The Secret

The secret is in the construction of the box. It is really an optical illusion form the audiences' perspective. The box is on a 'table' that has a hidden extended lower base, hidden from view.

When the assistant lies down into the box, her legs are actually curled up in the false base of the table, and the other side of the box are fake, motorised legs and feet matching the assistant. The audience are too far away to notice any subtle differences. The girl of course, has to be very agile and flexible.

However you might have seen this trick performed (there are many variations), this is always the basic secret. If you think laterally, where else could the assistants legs go?

The secret of a false bottom in a cabinet, table or other prop is a common principle of magic.

When painted black, it is obscured by the bright colours of the rest of the cabinet or table. The audience is being misdirected to look at the colourful cabinet rather than the bulging based underneath.

Performed since time began...

Performed since time began...

The original classic version. Look at the base!

The more modern, thin base version. Look at how the base cleverly angles up from a very thin side, widening out towards the centre.

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