7 Day Prayer Miracle Review

7 Day Prayer Miracle


 The author of 7 Day Prayer Miracle goes by the name of Amanda Ross, who has gone through a lot on her life. According to her, she wouldn't have thought that she would live to enjoy such a blessed life. Just like any other person in life, she has experienced a lot and went through, which has made her change and write a different story about blessed life.

 According to Amanda, there is some occasion in life which she went through, which made her feel that indeed, life is very challenging. For instance, she owed many people some deb where she was harassed due to the debt. Another notable instance is when her husband was bedridden, which affected her marriage in a more significant way.

 Due to the depression and stress, she was lefts with her own three children to share the grief which was carrying off her heart however, this something of the past through the prayer miracle.


  • 7 Day Prayer Miracle is personal testimony of Amanda Ross of what she went through and what the power of the prayer would do. Prayers move a mountain, and there is a need for everyone should trust in the prayers for God listen and answer the prayers.
  • According to her, she was struggling with debt, which gave her a lot of stress, but after the prayers, she is financially free, which is a significant breakthrough. In addition to that, she has a sizzling marriage, which is the fruit of prayer miracle.
  • 7 Day Prayer Miracle has been reviewed positively by other people, which shows the level of the confidence people has on the product. It has transformed the lives of many people through Rose testimony. Anyone who believes in the power of prayer should make a point of looking at this product to have a good understanding of the power of the prayers in our lives.


 7 Day Prayer Miracle revolves around the life of Amanda Rose, who has gone through a difficult situation in her life but through prayer miracle, it has changed and transformed her life and her life a blessed life. This product is worth checking for any person out there who believes in the prayers and miracles. Through what she has gone through, such as high debt to other debtors, which was a shame to other people. 

Another major blow to her life was the road accident which saw her husband get bedridden for some time. She went through depression and stress, and she was left with her three children to cry with. Her situation when the husband was in the hospital was worse, and she was left with her three children with no income to foot her bill and that of the family.

When she was leaving the hospital restless and without any hopes she came across a rink –dinky second- hand books store which was written "Heaven on Earth" which took her mind away from the current situation though for little time. She decided to get in and have a look at what could transpire. 

After sharing her story with Michael, she encouraged her on the powers of prayers and even went to an extra mile of sharing a simple prayer which goes like this "Hear oh God my prayers. Look in favor of my pain. Hear and act. Don't delay for I bear your name."

 After getting the prayer insights from Michael, she decided to try the prayer. She did it often, and in particular case, she remembers of something remarkable happening where she received a call from the landlord who apologized for the harsh treatment to the family where he asked her to pay for one month rent instead of paying for three months. This was the first day, and she decided to make it be the mantra.

 On the second day, she prayed for the same prayer, and again, something happened in her life.  After she has prayed her husband roused from his coma where they hugged for an extended period and were happy for the God healing. After a long conversation with her husband, who was now recovering well.

 As soon as they were out of the hospital, she continued with her mantras, where she decides to take all the ages of her children, and as usual, she did a prayer.  She was about to have a breakthrough in life, which was the result of the power of the prayers. She won some money, which was the exacts amount of the Household debt.


  • Prayer can Bend reality
  • It can convert your DNA
  • It can rephrase your brain for the miraculous

Prayer is the most powerful tools which a Christian would have when it comes to the life challenging situation. It would bend reality, and one can see through and have a good breakthrough. It was a testimony which was written in the Journal of Healing and Science where the praying people would pray and block the laser as compared to those who didn't believe in the prayers.


 DNA is what identifies one, but research by the Institute of Heart Math has done research which clearly shows some level coherent when it comes to feeling anger. It is suitable for one to have some good DNA which would help to shows some level of quality expression.


 Prayers have significant effects on the progress of the brain, and we can change it miraculous.  Research indicates that some people believe in the payers, and there is a need for the mind to be rewritten. There is no room for one to develops some negative brain when it comes to a life challenging situation.  God has power over us, and there is a need for the believer to have total faith in God and be prayerful.


 7 Day Prayer Miracle will help solve the problem which many believers have when it comes to prayers.  Most people believe that God does not answer our prayers when we cry on Him. Through this product, it has changed the life of many people, and it has also set a good pace for the believers to trust Him.

Rose passed through a difficult time in her life, but she passed through it after deciding to believe in the prayers. For the believers, it is good enumerates the life of Amanda Rose, who has believed in the prayer miracles in her life.

We pass through some difficult time in life, but we should trust in God and be prayerful for He listens to our prayers. God communicated to us through prayers, and he can do miracles if we believe in him. The power of the prayers is crucial to the believers, and there is a need for the believers to have full faith in the prayers.


 7 Day Prayer Miracles is available on e-Book which would be accessed by the viewers. After the viewers decide to purchase the book, it would come with some bonuses. The following are some of the bonus available:

  • Song of Shifts
  • Divine Hearing
  • Divine Numbers
  • The prayer of Daniel

 It is a special gift to the buyers who can use the bonus to get some of the miracles and have some bidding to the Angels. It contains about 40 songs which act as a radio station to the buyers. Once you are tuned, it would help one get the heavenly realms


 It would help one to get some of the vital messages from the Angels in Heaven. Sometime you might be looking for some answers, but you don't have the way you will approach the matter, but with this bonus, it would equip you with all the necessary solutions. In addition to that, it would help you have some useful insights and also helps get better wisdom. 


It will help you to unfold some of the Angelic numbers which would unleash some of the blessings in life.  There are some numbers which are common and have some meaning, and thus, believers need to have a good understanding of such numbers. Some of the Angelic numbers which are available are important and need to get defined.


 It is the essential prayer which one need to have in life to progress. The 476 words which would help one have the heaven descend on Earth. It is good to have prayers in mind to promote life growth.


 This product is targeting that believer who doesn't believe in the miracle, and they are ready to have a good understanding of what the prayers would do in someone life. Through the case of Rose, it would help create a useful reference case of what God can do to someone who believes in Him. It is not a new product in the market, and many people have passed through this product. It requires no skills when it comes to using this product.

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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