you.
  2. Love Can Be Rekindled: This book will teach you how to rekindle dying love. Many relationships seem dead and do not look as if they can work again Female Mind Controls can help you rekindle the dying love or even a dead one.
  3. Happiness is Sure: After using this book, you are sure to enjoy a high level of happiness because of the ways things will now be. You will exude happiness. At this point, you are no longer trying to please her. The secrets in Female Mind Control will enable come to the understanding of how she will chase you and try to make you happy.
  4. Take Charge of Your Love Life: the power of the program is so potent that if not used with caution it can be used to take a woman from their husband or even used to control women into harming themselves.
  5. Worrying Will Be Reduced: With the knowledge, you will garner from this book, you will have little things to worry about. Female Mind Control gives you reasons to stop worrying about your present physical or financial size.
  6. You Will Be the Only One: no matter the number of men she is dating at the same time; these insights will make you the only one to her.

There are a lot of benefits you can get from this book. All that is needed is your willingness to get it and use it in the right way.

Format: The product is an EBook that comes with various bonuses, which are also in the Ebook Format.

How Cheap? How Do You Use It?

It is very easy to use a concept that has been instrumental in helping women get understand some types of men better. Moreover, it comes at a very cheap price that will leave you wondering how you got access to such easy-to-use product at such amount


If you have the desire to seduce or have a great relationship with the woman of your dream, who seems hard to reach emotionally, then Female Mind Controls is for you.

Female Mind Control

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