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Shocking as it may seem to you, not everyone will jump at the chance to see your magic in the restaurant environment. Some people just want a quiet evening out. Some couples might have just had an argument, perhaps one or the other doesn't wish to be there. Some individuals might be so intoxicated that you wouldn't want to approach them. There might be business people engaged in serious discussion, and so on. The clever bit is ascertaining who wants to see some magic, and who doesn't.

Watch for signs - This table might as well have a sign saying 'Keep Away'

As a rule, never approach customers who have just been seated (they want to look at the menu), customers who are eating (they want to eat), and customers who are about to leave (the restaurant wants new customers to be seated asap).

One idea we have seen, is to place a simple folded notice on each table, like the type that advertise dessert and drink specials, but instead it provides information about the magician, such as what days and times the diners can expect him to be present.

If you are a regular in the restaurant, you could have this printed in the menu. That way, you can point to you on the menu, and tell the customer not to forget to ask for you! That way, it's a nice ice-breaker, and it reminds the customer about your service.

On the notice it also states that tips are not required, as many people would be put off if they thought they are obliged to tip.

If you use the card, make sure it tells diners that if they would like the magician to visit their table, they should place the notice on the edge of the table, with the side facing out that reads: "SHOW ME THE MAGIC!"

Ideally, the waiter or waitress should direct the diner's attention to the card when they are seated. That way, they can request some entertainment as soon as they like. When you see a card on the edge of the table you know you can confidently walk up to the guests and simply say, "So you would like to see some magic? Great!"

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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